Eight Great Heartbreaker Types by Charlene Sands

The Eight Great Heartbreaker Types!

Available now at Amazon and Barnes and Noble
Available now at Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Good morning to all.  Today we’re going to deviate from the old west some and kick up our spurs learning about men. Yes, I said men and their unintended, heartbreaking qualities.  Why, you ask?  Because in my newest release The Cowboy Contract, Trey Walker is a man who comes from a long line of men who breaks hearts.  He believes he carries the Walker Curse (as in he can’t commit) when it comes to women.  We’ll see how this all plays out by the end of the blog.

Special mention goes to the Madam Noire site and writer Julia Austin for her insights.

So now onto the heartbreaking 8 along with my interpretation and a few examples of  men in movies who fit the bill.

Heartbreaker 1- The Forever Child

He’s a man who lives life stress free. He is happy go lucky and has no big aspirations. When he’s encouraged to do more, he bails.  Think of Tom Cruise in Cocktail.

tom cruise


Heartbreaker 2- New Career Man

He puts on a confident front but is worried about his performance at a new job. Nothing is more important than making a name for himself.  He puts business above pleasure and often brings his work home in the form of insecurities or exhaustion.   Think Ryan Reynolds in The Proposal

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Heartbreaker 3 – The Heartbroken

He’s been injured or is just plain “Done with Love”. Women see this as a challenge and try to change him. He’s decided he’s heartless and women love his roguish behavior.

Heartbreaker 4 – First Time Boyfriend or Mate

He’s never been in a relationship and goes in, full steam ahead. He’s thrilled to have a girl, but isn’t ready for the responsibility.  He won’t give up on his night out with the guys when she needs him the most.

Heartbreaker 5- The Man with Issues

He’s loaded down with baggage.  Mostly, he has trust issues and isn’t ready for a relationship.   Think Richard Gere in Pretty Woman


Heartbreaker 6- Far Away Man

Distance is a barrier.  He’s not leaving his hometown and she’s not leaving hers. The long-term relationship is not sustainable and both discover Love is Not All You Need.

Heartbreaker 7 – Living in the Moment Man

He’s exciting. Every day with him is an adventure.  He’s constantly in pursuit of something more thrilling, more exhilarating but when her adventure is over and she’s ready to settle down, he’s still looking for that next adventure.   Think Ryan Gosling in The Notebook

Ryan Gosling And Rachel Mcadams The Notebook 2

Heartbreaker 8- The Taken Man

Needs no further explanation other than he’s got a girl or is already married, but continues to say to her, “I’m not happy”.   She doesn’t want to be the “other” woman.

Of course in a romance, the right woman can cure a man of most of these issues!  So where does Trey Walker from my new release fit in?   Well, he’s a combination of Hearbreaker 3, The Heartbroken and Heartbreaker 5, The Man with Issues.  So you see with two strikes against her, Maddie Brooks, the feisty veterinarian who comes to live under Trey’s roof, has her work cut out for her.

What do you think of this list?  Which Heartbreaker would you love to read about?  Can you add a movie or book title to the ones I didn’t, # 3, 4, 6 and 8.  Giving away something fun today so be sure to comment!  Yes, it’s a little surprise…

Review of The Cowboy Contract on Amazon:

Charlene Sands writes fabulous cowboys. This story also had one of my favorite romance tropes: forced proximity. The sexual tension was steaming up the pages, and I loved the parallel story of taming the wild stallion. Excellent characters in Trey and Maddie, and I could feel, smell, taste the setting. The country girl in me, suppressed by city living, showed up and had a great time. : )

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36 thoughts on “Eight Great Heartbreaker Types by Charlene Sands”

  1. I think I enjoyed this topic better then most I’ve seen in a long time. Thanks for the fun topic and 8 types of men! I think I would pick the “living in the moment man”. All my life, it seems I’ve picked the “man with issues” or the “heartbroken” types. Those are hard to hold onto. Then, there was always the guy who would tell me “don’t fall in love because I don’t know what I’m doing or what will happen tomorrow”. I heard that so many times, I got sick of it. It took me a while to figure out they only wanted one thing from me and it wasn’t my mind or personality. One even gave me a pretty ruby ring and said he had it made for his ex before they broke up. Of course he had to add, this doesn’t mean anything, when he gave it to me. weird! But, I took it since it was pretty (and he offered and I had hopes maybe he would change his mind about me). I had it made into a necklace years later. When I found my current husband, both of us were the “heartbroken” ones. We opted for the friendship only relationship (which of course lead to more, tomorrow we celebrate 4 years married). I’ll finish reading The Cowboy Contract today and boy that Trey really is a hard case to break.

  2. Wow! What a post today! Men can definitely be hard to figure out at times. I think I am going to have to go with The Heartbroken as the man I want to read about. He has so many things going on inside and when a new woman steps into the picture it just adds fuel to the fire. That strong exterior has to be broken down to get to that loving hard and that can be a very complicated job. Layers and layers have to be pulled back and that process and getting to that final place is certainly worth reading about in my book.

