Midnight Bride’s Second Rodeo~ Tanya Hanson (win a copy!)

We didn’t know what would kill my husband first–the testicular cancer or the chemo. During that bleak winter of 2008, I had to cowgirl-up fast and real, hold off the sobs because the sound broke his heart. Give up red wine because the scent nauseated him. I’d sneak out to the patio and wrap my face in a towel so I could cry undetected. With my faith stretched thin, people like my beloved Charlene Sands gave their all. She’d would meet me for lunch and hand-holding during the long days of 8-hour treatments. And the fillies of Petticoats and Pistols invited me as a guest a few times to promote my book Midnight Bride. (Since then, these lovely ladies invited me to be one of them.)

You see, after a long dispiriting sophomore slump (the term means a lengthy period between a first book and the second), my delirium about Midnight Bride was doused when Hubs’s grim diagnosis came the same day the e-book was released. Promoting the story was the last on my things to do. Feeling joy was the last on my list of emotions. (The cover was brilliant…the couple looks exactly like they should!)


But God heard my pleas, After a three-month grueling battle, during which we named the Honda Element “the ambulance” because of the lay-down seats that made a bed for him, he was blessed with remission. And five years later–spring 2013, the onco told him we can now use the “c” word: Cured!

Ironically, it’s also the rebirth of Midnight Bride, just re-released under a new cover by my current, wonderful  publisher The Wild Rose Press. So I’m kinda mad with joy for a bunch of reasons these days!

MidnightBride_w7584_750 (2)

To celebrate, I’m of course giving away copies today. Please leave a comment so I can have a name-draw tonight. Thing is, you have some homework to do first. No worries. It’s easy.

So what do I mean?

Well, I celebrated a couple weeks ago at a “release party” blog at The Romance Studio. Authors and readers gather to post and comment all day long.

Me, well, I’m just not a fan of long excerpts which I likely won’t have time to read. I have more fun when somebody asks a direct question for a commenter to answer. Or has an interesting theme along with the excerpt. For my readers, I chose the topic Last Supper List.

Meaning, the twelve people, alive or dead, you’d invite for a long chat over a meal. I posted mine in spurts along with short excerpts that totaled the whole first chapter by day’s end. I sure had fun with folks who followed me around cyberspace all that party-day.

I won’t take up time and space listing all twelve of mine, or the reasons I’d want to chat with ‘em. But here are five:

William Shakespeare

     George Strait

     Princess Diana

     Abraham Lincoln

     Frederick Douglass

Now, to get in my name-draw for a print copy (one winner) and e-copy either pdf or Kindle (second winner) you gotta leave me at least TWO people from your personal LSL.

Thanks for playing with me today! Love and hugs and joy to you and yours!

Excerpt  (it’s pretty short.)

He stood in the doorway, hatless just like he’d been in the mercantile. And just as breathtaking.  In one hand he held a bunch of Miss Mattie Price’s iceberg roses tied with a lavender bow.

     From the other hand hung a hatbox from Gosling’s Mercantile. The lilac shawl she had admired was draped over his forearm.

     Without a word, he walked over to her and laid the shawl gently across her shoulders. She had stopped breathing. His eyes locked with hers, and while she couldn’t read the message in his gaze, she found she couldn’t turn her own away. When he held the flowers to her determinedly, she had no choice but to take them.

     “Take off that mourning bonnet,” he told her in such a way that it didn’t seem like an order. While she did so, he opened the hatbox.

     Within a half minute, the beautiful purple chapeau she had fingered lovingly not fifteen minutes ago rested on her head. He tied the bow jauntily under her chin, then all but snapped his heels together as he stood in front of her. 

     “I’m Jed Jones,” he announced. “Your bridegroom.” 

     Carrie’s lips opened but no words came out. Not knowing what to say or what else to do, she untied the bonnet’s bow.  He never stopped looking at her. From the corner of her eye, she could see the older men in half-standing postures like they hoped to escape any second. However, she knew them well, knew they wouldn’t leave her all alone.

     Suddenly she found her voice, willing it not to tremble.      

     “My bridegroom? I beg your pardon. What on earth are you saying?” She turned toward the judge. “Is this about that ‘notorious’ authentic document?

