Head 'Em Up….Move 'Em Out!


Well, I”m moving again. Just can”t seem to stay in one spot. I”ve been in Ralls, Texas for

almost five years. I”m not anxious to pack everything again and take off.  Frankly, it”s a lot of hard work.  Stress is really kicking in just thinking about what all I have to do.

I can only imagine how stressful it was on the pioneers. They threw their belongings in a wagon and hit the road. I”m sure they started out with such high hopes. At least that”s what”s driving me.

But deciding what would fit in a wagon must”ve been hard. After all, those wagons didn”t have much room. The things they thought were so important in the beginning lost their value as the trip wore on. Some tried to take organs and pianos, fancy dishes, books, boxes of precious memories. But along the way, lots of stuff had to be tossed and left at the side of the trail.

And that”s what I”m doing before I even start out. I”m ruthlessly discarding things that I thought I couldn”t live without five years ago. It”s time to lighten the load. Thirty plus boxes of books are not going to make it to my next destination. My wagon isn”t large enough this time. But Lord, how it”s killing me to part with them!

Other things that are going to have to be gone through with a ruthless eye are my kitchen cabinets. I don”t need that many dishes. Heck, I don”t cook anyway! Don”t need all that “stuff.”

Yep, my work is cut out for me. I wonder how far in advance those pioneers planned in advance of the move. I”m giving myself about two months. I doubt they had that long. I can envision a husband coming in and telling the wife that they”re hitting the trail in two weeks or a month.

I have one advantage though. I know what it looks like where I”m going. Those people didn”t have a clue. Just faith and prayers.

I really envy their ability to put their belongings in just a small wagon. It”ll take a moving van to cart all my things. I dream about one day putting everything I own in my car and setting out. Sure would make it lots easier.

(The picture here is a 1926 moving van. Thought it was neat.)

I”m sure you”re all curious about my destination. I”m going to Amarillo. It”s in the Texas Panhandle. It”s where Filly sister Phyliss Miranda lives. It”ll be nice living in the same town with her. But that”s not exactly the reason I”m going. I”m wanting to be closer to my neurologist. Instead of two plus hours away it”ll only be across town. You don”t know what a relief it will be not to have to make that trip every four weeks. And I really think this move will be good for my career. Amarillo has a large writing  family.

Don”t be surprised if you see boxes of books strung along the trail. I”ll be the one to blame.

But now I need to see if you have any advice for me.

Happy Trails to me!!

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Here in the Texas Panhandle, we do love our cowboys. There's just something about a man in a Stetson and jeans that makes my heart beat faster. I'm not much of a cook but I love to do genealogy and I'm a bit of a rock hound. I'm also a NY Times & USA Today bestselling author of historical western romance. You can contact me through my website and I'd love to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. HAPPY READING!

30 thoughts on “Head 'Em Up….Move 'Em Out!”

  1. You will miss your ranch in Amarillo, Linda. Surely you will keep keeping these girls in check, won’t you? Where are you living now? Houston has some of the best specialist and Hospitals anywhere. I lived in Texhoma, OK.(on the TX. side of town) about 109 mi. from Amarillo, before getting married. Lots of those folks go to Amarillo for big shopping, like Christmas etc. My step-son and his wife live even closer to there. They live in Dumas, which isn’t very far. An hour or less. What are you going to do with all of those books you said you have to get rid of? WOW! I’d sure like to go through them. 🙂 You could probably sell them, or you could have several big contest. Then I think I’ll put my name on sticky notes so it will stick to your hand when you draw. LOL I like you, need to clear out my trailer home. It is 14×80, but built where it hardly has places to store anything. AND, I have WAY too much. But, it’s so hard to go through things and decide what to get rid of. Shouldn’t be ,cause I don’t do any cooking anymore, or hardly. And, not too much of any thing else. 🙂 Truly, I do wish I only had half of what I have. It will be good for you to have Phyliss there near you. Do you have family there? I best go to beddy bye. It’s after 2 am. Nite!
    Take care. Maxie

  2. Best wishes with your health issues. Hope the move goes smoothly! It will be nice to have a great friend close by.

  3. I have moved a few times in my life. After spending 30+yrs in one place, I moved about 3 times, and each time I kept downsizing possessions. I have been in my present home for 10 yrs and I make sure that at least once a year I do a cleanout of closest and drawers and get rid of things I never wear or use anymore.

