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We all have our own interpretation of what a cowboy truly is.  In romance novels, we tend to gloss over the reality of what it takes to be a true cowboy.  We take our fantasies seriously and dive in, head first and our cowboys have a lot to live up to.

What better way to start CLASSIC WEEK than sharing our thoughts about Cowboys!

But take it from this greenhorn, who once spent 2 hours in a saddle riding a tall horse named Champion over hills, through tunnels and along pastures of sunny downtown Burbank; the trail is a dust bowl of grit, horses are total fly magnets and without shade, the perspiration rate requires more than a woman’s Secret deodorant.  In short, there is nothing really romantic about what cowboys do.  Sigh….

But as readers, we suspend our disbelief and like to think of the cowboy, rancher hero as Adonis in leather boots.  Okay, admit it.  Who doesn’t love a hunky man who sports day old stubble, has incredible deep-set eyes and a rugged, muscled body?  A man who saunters, knows no fear and can hold his liquor?

So, instead of thinking of grime and sweat when we think of cowboys, we think in other, more positive terms.  Here are my truths about the Cowboy, whether present day or from the Old West.

Truth #1 –His sex appeal knows no bounds  – He’s the kind of guy that makes a woman do stupid things.

Truth #2–He’s handsome – who can resist a man with a sharp profile, high cheekbones and deep penetrating eyes (that rake over the heroine at every opportunity)

Truth #3  — He’s built tough – like a Ford Truck, this cowboy is ripped and strong. 

Truth #4  –He’s savvy – He’s no greenhorn and his intelligence keeps him in the $$ green $$

Truth #5 — He’s perceptive – He can read a woman’s desire and knows exactly what she likes. (We are talking behind closed doors)

Truth #6– He’s honorable.  Even if he’s a bad boy, he will always uphold his honor.

Truth #7 — He’s charming – when he shows his softer side, he can (and will) charm the pants off the heroine.

Truth #8 – He’s not a fashionista – but when he tips his black Stetson he’s got your attention.

Truth #9 – He’s decent.  It might take him a while to figure it out, but in the end, he will always do the right thing.

Truth #10 – He’s rugged and a man of the earth.  He will die fighting for his land, his honor or the woman he loves.

I’m curious … what trait is most essential to you  in a mate?  Are there any other truths about Cowboys you would like to share?

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44 thoughts on “Classic Week…Top Ten Truths About Cowboys!”

  1. Truth #10 – He’s rugged and a man of the earth. He will die fighting for his land, his honor or the woman he loves.
    If you don’t have this in your cowboy, he’s not a true cowboy! This is what he works his fingers to the bone for!
    I’m lucky, I married my cowboy! He is all of the above! And yes he drives a Ford pickup truck! Well so do I!

  2. Oh, wow. You sure know how to nail down the perfect cowboy. I’ll go with Kim and say #10. A man who won’t fight for you isn’t worth a second look. My cowboy is all of the above and drives a Ford pickup truck, too. I just hope Kim’s husband’s name isn’t George.

  3. I see a lot of real cowboys around here and to be honest with you, none of them are physically attractive (this just goes for the ones I have seen in my area, I don’t know about all of them). But, their loves of what they do outshines it all. #10 does sum it up pretty good. I like the cowboys in romance books much better. I love the Sunset Ranch series and can’t wait to read the next one.

  4. LOVE all of those! Yup, that is a true cowboy. I married one also – right down to the spurs during the wedding ceremony. 🙂 My quality is the loyalty and honesty.
    I agree with Janine, I like cowboy romances pretty much more than anything else. lol
    lattebooks at hotmail dot com

  5. Cowboys are a breed all to themselves. No others are like them. When a cowboy is hard at work, he doesn’t care how he looks or smells, he doesn’t try to impress anyone, he’s got a job to do and he does it. #10 fits the bill perfectly. Oh yes, and to the list, a cowboy and his boots go hand and hand. Broken in, worn, and rugged looking along with that whole look of the cowboy…his boots! Love the post and thank you for the chance to win.

