Rosanne Bittner: Western Romance! The “Cowboy” Hero Lives On!


Copy (2) of Copy of DSC08962ta01My latest book, PARADISE VALLEY (July 2013) is another western historical romance, and (as some tell me) written only as Rosanne Bittner can write the “American West.”  It is my 58th published book over the past 30 years, and 95% of those have been western historical romance, my favorite, favorite subject.  The rest are also American historicals, some about the French & Indian wars, the American Revolution and the Civil War.  But I dearly love America’s Old West! As my title states, no matter which genre is currently popular, the cowboy hero never dies and is always in demand.

387058_429252180444416_1786461260_nMy husband and I have traveled the western terrain for over 30 years now, visiting just about every location in my books.  And because I love the western landscape so dearly, you will always find vivid descriptions of some of the most beautiful places in this country, from the magnificent Rocky Mountains, to the endless horizon of plains and prairie. I have visited the ancient stone medicine wheel on top of Medicine Mountain in northern Wyoming’s Bighorn Mountains twice.  It’s fascinating to see, and the medicine wheel is the key theme in my Mystic Indian trilogy (MYSTIC DREAMERS, MYSTIC VISIONS and MYSTIC WARRIORS).

 When you read a Bittner book, you will be reading about real locations and real historical events.  I like to teach some history in an entertaining way, so I just mix my fictitious characters and their personal story into the fantastically exciting events that happened in this country as it was settled.  You will find adventure and lots of romance in my stories, and when sex is involved, I try to handle it tastefully – and it’s almost always between a man and woman truly in love.  I believe in great love stories, where it’s the love the hero and heroine share that keeps them strong and holds them together through the many dangers and tribulations of settling in untamed country.

I was first published in 1983, with the first book of my 7-book SAVAGE DESTINY series, SWEET PRAIRIE PASSION.  All 7 books are now available on Amazon for Kindle, as are many, many more of my 58 novels.  Amazon has often featured my books as recommended reading, and over these 30 years I have won numerous writing awards, including a “Legends of Romance” award from Romantic Times , and a Willa Award from Women Writing the West.  My next book has the working title of DESPERATE HEARTS and takes place in a gold town in 1880’s Montana.  It will be published in July 2014.

 Jay TavarePARADISE VALLEY, my most current book, is set in western Wyoming, mostly along the famous Outlaw Trail.  Maggie Tucker has lost her husband and her pride to outlaws who attacked her camp and murdered her husband.  Along comes Sage Lightfoot, owner of a vast ranch called Paradise Valley, who helps Maggie and who is searching for the very men who attacked her.  Determined to play a part in catching the men who so wronged her, Maggie insists on accompanying Sage on his search, which leads them into adventure and eventually romance, as the love that grows between them helps them face the dangers of the Outlaw Trail.  I love this kind of story, and the ending will leave you wanting to read more about Sage and Maggie. (The picture on the right is of Jay Tavare, an actor whom I think most resembles Sage.)

Today I’ll be giving away two copies of PARADISE VALLEY, either print or digital versions, your choice.

Thank you, Petticoats & Pistols!  Happy reading to all!

Rosanne Bittner

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37 thoughts on “Rosanne Bittner: Western Romance! The “Cowboy” Hero Lives On!”

  1. Rosanne, thank you for your post.
    I love it when a book is based on real historical events. It’s great to relax while reading a book, but to me it’s even better to learn something new in the process.

    I must say that PARADISE VALLEY sounds like another great book. I look forward to reading Sage (what a great name btw) and Maggie’s story.

  2. Hi Rosanne,

    I think it’s great how you visited the locations of your books. It’s the best kind of research.

    I hate to throw a question at your first post here, but I have to know. What inspired your love of the American Old West/the western romance?

    Congratulations on Paradise Valley, that summary you gave makes me want to read it now.

  3. You are so lucky to be able to incorporate your love of history and travel in your books!

    In my travels I’ve enjoyed my visits to most of the Western states. I think I’ve only missed New Mexico. The mountains are so memorable and gorgeous. I can’t imagine all of the difficulties the early settlers encountered and endured. It’s so much easier to experience the hardships in books.