    Good luck with your move…

  4. I’m not a fan of moving, either. But it sounds to me like you are playing it smart. Hope you get settled easily in Amarillo and have fun with all the new writing friends you’ll make. Wishing you the best, Linda!

  5. Hi Maxie…….wow, you were up late last night! My gosh, girl! To answer your questions. Yes, I’ll continue to be a Filly as always. Nothing changed there. I don’t think I could do without my online family. They’re the best.

    I know live 30 miles east of Lubbock. So I won’t be moving too awfully far. About 120 miles is all. Thank the Good Lord for that! How neat that you once lived so close to Amarillo. You know the area well.

    Thank you so much for your concern for my medical problem. But I love and respect my Amarillo neurologist. I can’t imagine going to anyone else. We’re on the same page and that means everything to me.

    As for my books, I’m donating a lot to the local library. Some I’m selling. And some I’m giving away. I sure wish you were close so you could go through them. I’d love for you to have some. My collection of paperbacks has become quite unmanageable. I love having books around me. They bring me lots of comfort and joy

    Good luck on cleaning out that trailer. It’s a tough, sometimes gut-wrenching job.

    Have a great day!

  6. Hi Laurie G………Thanks for the good wishes. I’ll take all I can get. Yes, it’ll be a very good thing to be by Phyllis and Jodi Thomas. I can’t wait.

    Have a wonderful day!

  7. Hi Kathleen O………..I appreciate the good wishes. Yes, it sure helps to go through things and get rid of the excess. But we rarely do it until we’re forced to. I’ve moved quite a bit in my life and with every move I whittle things a little less. Things that once meant so much to me sort of lose their value over time and countless moves. Now, in my life, I’m looking for more ease and becoming less encumbered.

    I hope you have a very special day!

  8. Hi Karen W………Thanks so much for the well wishes. I just wish you and the rest of the Fillys were here to help me pack. Everything goes better when you have helping hands. But since you can’t I’ll just have to enlist my family.

    Hope your day brings joy and sunshine!

  9. Here’s a saying I’ve heard.

    3 Moves = A Fire
    three moves equals a fire.
    Which means peple throw about 1/3 of their possessions away every time they move.
    I think I need to move, nothing else would ever blast me out of my dug in complacency. We’ve been in this house 21 years. I suppose they’ll haul me out feet first.

  10. Happy trails to you, Filly Sister. Hope the move goes well and turns out to be a wonderful change.

    My last move (just 40 miles to SLC) was a nightmare. The moving company charged me by the hour, and the guys who showed up to do the job, with a small truck that had to make 2 trips, were like the three stooges! When it was done I collapsed on a mattress and bawled. Never again, I swore. I’ve been here in my little house for 13 years. Only way I’m leaving is toes-up!

    May your wagon have a happy journey. Hugs.

  11. Hi Mary……….yep, that about describes the belongings I have or will have after this move. I just really need to simplify and get rid of the excess. I cannot imagine how much you have after 21 years in the same house. Oh my dear Lord! You probably have things stuffed in every nick and crevice. We are a people who bend toward hoarding. We hate to throw anything away. After my father-in-law died we went through his house and there ten jillion newspaper rubber bands and old water hoses and ties off bread. It was horrible. I’ve never been that bad. My hoarding is books. And Lord, how I do love collecting them.

    Wishing you all the best, Filly sister!

  12. Hi Elizabeth………Thanks for the good wishes. I saying lots of prayers that this move will go smoothly. Oh my gosh! I can’t imagine the nightmare of your movers having to make two trips. That must’ve been horrible. Thank goodness you were only moving 40 miles away. I don’t blame you a bit for staying put now. I thought when I bought this house here that I’d never move again. I thought I’d die in this house. But things don’t always go as planned unfortunately.

    Hope you enjoy plenty to California sunshine!

  13. Hi Linda — My first thought, it seemed like you just moved YESTERDAY…and now you’re moving again. But I get it now that you explained your reasons. It’ll be a good move. Less stress, once you get settled and you’ll have your writing buddy close by!!! I’ve never been to Amarillo. Would love a virtual tour…maybe a blog about the city once you’re all settled. Good luck to you, my friend!! I hope it’s smooth sailing all the way.

  14. Hi Charlene…………..Thanks Charlene. Yes, it does seem like I just moved yesterday from Wichita Falls. Hard to believe it’s been nearly five years. I really thought that was the last time I’d have to move. I just didn’t know at the time that I’d have to drive to Amarillo to see a neurologist who gives the treatments I need. God seems to have chosen this path for me and I want to walk it. I like to think there are new adventures ahead.

