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Welcome to my very first Harlequin Desire set for a January 2013 release.  After a long line of historicals, I’m thrilled to be lending a new voice to these powerful, passionate stories.

While writing this book, I fell in love with my characters.  Fiercely independent, Angie carried on when the death of her fiancé left her pregnant.  Now, as she struggles to raise her son, can she find happiness with a former enemy—the twin brother of the man she loved?

Jordan had long believed Angie was after his brother’s money.  Now her young son, Lucas, is the only surviving link to his twin—and the heir to Justin’s fortune.  Jordan is determined to raise the boy as his own.  But proud, stubborn Angie is part of the package—and he can’t stop thinking about her.

One of my favorite characters has no lines to speak.  He’s a rescue dog, saved from death row by the love of a little boy.  I’m hoping Rudy’s story will inspire some of you out there to adopt a homeless pet or support a group that works to help these innocent animals.  For every reader who posts a comment today I will donate 50 cents to our friend Chelly Kitzmiller’s Have a Heart Humane Society.

I’ll be writing more Desires, with three already lined up after this one.  But for those who like their Westerns set in the past, I also have two historical in the works, the next one set for September 2013.

Meanwhile, I hope you’ll enjoy IN HIS BROTHER’S PLACE.  I’ll be giving away a free copy to a reader who posts today.  Here’s some more information for you.

For three years Angie Montoya hid her son from her late fiancé’s family…until his brother tracked them down.  Now Jordan Cooper demands she move to his Santa Fe ranch—the boy’s birthright.  But how can Angie live with the man who called her a gold digger…the man whose one kiss she’s never forgotten?


Racked by guilt since his twin’s death, Jordan seeks redemption by raising his nephew.  But Angie resurrects a hunger in him that only she can satisfy.  Jordan knows he can have her on one condition—she never learns the truth about him.


Excerpt and Purchase link (for pre-order before January 1)

Have you ever adopted or helped a rescue animal?  We’d love to hear about your experience.          

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42 thoughts on “Win a book, support a good cause”

  1. My niece just adopted a rescue dog and he is firmly attached to his new family and they to him! I look forward to reading your book!

  2. I wanted to adopt from an animal shelter once, but when I could finally convince my father he was already adopted by someone else. I was so angry afterwards because he was so CUTE! But I’m confident he found a good home.

  3. Both of my animals are rescue animals,the dog first an then the cat,was supposed to be for my teenage daughter but when she left home,I didnt let him go because I didnt think it would be good to be taken to place to place,shes 21 now an I still have the cat,,,those are the best type of friends the ones you rescue an give a good home oo

  4. Rescue pets seem to have an extra measure of gratitude, don’t they, Judy? The two rescue kitties I adopted seven years ago have paid me back a thousand times in love and laughter.

    Too bad you missed adopting your pet, Stefanie. But there are lots of other cuties out there. Yours might be just waiting for you.

  5. Thanks for stopping by, Vickie. It must be the lot of mothers to get left with pets when their children leave the nest–and I agree with you, cats don’t take well to moving. Enjoy your “empty nest” furbabies.

  6. What a cute dog. I think it is awesome you are donating to this wonderful cause. 🙂 Your new Desire sounds great.

  7. Good morning, Elizabeth! What a great cause. We only have rescue pets in our home. They’re the best and seem to be the most appreciative of a new home with no cage. Your new Desire sounds wonderful. I love secrets!!! Can’t wait to read this one!

  8. I never adopted a rescue dog. I got my dog from a pet store, however I beleive she may be a puppy mill dog. She is a Westie and today she is 13 years old. I’ve had her since she was a puppy. She has been a diabetic for 3 1/2 years and she is doing well for the most part. I love her so much. She is very sweet but can be a little bossy.