    I’m looking forward to reading about Sage and Maggie’s love story in PARADISE VALLEY.

  4. Rosanne is my favorite historical romance author! I love her books! My favorite is Zeke and Abbeys story in the Savage Destiny series. It’s the most beautiful story of two people! Thanks for stopping by Rosanne!

  5. I just turned 58 so I found it ironic that you have 58 published book–I am proud of that number and proud of you! I love the post. My husband and I love to travel the western terrain as well, the Rockies being our favorites. I can’t wait to introduce myself to Sage.

  6. Congratulations on Paradise Valley.Paradise Valley sounds wonderful. Please enter me in contest. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  7. Congratulations on Paradise Valley. How wonderful to have had the chance to travel throughout the West. The West is exceptional and unique and your beautiful writing is such a great benefit for readers.

  8. Hi Rosanne! A big welcome to the Junction! We’re so excited to have you come hang out with us. I’ve always been a fan of your books. You’ve written some of the best western romance in the business. You’re absolutely right. The cowboy hero never dies. He is always in demand.

    Congrats on your new release! PARADISE VALLEY is on my buy list. Gotta have it. And if Sage Lightfoot looks anything like Jay Tavare….oh my gosh! Such a handsome man.

  9. Hi Roseanne! It’s a privilege to have you at P&P today! Your books were among the first romances I read and are part of the reason I decided to write westerns. “Thunder On The Plains” is one of my all-time favorites. So is “Outlaw Hearts.” Cowboy heroes will never go out of style!

  10. I love reading a novel that includes real locations and historical events. These things add such depth and richness to a story! I can’t wait to read the story of Maggie and Sage!!

    May you continue enjoying your wonderful travels and writing your beautiful books!

  11. Reading a novel that combines historical events and actual locales is fascinating. Wishing you more adventures and great writing.

  12. I love that you go and see in person the places you write about. It would be hard for me not to leave those places if I were there. I would want to re-read that exact book you wrote that took place there. :)I cant wait to read your works! your writing sounds very exciting and educational. I would love to win a copy.

  13. Paradise valley would be an adventure for me. Depth of the story, the characters, the setting and the era all interest me.

  14. What a fabulous career, Roseanne. You sure are in the right place today. All of us at Wildflower Junction, readers and authors, love the Old West.

    I’m on my way to Kindle Paradise Valley. Hubba hubba, Sage Lightfoot…how will I sleep tonight?

    xoxox Come back soon, y’here!

  15. We are so thrilled to have you, Rosanne! What an honor. I, too, cut my eye teeth on your books and went on to write westerns for many years.

    Congrats on the new release! 58 books now. Wow!!

  16. I’m sorry I have to admit that I’ve not read any of your books but they do sound like something I would enjoy. I always like it when books are based on any real facts. Besides enjoyment of a good story, I always think it’s the best way to learn new things!

  17. Welcome to the Junction, Roseanne! I grew up on books like yours — I think its why I love writing about the “old west.” Thanks for adding another story to my tbr mountain.

  18. Welcome Rosanne. I love western historicals. I don’t remember reading any of your book but will definitely be checking them out, Setting is always important to me and I love that you include real places.

  19. I love that you set your stories in real places! Traveling to those places and seeing the lay of the land makes for a vividly descriptive story. Since I’ve only written non-fiction so far, I can say that knowing a place, it’s flora and fauna and terrain certainly makes it easy to set a “real” background for the story. Congratulations on 58 books!!

  20. Thank you so much everyone for stopping by to visit and a big thank you to Petticoats & Pistols for hosting me today – It was lovely being here!

