9/11…Never Forget!

     It’s my birthday today and I’m turning (gasp) 50.  That’s right.  I was born fifty years ago today on  9/11/1963.  9/11.  It’s a sad day for our country, one that requires reflection.  Since I’d rather not dwell on the fact that I’m turning 50 today, I thought I would share pictures from my recent trip to New York City, or rather, more specifically, my recent trip to the 9/11 memorial.  The memorial is still under construction and the museum is yet to be opened, yet still a no-miss destination for every American.

     I was expecting a solemn atmosphere at ground zero, maybe even a bit depressing.  Not so. As I wandered around the almost-complete memorial, I felt a sense of pride for how our country has decided to honor the men and women we lost that day.  There were a lot of ways they could have made the memorial.  What struck me as especially brilliant was how the people in charge didn’t build the new tower over the original, but instead turned what we used to call Ground Zero into the actual memorial.

     Where the towers used to be now sit two reflecting pools/waterfalls.  The water is in constant motion, the sound reminiscent of Niagra Falls, an ongoing reminder that though we lost precious souls that day their memory will live on forever.

 North Tower Monument

     The monuments are massive, by the way.  The name of every person lost in and around the towers, on the planes themselves and at the Pentagon are etched into the railings along the two towers.

South Tower Monument

     Because of the nature and history of this particular memorial the area is guarded by some of New York’s Finest.  My friend and I made sure to get our pictures with some of them.  The guy to my left was actually born and bred in Boston, a source of great ribbing from the other officers.  This southern girl loved his accent.  I kept asking him to say “car.”

tower copstower cops 2








     Finally, a shot of the new tower.  It’s still under construction.  Nevertheless…it’s AMAZING!!!  And deserves to be the largest picture here.

Tower in full view

It’s been twelve years since 9/11/2001, a day no American alive at the time will forget.  If you haven’t been to the memorial, set a date.  It’s well worth the trip.



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30 thoughts on “9/11…Never Forget!”

  1. Happy Birthday, Renee!! I hope you have a fun-filled day. Your blog subject is near and dear to the hearts of everyone who lived through that horrible time. I’d love to go visit there one day. It sounds amazing what they’ve done and what came out of all that devastation. I’m glad it’s a fitting memorial because the victims sure deserve to be honored in a clear way. Your pictures are wonderful, especially that large one of the new tower. Wow! It’s beautiful.

  2. Happy Birthday Renee. I can’t imagine celebrating my birthday with a day that holds such dark and sad memories. But, having been put on this earth 50yrs ago was a happy day for your family. And I am sure that is what you and they are all remembering today.. I hope that you have a very special day. And that lots of love and good wishes come your way.

  3. Renee, happy birthday! How wonderful that your family has something happy to celebrate on such a sad day.

    Thank you for sharing these lovely photos. The memorial is a fitting tribute to the lives lost on that terrible dark day; it also stands as a reminder of the strength and resiliance of our country.

  4. Renee, I just went to the memorial in June for the first time. It IS a wonderful place to go and I, too, encourage people to plan a trip if possible. I live on the west coast and thought I’d never be able to go but my son is going to grad school in Philadelphia so we took a trip back east and drove to NYC (2 hours!) for a couple days to see the sights. The memorial is so humbling and like you said – it’s not depressing but hopeful and sacred. At least it was for me. We had our 18 month old granddaughter with us and usually she’s a ball of fire but at the memorial she was quiet and respectful! I want to go back when the museum is done.

  5. Happy birthday, Renee. For the record, I would love to be 50 again!
    FWIW, today is also my son and daughter-in-law’s 20th wedding anniversary. They never have any trouble remembering what day it is.

    The monument looks so beautiful, I would love to see it and feel that spirit. Thanks for an inspiring blog.

  6. Happy Birthday!!!! Although this day will never be forgotten in our history and in our minds, new memories and beautiful sights are being made. We move forward, life continues and we are strong and will survive.

  7. Hi Renee, happy birthday to start. Then, thanks for this glorious tribute. We visited Ground Zero five years ago and met the firemen at Ladder 10…right across the street. The memorial and museum were very crude then, just starting the rehabilitation, but the bronze mural was absolutely heartrending. I was in tears the whole time.

    Most heartbreaking was seeing the passenger manifests. The two-year old little girl has the same name (even middle) of our daughter. Bawled.

    My husband and I definitely plan another trip to visit the upcoming museum and completed memorial. Thanks for the heads up.

  8. I was in New York City about a year ago (sister relief after Sandy) but never did get the chance to go to the memorial. We could see the new tower under construction. Hopefully my husband and I will get the opportunity to go to NYC under much better conditions. Looks like you had a great trip. The memorial is both moving and inspiring. Thanks for the pictures.

  9. Happy Birthday! I know that you don’t want to go there but I found that 50 was better than 40. Never thought I’d make it past 40. I remember that day very well. I was between classes and there was a tv in the lounge by my classroom and I saw the 1st building and just couldn’t believe it. I saw the second plane hit. My school was in shock the rest of the day. One of my student’s uncle was in the tower. Thanks for the pictures and the funny story about the policeman.

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