Help Pick THE COWBOY CONTRACT Cover and Win a Giveaway!


Hi Folks,

A few weeks ago, you helped me pick the image for THE COWBOY CONTRACT and I’m very grateful.  Now I would love your help picking the actual style of the cover.  We whittled it down to two ebook cover versions! 

Just simply vote here (below in comment section)  for which one you like best or you can vote on my blog, but you can only vote once.

On release day… September 26th, I’ll let you know by email and on my blog, if you’ve won the random draw!  I’ll pick five winners  (you don’t have to pick the winning cover image, you just have to vote).  

prizes are up for grabs of $20.oo Amazon Gift Cards.  


I can’t wait to see which cover you like best!  Click on each cover to get a better view.  





Coming soon on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

 About the book:

Trey Walker thought he was cursed when it came to women, but after a disaster destroyed nearly everything veterinarian Maddie Brooks owned, Trey offered the petite redhead shelter at 2 Hope Ranch.  Maddie was smart, sexy and good with animals… impossible to resist, yet he vowed not to break her heart.

Maddie knew the temporary arrangement she made with Trey was strictly business.  For over a year she’d tried to get the handsome rancher to notice her, but the man never seemed interested. Now, she’d be living under his roof and using his barn to treat animals.

Could she be the woman to break the Walker Curse?

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50 thoughts on “Help Pick THE COWBOY CONTRACT Cover and Win a Giveaway!”

  1. I love cover #2. It just grabs me and makes me want to pick up the book. That’s what counts! Thank you for the opportunity.

    melback at cebridge dot net

  2. I like them both, but #2 draws my attention more quickly, and makes me curious as to the story. I’d definitely pick it up. Thanks for sharing and giving us a chance to voice an opinion.


  3. Charlene, they’re both great covers! But I always like something a little different. #1 is my pick. I like the layout really well. But whichever one you choose will sell lots of books. How neat that you could get your daughter to pose for it. Makes it extra special.

    Wishing you lots of success!!!

  4. Oh I am so happy you are letting us vote here! I am unable to vote at your blog… I do not have any of the sign ins required to post over there.

    My vote goes to cover #1! 🙂

  5. I like cover 1 its the first one that caught my eye and it stands out more to me. Its got your name at the very top and I like that part, so the authors name stands out.

  6. Wow…thanks for the input everyone! I’m keeping a tally and will let you all know next week which cover has won.

    And I will announce the five winners on my Blog at on release day September 26th!!

  7. OK, I commented in the wee hours of the morning, but don’t see my comment. I probably forgot to hit submit.
    I chose #1 which seems to be the consensus of the comments.

    I hope you have a successful release of THE COWBOY CONTRACT on the 26th. I’m sure it will be as good as the other of your books I’ve read.

  8. I vote for cover #1. It has a little more pizzazz than cover #2. Thank you for sharing the giveaway and please enter my name.

  9. Definitely number 1. It’s more appealing to the eye with the curve instead of the straight line where the title is. It has a much softer look to it.

  10. Number 1. It’s easier to read the title and the curving line of the white portion attracts my eye more than the straight lines on number 2.

  11. I vote for cover #1. The way the lower half curves draws an easier look to the couple and the I like how the USA Today Bestselling Author fits into that space. I think that “title” gets lost at the top of cover #2. I think cover #1 has more flow to it.

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