    People ask me how I come up with so many ideas, and I just tell them that so much happened in the early years of America’s growth that it all provides an unending supply of food for plot. The gradual growth from Jamestown to California; the political upheavals (especially when the Civil War divided us); the era of carpetbaggers; the great discoveries (gold, silver, oil and more); the transportation advances (first the journeys by riverboat and covered wagons; then the Pony Express; then the telegraph; then the Transcontinental Railroad); the gradual change from lawless places to civil towns with schools and churches; years and years of wars with Native Americans and how our growth affected them; the gradual changes in women’s rights; the Emancipation Proclamation; the list goes on and on.

    I like to take real history and real locations and put my fictitious characters right in the middle of it all, telling history in an entertaining way. And so the ideas are never-ending. I hope to stay healthy and sound of mind enough to write many, many more stories. I only need 41 more books to reach my goal of 100! It’s a challenge, but one worth trying for. All I know is, I won’t have any trouble coming up with 41 more plots!

  21. Hi, Rosanne,

    PARADISE VALLEY sounds like another great western romance! I, too, love including real historic events and people in my stories. There’s so much great history and wonderful characters in the West it would be a shame not to include them.


  22. Hello Roseanne. Nice to meet you for the first time, but now will have to look for some of your books. I love westerns and Indian books. You write the kind of books that I have read for many, many years. Mostly all, until I found the online authors. I love that you write where history happened. Jackson Hole, Wyo.(r really just Jackson) would be a great place to place one. Lots of history in that area. I lived there and the Teton Mountains right in view any day. Also beautiful lakes, and so many wild animals. I hated to move but was a have to case. I would love so much to win your book. So glad you have it in print. Had to turn my last win down. 🙁 Maxie mac262(at)me(dot)com

  23. Ihave been a fan of your writing for a long time. Thanks for the heads up about this new one. I have added it to my TBR list.

  24. I’m always looking for new authors to read. A friend told me about your new book. It sounds interesting…love the cover.

  25. I love the cover of your book and I think its sounds awesome. I love that you get to travel to the places you set your books in. I have never got to travel out west but maybe one day I will. I love the historical western books. They are my favorite read.

  26. Hi Rosanne,
    I am a big fan and I have already read Paradise Valley and loved it! I was thrilled that you have a new book out and I loved Maggie and Sage’s story. I live in Cheyenne WY and just came back from going to Ft. Laramie today, Register Cliff and viewing the Oregon Trail wagon ruts. Even though I’ve seen them several times it never gets old. It’s truly amazing what the immigrants went through to settle in the west and of course what the Indians were forced to give up. I love historical western romance and have read all of your books. I will be eagerly anticipating your new book next year.

  27. I just wanted this opportunity to tell you how much I love your books! I work long hours and have a very busy home life as well. As much as I love my life, your novels provide much needed “me” time and allow me to escape for little bits at a time. I truly fall in love with the characters and have always admired your writing style. As a history buff myself, i definitely appreciate how you weave real US history into your stories. Thank you so much for the work that you do! I look forward to reading PARADISE VALLEY and hopefully many more!

  28. You are a woman after my own heart. One reason I read historical romance and fiction is to learn something. A story doesn’t have to read like a history book (Heaven forbid!), but the events, people, places, and little details of everyday life can be accurate. When we travel, I bring books with me that are set in the area we are visiting. I’ll look for places mentioned as well as the topography. Whether I read a book before, during, or after the trip, my experience in an area as well as the author’s knowledge of the area make the book come alive. It is kind of a neat feeling to be reading a story and know right where the character is standing because you have been there. If I read a book before the trip, I’ll be looking for places mentioned. It adds a little something to the trip.

    PARADISE VALLEY sounds like a story I’ll enjoy. We took our grandson out West this summer, spending part of the time in western Wyoming. The Colorado, Wyoming, Montana area is such a special place. We lived in Colorado Springs for 3 years and loved every minute of it.

    I hope the release of PARADISE VALLEY has gone well. I look forward to reading it. I look forward to your next book in July of next year.

  29. Hi, Rosanne!

    Enjoyed your interview – 58 books, that’ astounding! I love learning history through fiction books, much more fun than the history books in school.

    I haven’t read any of your books & would love to read this one – thanks for the opportunity to win a copy.


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