Spring In Bloom

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Joanna Wayne

April Newsletter


Happy Spring. We’ve had a beautiful one here in Texas, flowers in full bloom and everything sprouting new growth. Just hope we get enough rain this year to keep it that way.

The wildflowers are in full bloom now. Almost every roadside is colored with brilliant blooms of primrose, Indian paintbrush, verbena, brown-eyed Susans, bluebonnets and countless varieties I can’t name but enjoy all the same. But this picture was taken in my back yard when a friendly neighborhood deer came to check out the golf course.

By now I hope many of you have had the chance to read COVER ME.  I was fortunate enough to team up with two of my

favorite Intrigue writers, Rita Herron and Mallory Kane, to pen a sensual romantic suspense of cold cases created in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Since I lived many years in New Orleans, the story was especially close to my heart.

Eight years ago, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, three men lost everything. Now it’s time to reclaim what is theirs….

Don’t miss this one.

And in June, the first book in the Big D Dads, The Daltons, series will be available in paperback or digital format from your favorite on-line or local bookseller. As a mother and grandmother, TRUMPED UP CHARGES truly touched my heart.

When a Mother’s love meets a father’s instinct….

Ex-Marine Adam Dalton once dreamed of a life with Hadley O’Sullivan, but the war and a near-fatal injury cost him dearly. Now he returns to Dallas to discover the unthinkable—Hadley is the prime suspect in the disappearance of her twin baby girls….the daughters he never knew he had.


  Beyond Hadley’s terror of having her children kidnapped is the shock of seeing Adam. Yes, she had kept him from his daughters, but now, when he insists they work together as a united front, she knows she is still in love with him. Despite their past, finding their children is their only hope to finally become a family—if time doesn’t run out first.

And in December, watch for UNREPENTANT COWBOY, the second book is in the Dalton family’s adventures.


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Happy Reading.



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5 thoughts on “Spring In Bloom”

  1. Have not read Cover Me but am looking forward to it. The story of Trumped Up Charges has me interested also.

    Spring has not been so kind here in the northern states. Because of the drought last year we are really in need of rain but it is still falling as snow. Hopefully it does not go to summer directly from winter.

  2. Hi Joanna. The weather has been really lovely here in north Louisiana as well – temps in the low to mid seventies and everything all green and blooming. The new book sounds fabulous – I’ll have to check it out.

  3. Joanna, I sent you an email and put an e on the end instead of a. Accept my apology. I get mail with Maxine, when it doesn’t have an N in it. Received two autographed books with this mistake. You sure have some good sounding books. Maxie

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