Martha Rogers Rides Into the Junction


Miss Martha Rogers has saddled up and will ride into the Junction on Saturday, May 11th.

The Fillies are quite excited to have this dear lady pay us a call.

Miss Martha will tell us how researching her family history led to lots of story ideas for her books. I dearly love to hear about love stories about grandmothers and grandfathers and what life was like when they were young and foolish. I don’t tell this to many folks but I come from a long line of bootleggers. Don’t rightly know if they found love but they sure could find stashes of whiskey up in the hollows.

And in addition to getting acquainted with Miss Martha, you’ll get a chance to win a copy of her newest called LOVE STAYS TRUE.

So, get your rears in gear and head over to the Junction come Saturday.

We’ll be expectin’ you!

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