Romantic Times Booklover's Convention

Am in Kansas City, enjoying meeting readers and attending events with my critique group members and friends. RT is one party after another. Below

Sherri Shackelford and Cheryl at the RT Disco party

Sherri”s Shoe Warehouse

are pics from today. At Rosie”s Gulch party here”s me with the awesome Janelle Taylor, me with the amazing Bobbi Smith and Winnie and I when we found each other. Sherri Shackelford and I at the disco party and Sherri”s shoes. There is a pic that is only – Sherri”s shoes! These are in no order–sorry–because I”m using an unfamiliar laptop in our hotel room.

Janelle Taylor

Winnie and Cheryl



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5 thoughts on “Romantic Times Booklover's Convention”

  1. I love those shoes..but sadly I’m unable to walk in those lovely high heels..and I’d look silly carrying them from place to place and putting them on when I sit..

  2. Aw, wish I would be there! The pix are great and y’all are beautiful! Don’t hesitate to post pix tomorrow…it’s my day and I sure don’t mind sharing. Hugs, enjoy, learn a lot and have safe travels! xoxox

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