The Miracle of Growth by Charlene Sands

As a childbirth and parenting educator, I often show my classes a beautiful film about an infant’s journey into this world called The Miracle of Birth.  But today, I’m altering the phrase to The Miracle of Growth, something almost as awe-inspiring as bringing a baby into the world – growing your own garden.   I do NOT have a green thumb, so all the credit for our little patch of nature goes to my husband.    And I get to watch the beautiful process of growth from the sidelines, but I can’t tell you how exciting and fun it is to see those first buds sprout from the ground.   I’m not sure who’s more excited, my hubby or myself. 

The patch of land was cleared and planted.  










Weeks later, we see life!  Oh and the Angel Trumphets (top) are on the other side of the house!










We now have this:   (monsterous, isn’t it for our little patch of land!)










Check out our snap peas!









 Can’t wait for corn!








Had to thin out our carrots… Bugs Bunny wouldn’t refuse these tiny babies. 









Would you believe there are 12 different veggies in our garden?  What about you… do you get green and dirty as a gardener?  Or are you like me and only enjoy watching from where it’s clean and dry?   What’s your favorite veggie? 

To celebrate the release of Sunset Seduction this June — a Romantic Times Top Pick! — I’m giving away three $5.00 Amazon gift cards today!!  Tell me your veggie tales!




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27 thoughts on “The Miracle of Growth by Charlene Sands”

  1. WOW! You definitely have ideal growing conditions!

    I’ve only tried to grow tomatoes. Some varieties turned out better than others.

    Favorite vegetable sweet onions. I especially like the Vidalia ones that just hit our grocery store this week.

    I also love sweet corn, broccoli, carrots and lettuce.

  2. I can’t grow anything, not even houseplants. So, I would never even try to attempt a garden. One of my favorite veggies are those great big juicy tomatoes. I could make a meal from them. Oh, and corn. I love the bicolor or white, oh so sweet corn you get in the summer. Great, now I’m craving veggies for breakfast. LOL! At least it’s healthy.

  3. Wow, Charlene! I am seriously impressed! I have tried and tried to make things grow in my garden. All I get is a combination of weeds, bugs and disappointment. Did I say I’m seriously impressed??? 😉

  4. What a lovely garden. My favorite veggie is tomatoes. Wonderful when they are grown in my garden. We also grow basil, zucchini and peppers. Each year we try to add more.

  5. Such a beautiful garden, I love to grow vegetables in my garden. I find gardening to be very enjoyable and sometimes relaxing. My favorite veggies to grow are tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers and radishes.

  6. Lovely garden. We grow a veggie garden every year. This year so far we have planted romaine lettuce, asparagus, cabbage,onions, broccoli and corn. We will be adding tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers in a few weeks.
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  7. I like your little garden. Green beans and carrots are the two things I can’t live without. I wish I had a garden but the apt building I’m doesn’t allow anything anywhere. I miss feeding the birds too. I love anything fresh out of a garden. yummy

  8. My d-i-l has a beautiful garden which she started two years ago and is flourishing beautifully. She grows mint, cherry tomatoes and greens of all types. I cannot seem to be successful and her garden is always a success. Your photos and outcome is impressive.

  9. Your garden is gorgeous, Charlene. Every time I visit California I am envious of the way everything seems to grow. I have 3 raised beds that I plant veggies in, mostly tomatoes, but we can’t put them in till after May 1 because they’ll freeze. Just put my little tomatoes in a couple of days ago. Zucchinis next.

    Fabulous cover, by the way.

  10. Your garden is what I would love. Growing fresh veggies is such a great feat. I would grow tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and love basil too. Alas I need help in that department.

  11. Char, I am impressed! I can’t grow anything. My dad had a wonderful green thumb and my oldest sister did, too. My garden would be full of tomatoes. LOL

  12. What a spectacular garden. I am so envious. Love fresh homegrown veggies and enjoy tomatoes and cucumbers. Wish I had the talent to duplicate this.

  13. Charlene, I don’t grow anything but a few flowers in pots. Never had the hankering to have a garden. Seems like a whole lot of work. And time is something I really don’t much anything extra of. Congrats on your hubby’s hard work. That looks great. So much for such a small space. You’ll be eating really well.

    Congrats on Sunset Seduction being a Romantic Times top pick! That’s wonderful.