  9. elizabeth, you are going to be one busy lady.
    We have had a long string of rescue animals. Our first one was a beagle we got from a farm (one of 8 puppies born to a mom chained behind the barn) over 35 years ago. We went to the pound shortly thereafter and adopted a kitten. They both lived to be 17. Since then, we have done foster care for the local humane society. We kept a black lab mix from the first litter and just lost her this past April. She was 16. We have a terrier from the last litter we fostered. She is 10. We have adopted several others from the animal shelter over the years, usually having 2 to 4 dogs and a couple cats at a time. We currently have 3 dogs. The terrier, a loopy pit bull with a broken back, and a pit bull puppy one of my son’s friends found severely beaten in a ditch. They all get along well and get along with the two cats. We also have peacocks. A patron of our library had an over population of peacocks that her pen couldn’t handle. We now have some of them. I also have a ball python that was found in a vacant lot. I have had her for about 10 years now and used her in classes and story times.

    We are Red Cross disaster volunteers (I just got back from working Hurricane Sandy) and our chapter is starting a new program. They are establishing a Disaster Animal Response Team to take care of animals displaced by fires, floods, etc. until their families can get resettled. Between our house and my daughter’s mini farm we will be able to house and pasture a wide variety of creatures. She by the way is another one who is following in our path. She has a wide variety of cats, dogs, llamas, and pigs that are adopted or just showed up.

    We encourage friends who are looking for pets to check the local shelters and rescue groups. There are many loving animals out there waiting for good homes.

  10. I got the dog picture off photomorgue, Crystal, so I don’t know anything about him. But he looks just like I picture Rudy in the book. Hope he has somebody to love him.

    And thanks for your comment Filly Sister Renee. Rescue pets really do seem to know and to show gratitude.

    Glad your little dog found a home, Lori. Puppy mill pets deserve homes, too, but it would be great if puppy mills could be put out of business. So much abuse there.

  11. My Chihuahua is a rescue. We rescued her when she was just a puppy. When we rescued her she was very underweight. Now she is happy, healthy and very loved. Thank you for supporting such a great cause.

  12. Patricia, you are AMAZING! The ultimate rescue person! I hope this post helps to get your message out there. There are so many animals displaced by disasters who need new homes. I always wanted peacocks, but my suburban neighbors would probably hate me. And I worked with a ball python as a zoo volunteer. Such a sweetie. Fostering pets is a great idea for those who are able.
    My hat goes off to you, lady!

  13. Elizabeth, the book sounds fantastic. I went to buy it on Amazon and decided I’d wait and buy it in a bookstore if I could get my hands on it.
    I love the opening I read there, sounds like it’s gonna be FUN!!!!

  14. I’ve got a niece who is really deeply involved with a feral cat colony project in her hometown. They catch/neuter/release alley cats and my niece is so passionate about it.

  15. Congrats on the new release, Filly sister!! It looks awesome. I know you’ve packed lots of conflict in those pages. I know you’re excited to have this first Harlequin Desire out and on the shelves. I wish you lots of success.

    I’ve never adopted a rescue animal but my granddaughter has and Sam is the most precious dog. When he looks at me with those big brown eyes, my heart melts. He’s so loving. I’m glad she saved him from a death that was only a day away. He’s filled her life with such joy. And the rest of us too.

  16. Katie, I bet you feel good every time you look at that little Chihuahua and see how well she’s doing. She must have been tiny when you got her.

    Thanks, Mary. Hope you enjoy the book. And that feral cat program is such a great idea. They can live out their lives free, but without adding to the population. Not sure whether they do it around here, but they should. Give your niece a high-five for me.

  17. Thanks for the good wishes, Linda. Sam sounds like a sweetheart. And she got him just in time. In my book the wealthy hero wants to get the little boy a purebred dog from a kennel but his mother insists on a rescue pet. They come home with this Heinz 57 mutt who turns out to be a jewel.

  18. I have never gone to an animal shelter to adopt a dog or cat. Most of our cats have adopeted us. When a neighborhood farm becomes too populated with cats the momas will take her kittens to one when there are few or none. I did rescue a puppy when I saw it being abused. The whole family loved that little fellow. Unfortunately we lost him in a barn fire.

    Our daughter has all kinds of pets she has adopted. Unfortunately they have to all be indoor pets because of where she lives but they all seem to get along. Two dogs, two cats. two hampsters, and a ferret.

