Book winner and contribution

The winner of IN HIS BROTHER’S PLACE is CONNIE J!  Connie, please send your snail mail to me at, and I’ll get that book right out.

Between the readers and Fillies who commented, and a little rounding up, I’ll be sending $15 to Have a Heart Humane Society.  Thanks for your support and your heartwarming stories.


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3 thoughts on “Book winner and contribution”

  1. Elizabeth, I”m glad you got so many commenters. I stopped by our local animal shelter today, always a dangerous thing. One never knows what I’ll find that I just need to take home. I managed to leave alone today. We always give them a donation at Christmas. We will be making another one this spring. They will be having a building fund drive for a new shelter. They need so much more space to handle all the animals they get.

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