Wedding Fever!!!

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My daughter got married this past weekend.  And let me just say, weddings ain’t what they used to be.  She chose an old farm built in the 1800s for her venue and had perfect weather for an outdoor wedding.  The decorations were simple, creative and set an intimate/personal feel that brought to mind days of old.  Instead of “telling” you all about the wedding, I thought I’d simply share pictures.

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21 thoughts on “Wedding Fever!!!”

  1. I’m glad that everything went smoothly ! Gorgeous bride, unique setting, proud parents! WOW! That’s quite a wedding party of family and friends! CONGRATS!

  2. Renee, I love the whole wedding theme. The decour was lovely and the picture of you and your daughter was just perfect. Congratulations!

  3. Congratulations on your daughter’s wedding. I enjoyed seeing the pictures. It does look like it was a great wedding. I love the theme.

  4. What a beautiful wedding and how neat to have it at an old farmhouse. I suspect your daughter has a bit of the old west in her. She’s stunning by the way. Love her dress. Wishing you much luck with your move. What a chore to have to pack up so quickly. Life sure knows how to throw us curve balls.

  5. Very nice, Renee! It’s so much LESS stressful when things are done simply so everyone can just enjoy the day! Congratulations!

  6. Good heavens, Hillary was a teensie girl the first Christmas card pic you sent! And now a lovely bride. Wish her the best. I loved the pix on Facebook last weekend and shared them with my sister in law where we were visiting. We are both wedding-nuts. The pic you posted first is my favorite!

    Looks like a fabulous day. Hope the “MOB” was able to relax a little. Did you cry? xoxox

  7. I’d done two weddings now. We’ve got a standing offer of $10,000 to either of our two remaining daughter, cash, to elope.

    Beautiful, Renee. But it gives me heart palpitations.

  8. Oh wow I love the wedding theme. I would have never thought of something like this. Congrats on your daughter’s wedding.

  9. Wow, Renee…these are great pictures! Your daughter looks beautiful, so much like her mommy! I love intimate weddings that are meaningful. Thanks for sharing your special day with us!!

  10. Congratulations to you and your husband and your lovely daughter and her lucky husband. She looks so young. Of course that is a matter of perspective – my children are all probably older than she is. I looks like everyone had a great time.

    Had to do a double take with the first picture. Until looking at the other’s I didn’t realize it was your daughter’s wedding and not one in the past. What a great venue. Our husband and I were married outside, 41 years ago that wasn’t so common. As a matter of fact, we were the first in that church/area and the last. When people found out about it, many wanted to follow suit. The powers that be felt it was too much trouble and not in keeping with the religious mood I guess. Anyway, it is a much different story today. Both of our daughters have had outdoor weddings.

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