Charlene Raddon Here Saturday


Hello Darlin”s,

This weekend, special guest, Miss Charlene Raddon, will stroll into the Junction. That”s Saturday, January 26th.

Miss Charlene has

been here several times so this is old hat for her. We still need your help though in welcoming her back. She”ll tell us about chocolate and chocolate pots. I sure take a fancy to chocolate so I can”t wait. She”s whetted my appetite for the treat already.

And she”s packed an honest to goodness Nippon Geisha Chocolate pot and a $10 Amazon gift card in her saddlebags to give away.

The dear lady has a new e-book out called TO HAVE AND TO HOLD. It sure looks like a good one.

Rise and shine on Saturday and saddle up. You”re all invited to come along on this trail ride.

Don”t forget now! That”s Saturday, January 26th.

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