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Okay, I made it home from the Romance Writers of America national convention in Atlanta last month without melting.
I”d  been warned about the humidity, but it wasn’t so bad. Honest. And I even
managed a bit of sightseeing. I mean, any self-respecting romance writer simply must visit the Margaret Mitchell House.
Actually it was in a small, first floor apartment inside this house where Margaret decided to “try writing a book” while healing up from a foot injury  that kept her from her newspaper reporter job.
Hmmm. Try writing a
The book of all fiction books? The first book I tried writing is,  well, I think it’s stuffed in the attic somewhere. Those were the days when that  dinosaur called “the typewriter” didn’t save or print anything. No matter, the  tale is garbage. But Margaret’s typewriter can be worshipped today in the apartment.  It might be a reasonable facsimile thereof, though. Nonetheless, the miracle machine produced
her One and Only Book. Sheesh.
She wrote the last chapter first. When a publisher visited,
wanting to see her work, she first refused. Then gathered up the manilla envelopes
stuffed throughout the place, each one holding a chapter.
Talk about a pantser. Oh, a pantser who never got rejected.
Sheesh some more.
Supposedly some parts of the book are autobiographical. A suitor  with the initials C.H. did die in the war. (WWI)  She married one man while in  love with another, hubby’s best friend. (No matter, it all worked out.) She
didn’t have kids because, well, Scarlett didn’t think much of motherhood  either. Remember her little unwanted Wade and Ella? I always thought SO MUCH of
Rhett for liking those kids.
Of course I was unable to resist purchasing the massive hardback copy as a souvenir. I think it added six pounds
to my luggage weight, but the airport didn’t say a thing.
Oh, the day I visited was a first-rate, hot Atlanta day.  Therefore, I also purchased a MM bottle of water proudly wearing
the taglline “I’ll Never be Thirsty Again.”
Good times.
All right, today you must answer this gut-wrenching question  in order to get in a name draw for a  copy of my latest release,  Midnight Bride. (print for U.S. residents only, please. International guests, PDF or Kindle.)
Who’s your LEAST favorite character in GWTW? (If I’d said
favorite, y’all would pick Melanie. I decided to kick things up a notch.) And
please tell me why
Now, about Midnight Bride. This is a couple who does give a
damn about each other. Forced to marry or else lose the ranch they both think
they own, Jed and Carrie fight off falling in love while she searches for her
late granddaddy’s will. Hoping to prove her bridegroom is an imposter. And of course
deep down, she doesn’t want any such thing…
   He stood in the doorway, hatless just like
he’d been in the mercantile. And just as breathtaking.  In one hand he held a bunch of Miss Mattie
Price’s iceberg roses tied with a lavender bow.
     From the other hand hung a hatbox from
Gosling’s Mercantile. The lilac shawl she had admired was draped over his

Without a word, he walked over to her and laid the shawl gently across
her shoulders. She had stopped breathing. His eyes locked with hers, and while
she couldn’t read the message in his gaze, she found she couldn’t turn her own
away. When he held the flowers to her determinedly, she had no choice but to
take them.
     “Take off that mourning bonnet,” he told
her in such a way that it didn’t seem like an order. While she did so, he
opened the hatbox.
     Within a half minute, the beautiful purple
chapeau she had fingered lovingly not fifteen minutes ago rested on her head.
He tied the bow jauntily under her chin, then all but snapped his heels
together as he stood in front of her. 
     “I’m Jed Jones,” he announced. “Your
     Carrie’s lips opened but no words came
out. Not knowing what to say or what else to do, she untied the bonnet’s
bow.  He never stopped looking at her.
From the corner of her eye, she could see the older men in half-standing postures
like they hoped to escape any second. However, she knew them well, knew they
wouldn’t leave her all alone.
     Suddenly she found her voice, willing it
not to tremble.      
     “My bridegroom? I beg your pardon. What on
earth are you saying?” She turned toward the judge. “Is this about that
‘notorious’ authentic document?
     Judge Jacobson was nodding, somewhat
defeated, while the sheriff pulled at his scrawny beard.
     When neither spoke, her supposed
bridegroom took up the call.
     “It’s true, Miss Zacaria Smith. If you
don’t marry me by midnight tonight, the Lazy J-Z will be deeded to the Mother
of Mercy Orphanage outside San Antone.”
     Then he took her hand, placing his lips
against the inside of her wrist.
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46 thoughts on “Leave a Comment Today-Tanya Hanson's giving away a book”