     Judge Jacobson was nodding, somewhat defeated, while the sheriff pulled at his scrawny beard.

     When neither spoke, her supposed bridegroom took up the call.

     “It’s true, Miss Zacaria Smith. If you don’t marry me by midnight tonight, the Lazy J-Z will be deeded to the Mother of Mercy Orphanage outside San Antone.”

     Then he took her hand, placing his lips against the inside of her wrist.



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42 thoughts on “Midnight Bride’s Second Rodeo~ Tanya Hanson (win a copy!)”

  1. Hello Tanya! What a glorious word — CURED! So happy for you and your hubby. I had to smile at the “ambulance” story, but what a time that must have been. “Midnight Bride” looks awesome! I’m not sure which cover I like the best. They’re both terrific.

  2. Hi Vicki, I know what you mean. I normally prefer covers without faces but Carrie and Jed in the first cover were just so perfect, just how they should have been. I’m so glad to have your good wishes today! It really is a glorious time for us!

  3. I’m so happy for your husband and I hope he stays in remission. Cancer is horrible and I pray a cure is found someday. I watched my 83 yr. old grandmother go thru radiation for a cancer the size of a grain of rice in her lung. She didn’t want to do it, but her brother insisted. She’s was 83 and in great health. I lost her 3 months after her last treatment. She went downhill after the 4th treatment of 28 treatments. She raised me and I miss her so much.
    Five people I would love to talk to:
    Tanya tucker
    Sarah Palin
    Bill Oreilly
    Patrick swayze
    John Wayne

  4. Hi Kim , thanks so much for posting today. I am so sad to hear of your grandmother’ s struggle. How you must miss her. My gram was absolutely the hero of my life. Now that I have two little grandsons, I aim to be the kind of grandmother she was. You’ve got a great list! Killing Kennedy is next up on my TBR list. Hubby really enjoyed it. And I’ve got a confessio…I love Swayze in Point Break lol.

  5. YAY! Those markers are so important, aren’t they?

    My Last Supper List is too long. Can I rent out an entire restaurant. Jesus is kind of a given. Louisa Mae Alcott. Henri Nouwen. I tend to be eclectic.

    Peace and blessings and put me in for the drawing, Julie

  6. Wonderful news that your husband is cured. Health is what matters since life is precious and fleeting. I have just recovered from Radiation and Chemo from breast cancer and am on the five year drug. Best wishes and much happiness. People whom I would chat with and have dinner with.
    Mark Twain
    Mary Doria Russell
    Sir Winston Churchill
    Pablo Neruda
    Hannah Arendt

  7. Tanya, I can’t imagine the thoughts and feelings both you and your husband were going through during that time! So glad to know he is cured! I know something like that would help me realize not to ever take anything for granted, that’s for sure. Both your covers are just gorgeous. And what a dear friend Charlene was for you during that time!
    Glad things are looking up and so much better now. Love you, dear filly sis!

    My LSL would be hugely long. But I think I might say I would want to have supper with Margaret Mitchell and Harper Lee and ask them both JUST ONE BOOK? WHY? With so much talent, I would love to have read more of their work.

  8. Big congrats on the re-release!! Yay. It’s a great book and deserves more recognition. I can totally relate to your struggle to stay sane when your hubby was going through chemo. I remember that horrible time. My hubby got cancer also only he didn’t survive. I remember those days before he passed and how hard it was to keep from breaking down in front of him. Finally he told me that it was okay for me to go ahead and cry. God, I loved that man! And I miss him so much. I’m thrilled that your hubby beat his. That was indeed joyous news. I pray that it never returns.

    If I could sit down with at lunch with someone it would be Robert Taylor who plays Longmire, or John Wayne, or Nathan Fillion who plays Castle (he’d be a hoot, or Sam Elliott (now that would be awesome.) I wouldn’t mind if George Strait joined me sometime either. Love his songs and he’s so easy to look at.

  9. What a wonderful Blessing you and your husband received this Spring. I am so happy for you and your family!
    I love the excerpt of your book, it sounds wonderful. I love both covers but the second one is my favorite.
    I would love to sit down with Jesus, Mary and Joseph and also The Apostle Paul. What a conversation that would be!!!
    On the fun side, I would love to talk to Charles Faudree.

