Patricia Thayer Visits the Junction


Hello Darlin’s,

This week we’ll take time out from making merry and waitin’ for old St. Nick to welcome Miss Patricia Thayer to the Junction. She saddled up and will arrive on Saturday, December 22.

Miss Patricia will tell us about a trip she took to Silverton, Colorado and the inspiration she found amid the historic old town and it’s many silver mines.

And, you’ll jump for joy at this news. The dear lady has a saddlebag full of books to giveaway. That is if outlaws don’t hold her up and take them.

She’s keeping a sharp eye out though for mangy varmints and vows she’ll protect the books with her life if need be.

So put down your wrapping paper and bows and whatnot and join us come Saturday.

You’ll be right glad you did.

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