  1. Oh Tanya, how exciting to get to visit that famous house. Hard to believe her first book made her so famous herself. Was that really the only book she wrote? My, what an original would be worth. Wish I knew how much. Oh when we had a family re-union in Florida, we were only about an hour from Atlanta. Wish I’d known this then and maybe the girls and I could have gone there. What fun.
    I would have to say Melanie’s husband was my least favorite character for the way he cheated on her with Scarlet. I loved that book and movie. And, this book of yours sounds like a very good story too. I would love to win it. Thanks for a chance to do just that. MAXIE mac262(at)me(dot)com

  2. Unbelievable story of Margaret Mitchell. Why write a second book when you’re first one’s a masterpiece for all time?
    Least favorite character? Not sure because they’re all so essential to the story. I was never fond of Scarlett’s whiny sister.
    Love your cover. Except for the horses it reminds me of the “I’ll Never Be Hungry Again” scene. Gorgeous.

  3. Tanya, loved reading about the author of one of my favorite books. I always told my creative writing students not to win a Pulitizer prize. It would be too intimidating. You’d fear that a second book would fall short. I think that’s what happened to Margaret Mitchell. Harper Lee, too.

    Least favorite character? Ashley. What a wimp!

  4. What a great post! My family and I visited Margaret Mitchell’s home some years ago and I found it so very interesting. Like you, a Southern girl just shouldn’t pass that opportunity up especially since that girl was named after a characher in that wonderful book. Yes, I am named after Melanie in GWTW. With so many overwhelming charachers in this book, Ashley would be my least favorite. No backbone and he had a loving wife that adored him and his heart still yearned for Scarlett. Midnight Bride sounds like a great read, keeping my fingers crossed!

  5. Fun post, Tanya! This is going to seem a little weird because I love the book, but my least favorite character is Scarlett herself. She’s spoiled, selfish, a complete brat.

    But that’s the magic . . . As much as I dislike her personality, I feel sorry for her and have to admire her single-mindedness. Since it’s fiction, we know she’s going to be changed. Her selfishness makes Rhett’s commitment to her all the more fascinating. He’s a scoundrel, but he has a moral compass even in the beginning of the story. Scarlett’s moral compass develops very slowly and doesn’t gel until the very end. Even then, she’s thinking of herself . . . But oh, what a classic! Love it!

  6. But Victoria of course Scarlett is spoiled and selfish but the war made her what she was. She HAD to become what she was to drag her family through that awful war. She had to kill a man. She had to tear food out of the earth when she was never raised to be that way. She had to be hard and ruthless. She was spoiled by her upbringing and then when she was thrown into a nightmare she got so tough….

    Oh what the heck, I don’t like her much either. And Rhett could’ve been a little nicer to her. And for heaven’s sake, would it have killed Ashley to adopt and leave his poor wife alone? As if there weren’t plenty of children who needed homes after the Civil War??? And Melanie, give me a break, grow a spine. Her high point was when she helped Scarlett drag that dead body out of the house. She had a spiny moment there!

    You know who I never liked, that nasty brat Bonnie Blue, she HAD to ride that pony. She wouldn’t take no for an answer. And now she’s dead and her parents marriage is ruined and it’s ALL HER FAULT!!!!! I HOPE SHE’S HAPPY! I HOPE THAT STINKING HORSE RIDE WAS WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  7. To be honest, I never cared for Melanie. As Mary Connealy said, she was just too spineless. Vivian Lee as Scarlett was so beautiful I forgave her for everything she did.
    The excerpt of your book sounds intriguing and I look forward to reading it.

  8. Gone with the Wind is such a classic.. I don’t know of anyone who has not read it…
    I would say that Ashley Wilkes was my least fav.. I don’t like wimpy men in books or the movies..

  9. I love “Gone with the Wind”. It is one of my most favorie movies and book of all time. As much as I love the movie, I love the book more.

    As for my least favorite character, that would be Suellen, Scarlett’s sister. I felt she whined too much and was always jealous of Scarlett. Frank Kennedy, Suellen’s beau, was never a favorite either. I thought he was an idiot.