  3. Fun post! Yup, us women seem to find one of those and think we can change them. I know there would be movies to fit into those slots, but I have seen so many that specific ones don’t pop out at me. 🙂 I like to read most of those in story form, but I think the “in the moment” one is the most exciting seeing as how they would be out having fun or adventures.

  4. Hi Janine
    Thanks for sharing your story with us today. Interesting about guys and their issues. But I’m glad you found your Mr. Right in the end. Friends do make for great hubbies!!

  5. If only I’d had this blog to read when I was 20… Having known different versions of all these guys in real life, I’m not sure which I’d choose for a story. But what great food for thought. Thanks for the fun blog, Charlene.
    P.S. Your book sounds fabulous.

    P.S. As a former filly I’ll give others the chance at your drawing.

  6. Hi Melanie

    Well The Heartbroken can also be known a the tortured soul. I love a hero whose been injured by love and finds his way back.
    Thanks for sharing these with me today!

  7. Hi Susan P – I think movies like Indiana Jones and Iron Man might fit the bill for Living in the Moment. But I also think the adventure doesn’t have to be dangerous, but just a man who is always looking for something else, travel, or experiences that won’t settle him. Thanks for sharing with me today!!

  8. Hi Elizabeth – Ain’t that the truth about knowing this in your 20’s! I think sometimes women do see the warning signs, but are blinded by love, or hoping to change the guy. In romance, it always works!!!

  9. Hi Robin,
    And writing about most of them too, I would imagine. As I said in the post, the man always comes around in the end…of our romance novels. 🙂 Thanks for sharing with me today!

  10. Charlene, what a FABULOUS blog post. I love, love, love it. Now I want to see a list of female Heartbreaker Types. Wouldn’t it be fun to write a story with one from each list and make them suffer all the way to their happily-ever-after??? Brahahahahahaha

  11. I like them all with exception of #1. I was never into those guys who had what I call the Peter Pan complex. But I like to read all the others…

  12. Love the topic. I agree with your picks..for #3 you didn’t mention anyone, since for the first couple you had mention movie stars names, when I read the description for #3 all I could see was Hugh Grant….


  13. Very interesting, Charlene! I love these kinds of blogs. To me the most fascinating one is #5 The Man With Issues. Lots of internal conflict there and that most certainly drives a story.

    Wishing you much success with your new e-book!!

  14. I am picking #4 because basically that’s who I married lol. It’s been 44 yrs but it would be interesting to read about it and how others have dealt with it lol.

  15. Ironically, I’m dealing with the “Far Away Man” now. It’s hard being in a long distance relationship. Communication is so important and when the communication breaks down it can cause problems.

  16. I would be interested on you writing on the “Far Away Man” because maybe it will help me deal with mine. LOL

  17. Hi Linda – Yes, although the kind of issues, fear of intimacy, or trust issues, are hard ones to break. I remember thinking what a creep Richard Gere was, until about the middle of the story and then we see his slow transformation. Sometimes, real life doesn’t mimic the movies, though…unfortunately.

  18. Hi Jackie – Well, thanks for the insight about Hugh Grant…haven’t heard much about him lately. One of my favorite movies is Two Weeks Notice, he sort of fits that bill, doesn’t he?

  19. Hi Roben – Oh, I’m glad you liked Trey. Yes, he’s a hard case, isn’t he? I appreciate the review too, if that was you on Amazon. I will email you privately. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Many of these examples are men who have faults and cannot overcome their issues. Your post was very thought provoking.

  21. I always love your posts, Charlene! So much fun!! I enjoy reading about all types of heartbreakers, but probably enjoy the heartbroken hero the best. I love the journey to finding love again.

    I just downloaded THE COWBOY CONTRACT and can’t wait to meet Trey! It was so much fun to be a part of the cover process. Thank you!

  22. Some of these stories are heartbreaking and some of the men have to get over themselves. I enjoyed learning about the different types with whom to not get entangled.

  23. Don’t all types break our women’s hearts in some way? Enjoyed reading about some of the types of men. There’s quite a few.
    The ones i;n my family tend to be perfectionists-in their jobs, in the way they live their lives, in their ideals. Don’t know how that happened because i am definitely not a perfectionist.

  24. Post that is apt for the twenty-first century. Commitment phobes abound now and that is unfortunate for so many women in their 30’s and 40’s who want a family and a real man.

  25. Men who were men. I do so miss those days but know that they will never return. That is when I grew up and admired men, men who were strong, with principles and were strong minded with a strength of character.

  26. I obviously don’t watch enough movies. Lots of books fit the descriptions, but I can’t think of movies.

    #3 is my choice. Injured heroes are always a favorite.

    I like the list. It is an excellent outline of categories most heroes fall into.


  27. Hi Jackie, Colleen, Anne, Pearl, Diane, Joye, Ellie and Britney. Thanks so much for sharing with me today. I was babysitting my little munchkin this afternoon, but I read all of your posts. Will do the drawing now and post the winner of today’s blog a little later in the evening.
    Hugs and love to all who stopped by today!!

  28. Renee, I loved your comment, write a story about each of the different types of heartbreaking women and make them all suffer through the stories until their happily ever after. LOL! 🙂

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