    Your book sounds great! Looking forward to reading it.

  19. Oh I love books with animals and kids in them… they add so much more to a story. My household has always had animals… we have had such wonderful pets come from shelters… always wished that we could take home more of those adorable faces.

  20. We adopted a dog from the humane society, and we had 10 years with this beloved part of our family.

    Elizabeth, I read the excerpt of this story, and I am hooked!

  21. Thanks for stopping by, Julie. And for adding to our contribution.

    Connie J, the animals that adopt you should definitely count as rescues (maybe they think they rescued you). My little soulmate, a cat I had 23 years, was found as a dirty, half-starved stray by a little neighbor girl, who brought her to us because we were the ones who took in animals. By the time I found someone who would adopt her, I couldn’t part with her. Sorry about your puppy. And it sounds like your daughter has a delightful housefull.

    I know what you mean about shelters, Colleen. I can barely stand to go to a pet adoption place because I always find one or two I’d love to take home. And I know my cats would beat up on the newcomer.

  22. Elizabeth, I cannot wait to read your new DESIRE!! Sometimes it’s fun to break away from the cowboys of the past and spend a little time with a present day cowboy. 🙂

    Thank you for donating to rescue animals. I am hoping to get my own rescue pup in the future now that I live in a place that allows dogs.

    All the best for this and your future stories for the DESIRE line!


  23. We have always adopted our animals from shelters. They are wonderful animals who just need some love and a good home. Thanks for doing the donation.
    Congrats on the upcoming release. The book sounds fantastic. Can’t wait to read it.

  24. Hi Elizabeth! What a terrific story! Our little dog is a rescue. At first he had a hard time trusting us. He spent about two weeks hiding under the couch, but now he’s the most cuddly dog we’ve ever had. So happy for you with the new release!

  25. Our 6 month old puppy isn’t a rescue dog, but he was unwanted from the litter. My daughter had given him to a gal who decided she wasn’t ready for a dog!! We got him back and now he is part of our family. (The 2 cats HATE him). They told me so. It’s sort of like Garfield and Odie. He just wants to play.
    We have an I Care group here in the valley that sponsors shelter dogs and cats. They are pretty agressive, too. We only have 2 Animal Control people for our whole giant county. If you want a dog or cat,we ask them to look out for this breed or another and that is our “rescue” animal.

  26. Thanks for offering this worthy cause. If I had my way, doggies would live longer. They only get to enrich our lives a short time.
    Your book sounds really good.

  27. aw, i gotta take time to post for such a good cause!
    how very very kind of you to make a donation to the animals!
    i used to run a rescue and anyone who supports such a cause is a friend of mine!

    your book sounds really good too!
    i bet it was exciting to switch styles and try something new

    thanks for the great blog post!

  28. Wow, I go out to lunch and come back to all your wonderfu comments.

    Kirstin, I hope you find just the right dog soon. There are so many sweet ones out there. Hope you enjoy the story.

    Cate, good for your sister, adopting shelter pets. Here’s hoping the right one will come your way this spring.

    Joanne, bravo to you for being a shelter pet lover. All animals are precious, but there’s something about these little homeless creatures that just tugs at your heart.

    Vicki, give your dog a cuddle for me. He sounds like a sweetie.

    Mary J, it sounds like your house is pretty lively. If I were to bring a pup into the house with my two spoiled cats it would be MAYHEM!

    Joye, maybe the short lives of pets is part of what makes them so precious. We can only enjoy them while they’re here. But as one famous entertainer said, “I like to believe that when I get to heaven all the pets I’ve loved will come running out to meet me.”

    Tabitha, thanks for stopping by for the cause. I didn’t know how I’d feel about writing Desires after so many historicals, but I love them.

  29. We don’t currently have any pets, but most of our dogs over the years have been strays that get dumped or find their way to one of our pastures. We’ve had three come to us this way and they have all been great pets for our family

  30. We don’t have any pets right now because my son seem to have an allergy to most animals with hair, cats are real bad. So the only pets we have are fish in a tank and in the pond in the back yard.