  10. OH Mary Connealy, you have me laughing! I thought the same thing about Bonnie when I first read GWTW. The first time I read it was when I was 16 and then I read it again at 21. I have not read it since! (let’s just say that’s quite a while ago) 😉 I do have to admit I never really liked Scarlet either. I know, some of the others are worse, but she irked me.
    lattebooks at hotmail dot com

  11. Hi Maxie, thanks for posting today! I really loved Atlanta…it’s so very green around there. And I heard cicadas when I visited the Carter Presidential library. Yeah, Ashley was definitely a weenie 🙂

  12. I love Gone with the Wind, its one of my favorite movies and favorite books. I would say that for me the least favorite character would be Ashley. I think he is the least interesting of all the characters.

  13. I’d die for the chance to visit MM’s house! That must’ve truly been something. Just to touch her things (if they allowed that; probably didn’t.) But just to walk in the rooms where MM once lived and where she wrote that all-time classic. Must’ve been totally awesome. Maybe I’ll get a chance to visit Atlanta one day and if I do that house will definitely be on my list. I have your book in my Kindle but I haven’t had time to read it yet. LOVED the excerpt! Oh my gosh. I’m going to have to get busy reading!

    Wishing you lots of success, dear Filly sister.

  14. Howdy, Elizabeth, why, I wondered why that cover looks so familiar LOL. Thanks for posting. Suellen was whiny but then…Scarlett did steal her man lol.

    Oh, Margaret Mitchell initially called Scarlett ” Pansy”!!

  15. It seems like forever since I’ve read that book. Most definitely Ashley was my least favorite. I never could see what Scarlett saw in him. Maybe because bad boy Rhett was so much more exciting and anyone could see (except her) that he was the perfect match!!!

  16. My least favorite character would have to be Ashley, he was aweful. I have this book on my keeper shelf also. I read it again just a year or so back, also have watched the movie in the past year. One of my favorite books of all time.

    Your book Midnight Bride sounds really good and I would love to read it.

  17. I loved reading all of the comments. Yes there were some wimpy characters in the book-Ashley, Frank kennedy, Miss Pitty Pat, even Scarlett’s dad. There were many strong characters in their own way-Scarlett, Rhett, Belle Watt, and my favorite Mammie. For the times, Miss Melanie was the “perfect” lady. However, I thought she was too syrupy sweet for my tastes.
    I think I have read the story 3 or 4 times from the original copy of my Mother’s when she belonged to the Book of the Month club back in the 50’s. I always learn something new about that period in our history when i re-read it. Liked the book and the movie.
    Yes, I know 4 people who have yet to read it. Two are my daughter’s in law and I encourage them to read books of any kind! They do not read any printed books except maybe their checkbooks!
    Your book sounds really good.

  18. It has been many years since I read GWTW… I have read and reread the sequel written by Alexandra Ripley more. Least fav character… well I was never a fan of Ashley…

  19. Hi Melanie. How awesome to be named for a famous character! I guess she just gave her heart to that one man for better or worse. Thanks for posting today. I so appreciate your kind words.

  20. Hi Vicki, yeah she was a biddy. I remember reading this book the first time when I was fifteen and thinking I was a lot like Scarlett. At that time LOL. And Rhett did have a moral compass. He didn’t play games. Thanks for posting, filly sister…even though you are leaving us, sob. Xox

  21. I have an old original coy of GWTW which I’ve read twice…the pages are dog- earred and torn but still holding the words. A weak character is the little servant girl who could not help in a time of crisis/need when Miss Mellie was in childbirth. I love to read about that time period in our History.

  22. Him Sharon, thanks for the kind words about my book. I hope you like it.
    And howdy Kathleen O. Maybe Ashley and Melanie , coming from the same gene pool (cousins) couldn’t help the co-wimpiness LOL. Thanks to you both for stopping by today.

    And sorry, all, that the margins are so weird. Everything looked fine before publishing the post, and even when I went back to update” after seeing it this way. Oh well.

  23. Hi Lori and Susan P, I do think Suellen and Frank Kennedy were a good match. She was indeed a jealous snippy thing but I kinda felt bad for her when Scarlett stole her man. But Frank was an idiot indeed for falling for it.

    Hi Katie J., yep, Ashleyn wins the worst for me, too.

    Thanks to y’all for stopping by today.

  24. Hi Linda, she apparently came from money and lived in a big mansion that was where the art museum is now. After her fame, she didn’t want the big house to be a shrine. Sheesh. Thanks for the kind words! Love ya….

  25. What a cool story and I can’t wait to read Midnight Bride.

    My least favorite GWTW character is Ashley. He’s handsome and a southern gentleman, but he is too caught up with his vision of the world and he is too much of a coward to do anything that would make things better.

