Movies I Can't Resist . . . Good, Bad and Cheesy

Just before starting this blog, I was in the living room with my husband while he went through the cable directory deciding which movies to record.  As he zipped through the channels, the Jeanette Oke “Love Comes Softly” series caught my eye.

“Oh, I love that,” I said to my husband.

“Do you want me to record it?” he answered in a resigned tone I know well.  If a movie is on the Hallmark Channel, he’s not a fan.

“No.  I”d rather be surprised when it  just pops up.”

“Surprised? You’ve seen it how many times?”

“Well, a lot, but it’s not the same when it”s recorded.”   For me, there’s something about stumbling on a movie  and being happily surprised that beats watching a DVD any day of the week.  If I own a movie, I tend not to watch it. But if it shows up out of the blue, I’m hooked.

Does anyone else do that?  I sure do, and these are the movies that pull me in every time they’re on. Not surprisingly, they’re all westerns.

Pure Country  with George Straight, Isabel Glasser, and Lesley Anne Warren. I can sing the songs and recite the dialogue.  I know exactly when Dusty, a  burned out country music star, is going to get knocked in the mud by a jealous bar patron, and I cringe every time his road manager sabotages his budding romance with ranch girl Harley Tucker.  There’s no way I can turn this movie off before we get

to the big finale with George crooning I Cross My Heart. Sigh . . .

Electric Horseman with Robert Redford and Jane Fonda.  The movie is dated now, but the romance still holds up for me. You can’t go wrong with rebellious cowboy out to

save an exploited horse while putting up with a gutsy female TV reporter. One of my favorite scenes is where former rodeo star Sonny Steele rescues the horse Rising Star from being drugged and put on display. They’re both  covered with lights and lit up like Christmas trees when Sonny  rides into the sunset. Later, when Sonny and reporter Hallie Martin join forces to set the thoroughbred free, it’s a bittersweet moment for everyone.

I already mentioned the Jeanette Oke Love Comes Softly series.  Marty, Clark and the numerous other characters are just delightful.  It’s pure pleasure to watch a series that highlights courage, sacrifice and love. The first movie is my favorite, with the next two being tied for second place.

This is an old one . . . Rio Bravo  with John Wayne, Dean Martin, Ricky Nelson and Walter Brennan is a western classic, but it also has some seriously cheesy moments.  The singing-in-the-jail scene always makes me smile, maybe because it’s something unique to the era in which it was made.  I enjoy that lighthearted moment.

And last . ..  Anything with a horse or a dog on the Hallmark Channel will hook me in about five seconds.  The sappier, the better!

What about you?  Are there movies you just can”t resist, even if you’ve seen them a dozen times?

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18 thoughts on “Movies I Can't Resist . . . Good, Bad and Cheesy”

  1. Hi Vicki! I’m a sucker for Hallmark movies. 🙂 And I’ve seen all the Love Come Softly movies. They’ve made two prequels with Clark and his first wife. Love Begins is the first one and it’s probably my favorite in the series. Love’s Christmas Journey is awesome too! My husband has pretty much resigned himself to watching romance. Lol and yes, I buy movies and rarely watch them!
    Looking forward to your new book!

  2. Whew! I’m not the only one. Vicki, I’m exactly the same about being more in the mood to watch a movie when it pops up on TV than breaking out the DVD. Even if I own it. What causes that? Maybe we should start a support group or something. Ha!

  3. There are so many movies I love to watch over and over again. You mentioned a few of my favs, Rio Bravo, El Dorado and Chisum, just to name a few of my all time Hero John Wayne and oh how could I forget McClintock.. classic movie..

  4. I love the Hallmark movies and have a number I watch in spite of the cheesiness.

    I love Fools Rush In with Salma Hayek and Matthew Perry. The story takes place in Vegas but features the beauty of nature in that area of Nevada, the clash of cultures, and the typical pregancy by mistake romance. I love it.

    Peace, Julie

  5. Hi Vicki, this post so could have been written by me. I am addicted to Hallmark movies. And Love Comes Softly, sigh, I watch it whenever I can, even if it’s just a few minutes. I love how the series goes into the next generation, too…

    And being on the dogs. A Dog Named Christmas had me sobbing, and November Christmas (with Sam Elliott, hubba hubba) too. My hubby laughs at the stockpile of HM’s I have in the DVR but I can get him hooked at Christmastime. He really liked Fallen Angels (Gary Sinise)….dang, I can hardly wait for Christmas.

    Some non-HM’s I can watch and rewatch (even just catching a few minutes): Titanic, Gone With The Wind, Point Break (I love the name Johnny Utah and the dynamic with bad boy Bodhi)…McClintock is one of my favorites, too, as well as The Quiet Man.

    Hugs…good job, Vicki.

    P.s. I don’t know if I’ve ever even seen it, but The Good, The Bad and The Ugly is my ringtone LOL.

  6. Hi Karen W, It really is odd how that works . . . I have DVDs I haven’t even opened, but I watch the movie when it starts. I guess there’s something about being surprised, or maybe it’s the spontaneity that appeals to me. Or . . . maybe I’m procrastining!

  7. Howdy Kathleen O, “True Grit” could have been on my list easily. And Rooster Cogburn. And The Sons of Katie Elder . . . I’ll watch them just to hear John Wayne say some of those famous lines.

  8. Hi Tanya! We’ve got similar tastes for sure. I saw “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” ages ago. Some Clint Eastwood movies grab me, and other others, not so much. Pale Rider is a must-watch; so is The Gauntlet and The Enforcer. My darker side is coming out here!

  9. I love the Hallmark movies and can watch them over and over. The Love Comes Softly Series have been watched every chance I get but The movies I watch the most are WHITE CHRISTMAS and MCLINTOCK!

  10. I love the Hallmark movies and I usually DVR them. I can’t stand watching commercials. I have watched The Love Comes Softly movies and love them.

  11. Hi Quilt Lady! When Charlene blogged on favorite modern inventions, I should have thought of the DVR. I tape American Idol, then start watching an hour after it starts so I can zip through the stuff I don’t like. Very handy!

  12. Last night I watched a movie called Last of the Dog Men and it was really fun. About a tribe of Cherokee Indians that managed to hide and stay true to their culture until modern times.
    WATCH IT!!!

  13. Of the ones you mentioned, I have only seen the Hallmark trio. We got Pure Country for our daughter because it was a favorite of her and her husband’s. I too have a habit of not watching movies I own very often. When they come on TV, my husband will stay tuned. I try to put the DVD on so we don’t have to put up with commercials, but he just wants to watch it as is. I do not understand.

    I think most John Wayne movies I will watch if they come on, musicals, too. Zorro is another one,even though we have it. I look forward to all the Christmas movies every year. I have a few of the classics (WHITE CHRISTMAS especially) but there are so many new ones each year, I just enjoy what is on.

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