    Love the cover of your new book and its sounds like its going to be a great read.

  31. Congratulations on the new writing journey, Elizabeth! Desires are such wonderful books to read. You’ll be busy! Oh I love the idea of the rescue dog. We’re still healing up after the loss of our our last precious Labrador and will be taking a while to adopt again, but I do a monthly donation to the humane society. Our next pup will definitely be a rescue. Merry Christmas, Elizabeth!

  32. I’ve adopted a dog and a cat from the humane society and now I take in and care for strays and ferals. It’s a wonderful thing you are doing. Congrats on your new venture.

  33. Winnie, it sounds like you don’t have to go to a shelter to get rescue pets. They must sense you’re good people to find.

    Quilt Lady, that’s too bad about your son. I know other kids like that who love animals but can’t have one. Glad you can at least have fish.

    Tanya, I so admire the work you do with the horse rescue place. Here’s hoping another dog can help heal your heart. It’s so hard to lose a beloved pet.

    Catslady, you sound like a very caring person. Thanks on behalf of the animals you’ve helped.

  34. We are another farm family that strays adopt. My brother-in-law currently has the most loving indoor/outdoor cat that turned up by our mailbox. Our most recent stray dog wasn’t so good, however. A beautiful Malmut, our local pet rescue group tried to find her a home with no luck. We kept her at our place because all of the usual pet foster homes were full and there was no one else to take her. Unfortunately she decided baby pigs were on her menu and we had to put her down. Why do people think they can just drop off their unwanted pets at a farm driveway?

  35. What a sad story, Hilltop Farm Wife. Malmutes are beautiful dogs but so big and powerful that they can do a lot of damage (a friend of mine had one that he locked in his car, it destroyed the interior).
    I hope your comment gets a lot of readers. Too many people just drop pets off in the country thinking they’ll be ok. They almost never are. Thanks for stopping by today.

  36. Hi Elizabeth! Congratulations on this wonderful new book of yours. I know you have got to be so excited–and it has such a gorgeous cover that makes me want to know more just by looking at it!

    What a special idea you had, donating money to the Have A Heart Humane Society. You and I have worked so hard together on FB to re-share so many of these stray and deserted animals that I feel a very special bond with you because of it.

    About 3 1/2 years ago, my daughter decided to get a dog. She lived alone and I thought it would be a good idea, and would make her feel (and BE) safer. She went to a shelter and brought home the sweetest little fluffy white puppy I’d ever seen. He ruled the roost from the day she brought him over to show him off to us. However, the job she was working became more demanding and she was working long hours, so Embry came to visit “Grandma and Grandpa” more and more frequently. Eventually, he had to live with us permanently when she moved to a place with no fence. He lives the life of Riley here. He now weighs in at about 180 pounds and loves only four people in the world, my husband, me, Jessica and our son, Casey. LOL Unfortunately, he’s been sick from the time he was a puppy. He is on medicine twice a day, and probably will be for the rest of his life. He had a condition called “steroid responsive menengitis” that he nearly died from because no one could diagnose it. We took him to the vet teaching clinic at Oklahoma State University and they figured out what it was and literally saved his life. It cost a fortune, but it was well worth every penny for the love and loyalty and total devotion on Embry’s part. I wish he would tolerate a sibling, but that’s not going to happen, so I try to help by re-sharing pictures from reputable organizations on FB and donating what money I can to the causes for some of them.

    Hugs, my filly sister!

  37. What a beautiful story, Cheryl. I’ve seen your photos of Embry. He’s a big, gorgeous doll. I understand why you love him so much.
    Sharing needy animals with you and helping them on Facebook is special to me, too. I can’t help a lot but it’s nice when I can. Without you I wouldn’t be doing it.
    Hugs back.

  38. Hi Elizabeth…chiming in late to say congrats on your new Desire. You will sell tons with that cover and story. I’m excited for you and the story sounds amazing.
    Merry Holidays to you!!

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