And the Winner of THE COWBOY CONTRACT COVER and Giveaway WINNERS



Special thanks to everyone who took the time to vote for your favorite! 

We have a tie for the cover!  Here’s the two that seemed to garner the most votes as of my writing this blog.

What do you think? Was one of them your favorites?  I’m leaning toward Number 1.  I like the uniqueness of the pose and we see the hero’s face.
Winners of  today’s random pick are Janine R, Cate S and Britney A.     
Contact me at  and I’ll let you know what books I have available for you!
Thanks again to everyone!!   It’s been really helpful!


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3 thoughts on “And the Winner of THE COWBOY CONTRACT COVER and Giveaway WINNERS”

  1. Charlene,

    Sorry, I missed the vote, but these are WONDERFUL! And it sounds like a lot of fun. All the best with your self-publishing journey!


  2. Thank you so much for choosing me as one of your winners. I picked the first picture and still stick with that. It really does help when you can picture the characters and seeing the hero’s face is a big help. When I read, I have this habit of reading at each scene and seeing it in my mind as it is happening. I’ll send you a message to see what books you have available. Thanks again!

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