NaNo-ing a New Book

November is NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month. The challenge is to write a novel – or 50,000 words – in a one month span. Writing 50k in that amount of time means you don’t have the luxury of going over everything you’ve written over and over again. You have to keep moving forward. The idea is that at the end of the month you have a complete story to work with – and revise (because it WILL need revising!).

I never used to NaNo, then I discovered #1k1hr (which is 1000 words in 1 hour, generally in a group and done via twitter). With #1k1hr I focus a lot better and get so much more accomplished! The problem I find with NaNo is that, as a working writer, some days I simply can’t work on a new story because I get revisions or proofs or something else that has to be done that is all part of the job.

But I’m doing it this year (I did it last as well) and I’m a few days late (just handed in my last on Friday) getting going.

So far this morning I’ve written over 1500 words! That’s great! And I would have written more except I do keep getting distracted and spending time on Pinterest. Now bear in mind, it’s all in the name of research and FUN research too.

Because this is a Christmas book. And what makes it even BETTER is that there is a Christmas WEDDING.

So far I have my gents in tuxes with cowboy boots and four-in-hand ties. I have a lovely lacy wedding dress for the bride, gorgeous flowers, and beautiful centerpieces. I have a couple of cakes that I ADORE and chair covers and even wedding favours. Why is this all so very important? Well, my heroine is the event planner in charge of bringing all this together, and she’s also a bridesmaid. And the hero? He’s a groomsman.

I’m going to have to work very, very hard at pulling myself away from Pinterest and actually WRITING the book (I open with the heroine, Taylor, surveying the lineup of men in various tuxedo styles. Yum!).  If you want to check out my Pinterest board, feel free!  In the meantime, I’m at Eharlequin this month celebrating the release of my current Christmas book, SLEIGH RIDE WITH THE RANCHER with a special video message and also a fantastic Christmas cookie recipe!


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9 thoughts on “NaNo-ing a New Book”

  1. Donna, here’s hoping you reach your goal of writing your book in one month. I can’t even imagine doing that. I’m such a perfectionist. I can’t move forward until I have a chapter pretty nailed down to where it only needs some slight editing. To do any other way would drive me batty. I applaud you though for trying this method. I know you’ll come up with a terrific story. Also big congrats on your new Christmas release. Sounds great.

  2. Donna, Good luck with your NaNo attempt. I’ve never been brave enough to attempt it – I know myself too well. But I am try to get more disciplined with my writing – setting word count goals every day and not allowing myself to go back and tweek until I’ve met my goal.
    The story sounds fabulous – cowboys in tuxes, what’s not to like!

  3. I learned I can draft a 50k book in a month. And the odd thing is those books are the ones that don’t need as much revising, and I think it’s because in order to write that fast I have to totally immerse myself in the story.

    For years NaNo didn’t fit my process at ALL, so it’s not for everyone. Everyone has their own way to write a book!

  4. Nano doesn’t work for me, and after a few hideous fails, I realized it was crippling me to try. I don’t write rough drafts. I write finished scenes. Everyone is different.

    I’m a Pinterest junkie too. Off to look at yours.

  5. Donna, I’ve always wanted to try NaNo. Every year I think “I’m going to do it this year!” But it seems like it’s so hard for whatever reason, and I end up like Cher. Still, I think I won’t ever give up the idea that “this might be the year I do it.” LOL The other problem is that I’ve been writing a lot of shortstories in the past couple of years, and I also have an ongoing novel that I’m working on. One thing I did think about was putting aside the short stories for a month and working on nothing but the novel. Your Sleigh Ride With the Rancher sounds great, and I wish you much success with your NaNo project!

  6. Donna, I’m doing a sort-of nano with my local writer’s group but so far….well, I’ve got really good excuses. I am writing but I’d hoped to really write MORE than normal this month. 🙁

  7. Wow, I’m impressed, Donna. 1,000 words in a DAY is a blistering pace for me. I couldn’t write 1000 words of pure gibberish in an hour.
    Your story sounds delightful. Good luck in finishing it on time.

  8. I have never been to printerest, I don’t need to get hooked on any other computer things. Spend to much time here as it is.

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