  14. I love your garden! I cant wait to have a garden. We live in a apt but I grow things in smaller planters that I can fit on our porch. I don’t mind getting dirty when it comes to a wonderful outcome such as your own garden. there is satisfaction in knowing you are eating something you grew. the best part is that my boys want to also grow more cause they want to eat some of the veggies.

  15. We’ve almost always had a garden. When our cocker spaniel was alive, he’d thin out our radishes…and also take off with green tomatoes… finally, we had to fence the garden in and him out!!

  16. Hi all– Thanks for the lovely comments. I took those pictures last week and already the corn is another foot taller. The basil plants are so pungent. Can’t wait to use them in my spaghetti sauce!!

  17. For our garden, tomatoes and peppers grow best… we have also planted radishes, cucumbers, & pumpkin in the past… but only the radishes ever did anything… the other two only gave us flowers… we have also accidentally grown potatoes,lol… we have a compost pile and on more than one occasion found bunches of baby potatoes growing in bunches… Sunflowers also work well in our garden… sadly I have not done anything this year…

  18. Congrats on the Top Pick, Charlene, and the beautiful garden! Hubby planted one this year, too. I myself have a very dark thumb but I try to keep my 15 rose bushes from dying off LOL. One of them even cloned itself and now has a twin growing pretty hearty!

    Can’t wait for another great read. I have it pre-ordered in my Kindle. xoxox

  19. Great garden in such a cramped space. You certainly made good use of the space available.
    When we lived in Colorado Springs, we had a great garden. One year, things had grown beautifully. Everything was about knee high and our first crop (beans and squash) was going to be ready to pick in about 2 days or so. As happens everyday on the Front Range, the afternoon storms moved in. It started to pour along with lightening and thunder. Then it started to hail – about marble sized. I stood there and watched as our entire garden was reduced to mush in less than 20 seconds. There was enough hail to drift on the deck. There was damage to the roof and camper, but loosing the garden hurt the most. We were actually lucky. On the south end of town, where all the car dealerships were, they had gold ball sized hail. It shredded the leaves on trees and destroyed (broken windows, dented hoods/roofs/trunks) virtually every car in the area.

    We are in TN now. We have had a great asparagus crop already this year, the rhubarb is coming up well and the strawberries are coming. Those plus the first crop of green beans and the first tomatoes are my favorites. The rest of the garden is doing well. The weather has been so crazy, I keep waiting for a freeze, hail, drought, or wind (to blow down the corn). All problems gardeners and farmers must deal with.

    Best of luck with the release of SUNSET SEDUCTION.

  20. Gardening is so much fun. I love to watch the garden grow. I have the best luck growing cherry tomatoes and cucumbers.

  21. I love growing tomatoes, potatoes and cucumbers. Tried sweet corn one year and the racoons had a feast now we just buy it from a local veggie stand. This year my daughter who is 6 wants to add beans, carrots and peas.

  22. I only do a few tomatoes and cucumbers. Our back yard stays so wet in the spring and then when it drys out we get no more rain. Last year my tomatoes didn’t do to well due to the heat, hope to do better this year. I plan on planting them this coming weekend. It has rained so much here lately we never catch a nice day to do them. I worked a little out there yesterday, but due to back and hip issues I can’t work at it long. Had an injection in the hip today so maybe that will help.

  23. When I lived in KS. we always had a great garden. My bachelor brother-in-law had grown a garden fot years and given most of it away. When we moved there my husband helped him. I took care of the cooking. What I loved the most was tomatoes. We had then for so long, and when I had to move to TX. in town, that is what I missed most. No fresh tomatoes. The store bought are just not the same. When I was growing up, we lived in the country and always had a big garden. I tried to raise two plants this past year, but no luck for unknown reason. My son-in-law said theirs didn’t either Mine grew tall and were loaded with the little yellow buds and I was so excited. But, then after awhile, they would die. Maybe was just a bad year. I don’t can tho, except some tomatoes one year. Please put my name in the hat.
    MAXIE mac262(at)me(dot)com

  24. Your garden is beautiful, Charlene! I try not to plant too much in deference to the poor flowers and plants. But this year I did get mint plants (mint is supposed to keep wasps away) and lavender because I adore it. Also, both are hearty plants that can withstand my black thumb. 🙂


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