  6. Charlene, I love this blog. It’s timeless. Number 10 is the most important thing on that list to me. I want a man who will fight for me, be willing to die for me if it comes to that. Doesn’t matter what he looks like or what nice manners he has. Enjoyed this blog so much. Thanks for bringing it back.

  7. I grew up a cowboy’s daughter and the one thing I was taught was that real cowboys wear wranglers and not shiny boots and they know how to work a horse. My dad was in rodeos and you could always tell the difference from the cowboys who could work their horses without having to manhandle them and you could also tell who wanted to be there or who wanted to put a hat cowboy hat on and play cowboy. For me I think the trait that is most essential in mate is someone who’s willing to work hard to provide but also knows when to stop and make me laugh.

  8. I love all of these and they are so true. If I have to choose one of them it would have to be #10 Rugged and a man of the earth!

  9. I just finished my latest book and what has my heroine swooning is that her father never protected her. She and her sisters are tough and they’ve always taken care of themselves. But here comes her hero and he is always stepping between her and danger from the first moment they meet.
    She can’t believe it. She tells her sisters how wonderful it is and they can’t imagine it.
    Oh she falls hard and fast, in fact they meet when she literally falls off the roof into his strong arms! And he’s there for her from that moment on.
    So a cowboy is a protector, whether she needs him to be or not. In fact once in a while it annoys her just a little at the same time it makes her heart race.

  10. I think too, a cowboy sees what he wants and knows it.
    Not a lot of time for mixed feeling and angst and conflict. Men who have been just fine alone find the right woman and reach out and grab her.

  11. The 2 traits I like in a hero, whether or not he is a cowboy, is a sense of humor and he must show a sense of committment

  12. Wouldn’t it be great to find a cowboy who fit all 10 of those Truths? wow
    I do like an honorable, kind and charming Cowboy.

  13. 6 and 10 would be my choices as well. Something about a tough and rough man gently taking care of an animal or risking his life for a lady in need that has me lured in.

  14. Honorable, charming, decent, rugged and definitely not a “fashionista” but he sure looks great in his gray Resistol and Wranglers. That’s my cowboy. And, sometimes he drives a Ford pickup and sometimes a Dodge Ram.

  15. Oh, Char, I love all ten of these! So true, too! LOL I love a man who cares for animals–if a person loves animals, there’s always good in them. I may need to copy these and make them into a big poster for my wall. Great blog post.

  16. The guy for me must be honorable, honest, and have a strong faith. And even though he isn’t a cowboy, my dad is the standard I hold up to any guy I date. He surpasses any cowboy in my mind. 🙂

  17. Great list of Cowboy Traits.
    To me honesty and doing the honorable thing are the most important. With that as a base, the others sort of follow. Interesting, I just looked at the other comments and many of them feel the same way. A sense of humor is important, too. If he is going to be my cowboy, he will need one.

    Thanks for the post and the giveaway.

  18. Yes, that’s a terrific list of traits for a cowboy. The only other thing I’ve ever heard is that if he’s been riding his horse too long at one time, when he gets off and starts walking he may be walking with his legs bowed outward. I’ve never seen one yet.

  19. I’m not married anymore, but the most important trait in a mate for me would have to be that he was a dedicated Christian. He would also have to be faithful, honest, affectionate, hard-working, have a sense of humor, humble, kind, giving, & caring.

    Enjoyed your post, Charlene, & would love to read your books – thanks!


  20. Probably #6 would be most important. Although without #2, we wouldn’t have gotten that far! Another trait for a cowboy – how about that drawl?

  21. I love all of them…but for me a man has to treat me like I am HIS and I am the main thought in his mind. They are definitely hard working men- and any chance they want to work without their shirts on that is fine by me!

  22. I like #10 and #6. I had a grandfather who was a real cowboy and he along with my farmer grandfather taught me what a real man should be. I like cowboys but not them only. If I could have found a man who embodied the qualities of them I would have grabbed him. Oh well, I’ll just have to be like one of Mary’s heroines and confidently continue to take care of myself. I like driving trucks too.

  23. I like the cowboy because of his great work ethic, something this country is losing big time. A real cowboy isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. I don’t even mind the sweat if it comes from hard work.

    The cowboy tamed the west…after their women tamed them.

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