    He portends to care, for Scarlett and Melanie, but a true hero would not have strung them both along.

  26. I absolutely could not stand spinelss Ashley Wilkes. And I am afraid if I had a sister in law as sickingly sweet as Melanie I would have had to slap her (Lord forgive me). However; Midnight Bride sounds a delightful book that I would love to read.

  27. Well, Ashley wasn’t my favorite. I always thought Scarlett should have ended up with him and Rhett with Melanie. But alas, that’s not how it turned out. Probably my least favorite characters were the Tarleton twins…not really sure why but I didn’t like them.

    Would love to be entered to win a copy of your book. Thank you for the chance.

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

    countrybear52 AT yahoo DOT com

  28. Hi, Tanya!

    Really enjoyed this post – have passed through Atlanta several times, but ever any time for sight-seeing. Would love to go back & see Margaret’s house, & other attractions.

    As with some of the other commenters, my least favorite character was Scarlet, herself. Reason: her selfishness.

    Haven’t read any of your books – would love to read this one!

  29. Hi cats lady, I couldn’t agree more.mi think she wanted Ashley so much because she normally got everything she wanted.

    Do you think she and Rhett ever got together again? ( I do 🙂 )

  30. Hi, anon, yep, a wimp, and Scarlett indeed was selfish and self absorbed, Goldie..and another vote for Ashley, Quiltlady. My thanks to you all for,posting today! 🙂

  31. Hi Joye, I kinda liked Scarlett’s mom. You sure listed the wimps, for sure!

    Colleen, did you like the sequel? It was for sale in the gift shop but I wonder if it’s better for me to imagine my own ending LOL.

    Hi Jackie, oh, yes, I think she was Prissy. I think interest in the Civil War is quite high right now with the 150 year anniversary of so many key events going on.

    Hi Alisa, such great insight into Ashley’s character. He did go off to war but mostly just longed for the old ways and days .anybody knows ya gotta change with the times sometimes.

    Thanks to all of you for posting today!

  32. His Dee, you made me chuckle. Especially since my sister in law is one of my best friends.

    Cindy,interesting to imagine the switcheroo of the couples. Rhett certainly had a tender spot for Melanie. I so appreciate you both posting today.

  33. Hi Bonnie, I,enjoyed Atlanta and would have loved to stay longer and see Stone Mountain and the preserved plantations about a half hour away . Maybe some other time. Yeah, Scarlett was a piece of work!

    Everybody, thanks for visiting me in Wildflower Junction today. It was a hectic one but after a three-hour drive home, I’m finally at home. I’ll be checking all evening for more commenters and will pick and post a winner at midnight PST.

    Please forgive me if I overlooked any comments today. Babysitting the grand (he’s the cutest 21month old ever!) all of us fillies love your comments!

  34. It has been so very long since I “experienced” Gone With The Wind. The one thing I do remember is how little I liked Scarlett. She struck me as rather selfish and a spoiled little flirt. She did suck it up during the war and fight for her home and survival, but it was as much to maintain her status as to survive. I really couldn’t muster much sympathy for her when Rhett walked out on her.

    Best wishes for the success of MIDNIGHT BRIDE. It sounds like an enjoyable story.

  35. Tanya,

    What an amazing experience!!! I really never cared for Scarlett or Ashley. She was a spoiled brat and he was a limp fish. I always wanted them to end up together and let Melanie have Rhett. 🙂


  36. I personally loved the sequel… a lot of it happens in Ireland… but I am sure other people are not fans… I have read it so many times the pages are falling out of the book… I guess I should buy another copy.

  37. Hi Patricia, thanks for the good wishes and for stopping by…even though scarlet was witchy lol, I always rooted for her and Rhett. I love the image of him standing at the bottom of the stairs at Twelve Oaks, watching her. Hubba hubba.

    Hi Kirsten, the idea of Scarlett with Ashley and Melanie with Rhett is an intriguing one! Too bad she wasn’t as strong physically as she was emotionally. Thanks for your post today.

  38. Hi Colleen, you’ll have to visit the MM House and get a souvenir copy LOL. I’ll have to read Scarlett upon your recommendation. Thanks so much for spending time with me here today!

  39. I would have to say that ASHLEY was my least favorite…he was a WUS! Couldn’t make up his mind….he was darn lucky that Mellanie was a patient woman!

    Fingers crossed to win this book!

  40. First time I saw GWTW I was 9. I fell in love with Rhett/Clark so of course my least favorite character was Scarlett!

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