    Blessing to you, dear friend!

  15. Mary, Mary……….LOL Hoarders are always the last to know they’re hoarding. You always make me laugh. Yes, you’re a pretty busy lady. And like me when you get a free moment you want to plop down in a chair and relax. Nothing at all wrong with that. Relaxation is necessary.

  16. Nothing quite like moving to assist in the downsizing.. When my mom passed and we closed her home, I took 300 books, albums, Video tapes to our local Red Cross — they do an annual Book [all media actually] sale held out at the 4-H grounds.. goes on for a week!!
    Glad to know you’ll be closer to your MD and not have the stress of travelling all that way to see them!

  17. if I lived near you,idcome pick up your discarded books,lol,,I love reading an do not love moving,,you could have a big yard sale an get rid of stuff or Just mail it to me! lol

  18. Hi Linda, There is nothing more stressful than moving. In the last 6 years, I have moved 6 times. My daughter and I have finally trimmed out ‘stuff’ and life down to the basics. My first move was after 35 years in one house. After that and after the 4th move, I’ve got it down to a science. But this time, (the last time), we are fast accumulating a LOT of other stuff. So I guess we are staying here for awhile. We also have acquired animals. They don’t move too well. Our cats are to the “I really don’t care,” attitude.
    My dear, take care of yourself! You will feel much better being closer to your doctor. I know the feeling. xoxox

  19. No advise on moving here. I have been in the same place for 28 years now and I would hate the thought of moving. I can see why you would want to be closer to your doctors though. I try to get doctors new where I live. Health issues are very important and you do what you have to do. Best wishes with your move and your health issues.

  20. Hi Linda, good luck with this sojourn, so glad you’ll be heading towards Phyliss. We haven’t moved in 27 1/2 years and don’t intend to, but I’ve been cleaning out the attic of late so as not to leave a big mess behind for the kiddoes. Oh, the dust, the memories LOL.

    Hubby and I are trying to simplify everywhere. Less stuff on walls, fewer knick knacks. We’v given a lot of stuff to the Good Will. Feels good.

    I’m researching the Donners to an eventual YA and one wealthy family had a TWO story covered wagon! Sheesh.

    Good luck with the move, take it easy, and feel release! Love you….

  21. Hi Cate S……..I’ve come to realize that downsizing is a very good thing. My dream is to one of these days be able to put everything I own in my car. Now that would perfect. I don’t think the Red Cross here does any sales like that but I’ll check. I do know I’m going to be getting rid of lots of stuff. Thanks for stopping by.

  22. Hi Vickie……..Thanks for the offer. If you lived close enough I’d gladly give you all the books you want. I hate having yard sales with a purple passion so that’s probably not going to be an option. I appreciate your kind thoughts.

  23. Hi Mary J………I’ve heard that moving is one of the three biggest causes of stress. It’s just behind the death of a loved one and divorce. I certainly believe it. My stomach is tied in knots and I can’t eat. You’d think I was being led to the guillotine or something. My heavens, six moves in six years? That’s unreal. Thanks for all your good wishes. I appreciate it.

  24. Hi Quilt Lady………Thanks for the wishes. Trying to keep in good health is my biggest concern. After all, if you don’t have your health what do you have? If you ever decide to move I’ll offer you encouragement as well. Have a great rest of the day.

  25. Hi Tanya……….The thing that makes this all worthwhile is the caring of good friends. I wish I could swear that this’ll be the last time but I said that 5 years ago and look at me now. I do hope and pray I don’t have to move many more times. I’d rather pull all my teeth out of my head.

    Wow, a two story covered wagon!! I’d love to have seen that. Bet it looked pretty strange rolling across the prairie. But if I’d lived back then that might’ve been me. Too funny.

  26. Hi Tracy……….Thanks, girl. I know I’ll be very happy there. If only I make it there in one piece. At the rate I’m going I’m not so sure. Can’t eat, can’t sleep. It’s awful. But the good Lord said, “This too shall pass.”

    Have a relaxing evening.

  27. Just having moved a few months ago, I feel your pain, Linda! I never knew I could throw stuff away like I did before hitting the trail. I’m still surprised all of it fit in that little apartment.

    I hope all goes well on the trail to your new home, just stay in the ruts dug by the wagons who went before you. 🙂 All the best to you in your new home! Can’t wait to see the product of your new inspiration! 🙂


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