From our House to Yours…A Holiday Greeting from Charlene Sands

Our wishes for a joyous season and happy New Year!


Merry Holidays Friends and Family!!  

The lights are on, the decorations are up, awaiting Santa’s arrival. 

We are ready for Christmas!

I feel especially blessed his holiday season to have new two additions to our family.  Little Everley Frances was born in 2011 and little Kyra Nicole arrived on the scene last June.   Their arrival has surely brightened our life with joy and laughter.  

Traditions are a “must” at our house.   My hubby is one to Never put up a tree until December rolls around.   It was his hard and fast rule.  Funny, how his rule instantly changed when those two little sweet-faced pumpkins arrived. Now, I think our tree was the first in the neighborhood to go up, the day after Thanksgiving.  Lights too and more than we’ve ever had before.  I don’t know who’s happier, the kiddies or us. 

My daughter and I usually do what we call our mother/daughter “something Christmasy”.  Usually we attend a church play or a small theatre musical.  This year we are seeing A Tigglemeister Christmas, a musical for all ages

We spend evenings baking and this year we’ll cook up my mother’s “S” cookie recipe, which will now  change to “E” for Everley and “K” for Kyra cookies.  We make homemade cannoli and throw together peppermint bark too.

We have two trees, one for our formal living room where Santa keeps his presents and where we open gifts.  And the silver tinsel tree sparkles up our family/TV room with joy where we spend most of our time.  


Wishing you a joyful season!





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28 thoughts on “From our House to Yours…A Holiday Greeting from Charlene Sands”

  1. Great post…grandkids do make a big difference in the family. Congratulations on your additions! They grow up too fast (speaking from experience here)so enjoy them and have a wonderful wonderful first grandchildren Christmas!

  2. How gorgeous! Both the trees and your beautiful family. Enjoy the sights and sounds and the joy of those two new additions. Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas!

  3. Beautiful trees and a beautiful family. Aren’t grandkids fun? Treasure your time with them as they grow up way too fast. Mine range in age from 23 – 2 and I love every minute with them.

  4. You have a lovely family. We have an 18 month old granddaughter and it does change the feel of the holidays. Our other grandchildren are an 18 year old and two 14 year boys. It isn’t quite the same as having little ones around.

    Our house is still a mess due to renovations, so decorations haven’t really been a priority for too many years. I am hoping to clear enough boxes to at least get a small tree up and put out the decorations that a little one can play with. I really miss doing all the decorating I used to. Last night my grandson asked to come over and do Christmas baking. A not so subtle nudge from my daughter (who has been very busy at work – both my daughters have been) to get me back into baking mode. I look forward to having Christmas dinner here, weather permitting. If not we will just have it another day. As a military family, we learned a long time ago that you celebrate when you can, not when the calendar says it is time.

    I hope your family has a wonderful Christmas and a great 2013.

  5. Char, you have a lovely family. Those granddaughters of yours are so sweet! Love your Christmas pictures. I had to really work on my husband about getting the tree up the day after Thanksgiving. He was like yours–didn’t want to put it up until December. He finally relented. LOL You have a wonderful Christmas!

  6. Beautiful family, Charlene! Everley and Kyra are adorable! Love your family’s traditions, too (even those that have been broken for the sake of the little ones). 🙂

    Merry Christmas!


  7. Hi Patricia B- Hope you enjoy the time baking with your grandsons. Yes, little ones put joy into our celebrations. Makes it all so special and I get you, about celebrating when you can all get together. Family is what it’s all about. Wishing you a joyous season, baking and all!!

  8. HI Tanya – thanks and wishing you and Tim a Merry Christmas! Evvie gives the best hugs now, so I’m sending Rhys and Carter cyber hugs to them from Evvie. Kyra smiles a lot, but no hugs yet. Have a joyous season!!

  9. Hi Cheryl…oh our hubbies are cut from the same cloth, it seems. This time I didn’t have to “Nag” mine, which was quite a treat… grandkids have him wrapped around their fngers and they don’t even talk yet!! Merry Christmas!

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