WAGES OF SIN by Valerie Hansen

My new motto is “Fearless and Faithful; Women Who Dare”. And dare I have – by releasing an ebook, WAGES OF SIN, a 94,000 word saga that was written for a very special lady – Me. Anyone who is published will identify with that claim.


It all started years back when, on one of our many trips all over the US, we happened to stop in New Mexico where local skirmishes dubbed the “Lincoln County War” took place. Talk about fascinating! Not only were the lines between sides blurred, the good guys and the bad guys were sometimes interchangeable, depending on which judge happened to be in power and how mad he was at various ranchers – and sheepmen. Gotta remember them. It was the murder of one of the sheep raisers that supposedly started the gunplay. Don’t let anybody tell you Tunstall was a cattleman and store owner. The guy started with sheep, so you know how popular that made him, no matter what else he tried to do later.


But I’m getting ahead of myself. First, we have to figure out how schoolteacher Ruby McKay is going to rescue her late sister Emma’s baby from the cruel husband who beat Emma to death, ostensibly the chastise her, shortly after she gave birth to their son. Even if pious, pompous Judge Caleb Stone had not purposely killed his young wife, what kind of a father will he be to the innocent babe? Ruby has experienced his cruelty firsthand and knows what she must do. She has friends who have promised to help her get out ofKansas, until she’s forced to shoot Caleb, maiming him and unwittingly branding herself as an escaping   criminal.

I like to think I would be as brave and resourceful as Ruby but being on the run with a newborn in the late 1870s is far different than simply fleeing as an individual. She’ll continue to need outside help and will get it from some very strange folks, like Billy the Kid and wealthy rancher John Chisum.

To quote part of the Author Disclaimer in the front of WAGES OF SIN, “… this is more gritty in tone and language than what you’re used to from Valerie Hansen. I had a strong reason for writing the story this way; I wanted to show that just because a person may be able to quote scripture like an orator, that does not mean that he is spiritual. In my view, one of the most heinous crimes possible is using the Bible for anything but good. Yet it happens. And, as in this story, “the wages of sin is death.” (Sometimes it just takes longer than we think it should.) Don’t worry, readers; remember, the rougher the road, the sweeter the arrival!”


Which brings me to the end of this visit. There is a long excerpt on Amazon that will give you a good idea about this ebook and it is my fondest wish that you will take the time to look it over.


I’ll be offering copies of WAGES OF SIN to two lucky readers who post here. It will be in the form of an Amazon email gift certificate

and delivered to be read on your computer or Kindle if the winner lives in theUSA. If a winner happens to live in another country, I’ll substitute one of my

previously published novels in paperback.



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27 thoughts on “WAGES OF SIN by Valerie Hansen”

  1. We depend on the legal system to protect society, but sometimes it fails rather spectacularly. Judges delivering “justice” determined by their interests rather than the law are only one example. Unfortunately, there are still some glaring examples of rather warped judgement being handed down. When we lived in Colorado, two young girls (I think about 10) cut across a vacant lot and were molested by a man. The man was caught and the case went before a judge. The judge did not sentence the man to jail. Instead, he declared that the man taught the girls a lesson and they should be thankful.
    The judge in that case was nuts or more likely senility was setting in, not vindictive or involved in criminal activity. I will be curious to see how your Ruby manages to beat her corrupt judge.
    Thank you for the interesting post.

  2. Ruby fights long and hard. I think women have been underestimated in many ways for ages and ages. We are not only resilient, we are likely to act on behalf of the less fortunate, whether it be a child, an animal or whatever. Perhaps part of our overall success is the willingness to accept help. One of the things I particularly enjoyed about writing this book was letting Ruby discover that help can come from many directions. It certainly has in MY life.

  3. Hi Valerie! Welcome back to the Junction. We’re so happy to have you. Your newest release sounds like a winner. I love stories where the heroine is on the run for her life. And add an infant dependent on her for survival and oh man! I hope she finds a good man to help her.

    Wishing you lots of success!!

  4. Life is not always neat and pretty and I do believe the biggest evil can be covered in false Christianity. Sounds like a great read. Isn’t this a great time to be a writer with so many paths to publishing our stories?

  5. Enjoyed your post. Ruby has to be one strong lady. This story sounds interesting and I look forward to reading it!

  6. Welcome to the Junction, Val! Wages of Sin sounds fan-tabulous, but then…I’ve always been a huge fan of your books. I especually loved your disclaimer: the rougher the road the sweeter the arrival! So true!!!

  7. Thanks for the warm welcome! I’ll be away for an hour or so, then right back here with all of you.

    And yes, Linda, she definitely finds a strong man! I wouldn’t have it any other way!!!!


  8. Hi Val:
    This wild and woolly book sounds just what I like to read. My “childhood” reading was Zane Grey books, and books by other western authors. Keep up the good work.

  9. I have always been interested in the Lincoln County War. This book sounds very interesting I am going to look for it. Thank you.

  10. Excellent!! I’m going to love this because there is so much grey area in real life… I always hope for justice in life, but if it’s going to take some time, I drop back to the ‘wheel moves slowly, but grinds exceedingly fine.’

  11. Yes, CateS, there is a need for real justice in this world. That’s another reason I love creating fiction. I can make sure the good guys always win – even if it is a struggle!

  12. Terri asked when did I have time. Well, actually, I did it in my spare time, between raising a family and writing the contracted books. When I work, I’m so compulsive it just gets done. If I tried to write that fast I probably couldn’t do it!

  13. Hi Valeria, I am sorry to say I have not read your books before but am very intrigue by this one. I will have to check it out if I don’t win a copy here today. It sounds really good and I must read it.

  14. I bought and read this a long time ago when Val first put it out – and it was very good then and I’d love to read it again. My first copy was on a zip drive and I’d sure like to read it as an eBook. Ruby is quite a resourceful and spunky heroine

  15. This is my kinda book! Can’t wait to read it! I love historical romance! If put in the same situation, I would probably do the same! I believe in another life I was in this era! I wish I still was! Lol

  16. Val,
    We just finished reading Explosive Secrets and it was great! This book sounds really interesting. May God bless you and direct you in your life and writing.

  17. Lincoln County, New Mexico is a very interesting part of the country. Had a relative there at one time and thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the scenery around there.

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