  10. My cousin’s hubby was treated for the same cancer over 25 years ago and remains cured/remission. Congrats for beating it! Spread the word on ‘checking for signs’.
    My list would include my dad who died just as I was becoming a grown-up [20].

  11. Tanya you were so low-key about your husband’s illness on line, I’m amazed at what you went through and still kept up your spirit. My hat is off to you, Filly Sister. You are an amazing woman. Congratulations on the new release.
    At my dinner party I would have authors…
    Rudyard Kipling
    Robert Louis Stevenson
    Nikos Kazantzakis
    Edward Gorey (author and artist)
    Tom Robbins

    and just because I admired them so much I would invite Sir Edmund Hillary and Jacques Cousteau…and maybe Gandhi.

  12. I am so happy for you and your husband. Wonderful news about his cancer being beat!
    I enjoyed the TRS Last Supper List… I will still say my grandmother and grandmother’s parents(whom I never met). I would love to hear some things about my family’s history.

  13. Your story resonated with me as I have been through so much of the same. We were more proud of our F-250 for the back seat that would fold down to make a bed than most anything on it. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to use the “c” for cured, therefore one of list would be my husband. I would love to have one more day to hold his hand and talk to him. And the other would be my dad. So many times in the last 8 years since he has been gone, I would have loved to seek his advice and learn more of his wisdom. I always thought I would have more time.

  14. It is always gratifying to her about health successes. Wishing you many years of happiness. Meeting and dining with Benjamin Netanyahu, David Ben-Gurion, Gold Meir, and Abba Eden.

  15. Such good news about your husband. Cancer is so scary. I am 0ne year past my last treatment and they tell me I am doing great! I, too, pray that someday there is no more cancer.

    I would love to talk to my grandparents again….I have so many questions as an adult that were never thought of when I was enjoying them as a child.

    As for those well known I would say President Johnson and President Kennedy. I have so many questions for the two of them.

  16. Happy news of your husband’s health. Enjoy life and celebrate. I would like to speak to Daphne Du Maurier, Margaret Thatcher, Donald Sutherland, William Shatner and my parents.

  17. I would also have to say Abraham Lincoln (still my favorite president), Martin Luther, my paternal grandmother who died before I was born (she also holds the key to information on my Irish ancestors).

  18. Let’s see, I would invite in no particular order after Jesus:

    George Strait
    Neil Diamond
    Reba McIntyre
    Margaret Mitchell
    Abraham Lincoln
    Conway Twitty
    Michael Landon
    Calamity Jane
    Bob Hope
    Bing Crosby

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

    countrybear52 AT yahoo DOT com

  19. Hi Sherrri and everybody…I’ll try to catch up a bit now. Been on the road all day. I think Helen Mirren is brilliant. Anybody like Calendar Girls? Loll

    Julie and Lauri, goodness, Louisa May and Susan B. two of my all time faves!

    Anne continued prayers for your cure someday. Ah, Mark Twain. Author of the best American novel ever!

    Thanks, all.

  20. Hi filly sisters Cheryl and Linda ,
    Charlene was a rock to be sure. And Linda, I didn’t know you when you buried your heart, but know I much I care now. Let the memories always bring joy.

    Cheryl, I just visited Margaret Mitchell’s house in Atlanta . She even wrote the end first lol

    TKMB is one of the few books I hadn’t read yet so I could experience it all over again.

    Love ya both.

  21. Sharon B, st. Joseph indeed would be a wonderful man to get to know. I just can’t every imagine his bravery and trust in The Lord .

    CateS, so glad for you and your cuz. The chemo hubs had was developed about 26years ago! It’s a brutal treatment that almost cost him the whole, but praise God. Boy, impost on Facebook all the time about guys checking themselves and we girls making them do it.

    I hear ya…I lost my daddy way too soon, too. Thanks for the touching post today.

  22. Hi Elizabeth , filly sister. What a terrific collection of authors and explorers! Good job. Tim Robbins made me laugh so hard in Bull Dirham.

    Nancy, Moses would be awesome,

    Colleen, thanks for the god wishes. And I am interested in family history too…trying to get ancestry.com going. Good to see you here.

  23. Dee, getting Geary reading your post. I too miss my dad so much it hurts. I’d love to spend just one more hour with him. And g
    May God comfort your loss. I came close, and that was hard enough. Stay strong with happy memories.

    Hi Minna, always good to see you here. David Attenborough is so classy.

    Hi Cindy. I see we have some of the same LSL guests . Thanks so much for playing today.

    Pearl, you have a great list!

    Connie, prayers for a full recovery! Bunches of hugs, too. Actually President Kennedy was on my full list.

  24. Ellie, Daphne du Maurer is so amazing. I love Rebecca and Don’t Look Now. Martha, Luther is a good one. I spent mot of my life in Lutheran schools!

    Everybody, thanks for stopping by today to with hubs and me well. If I missed anybody, it’ was a looooooooong day in the car. But the result worth it: Lake Tahoe .


  25. Hi Tanya. ah such sweet words . I am so glad to have helped you through your tough time Your book is a testament to your wonderful writing!!
    I hope everyone gets a chance to read it!!
    I love your list of five!!

  26. Constance O’Banyon
    Margaret Mitchell
    Sam Elliot
    Patrick Swayze
    Jeffery Dean Morgan

    Your book sound fantastic and I would love to read it. I went through a lot when my husband had a stroke at the age of forty five but he seem to be doing fine now. Things like this make you stop and think.

  27. I am so happy for you and your husband. The word “cured” when used with cancer is being heard more and more. [My husband is going on year 22 with a cancer that had a 25% survival rate to 3 years.] You were lucky to have the support of such good friends.

    My pick for dinner companions would be Mother Theresa, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Sacajawea, Mark Twain, Margaret Mead, and Marian Anderson for starters. I’d have to think a bit longer to come up with more.

    Enjoy the rerelease of MIDNIGHT BRIDE. I hope it does well for you the second time around.

  28. By the way, both covers are nice. They give different feelings about the story, but that’s OK. Thanks for the excerpt. Liked it and now have MIDNIGHT BRIDE on my Wish List.

  29. Gene Autry
    Michael Connolly
    Charleston Heston
    Abraham Lincoln
    These would be a few of those on my list.

  30. Love the cover. I like heads on my people on covers. Happy to hear that the cancer is cured. That is a very trying time. I would need to have several tables, not just 12. I would like to chat with Corrie tenBoom, such a faithful servant to GOD through the Holicaust, with being the only survivor of her family. Also would love to talk to the grandparents I never new, for a short list. Would love to win this book. MAXIE mac262(at)me(dot)com

  31. I’m so glad your hubby can use the word cured. As for my LSL wow, hmmm. . . Jesus but that’s too much looking forward to seeing Him so I’ll pick some other people. Agatha Christie, Louis L’amour, Anne McCaffery, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Lottie Moon, Peter,Andrew, Dorothy Parker,William B. Travis, Sam Houston,E. A. Poe, A.C. Doiyle. Where these all came from I’m not sure. Writers because I enjoy their works and would love to discuss writing with them I’d like to see if different types of fiction has different rules. Disciples because the had been with the Lord ( I’d ask Andrew how he felt the first time he met Him). Travis and Houston because I have questions about Texas history (being a native born and bred) and about how they actually felt about the fight with Mexico and slavery. Lottie Moon because I have admired her since my days in GA’s learning about her sacrifices for Christ.
    Would love to have your book but this made me think hard.

  32. What a wonderful story!! CURED!! Thank you for sharing with us. 🙂 Your book sounds intriguing!
    I think my two people would be my grandpa and Einstein.
    lattebooks at hotmail dot com

  33. Congratulations on being cured and the book!!!

    Grandmother Stella (She died when Mom was 14 years old.)
    George W. & Laura Bush
    Bill & Gloria Gaither
    Princess Diana

    Thank you for sharing the giveaway.

  34. I am so happy that your hubby has [passed the 5 year mark! Congratulations!! And…best wishes with the books.

    John F Kennedy
    Dali Lama
    Billy Graham
    Thomas Jefferson

  35. So glad to hear of the cured of cancer! I pray someday that word won’t be heard. I’m the youngest of ten children, two siblings have died from pancreatic cancer and one from leukemia! The person who finds the cure for cancer, Mother Theresa, Laura Bush.

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