Angel Child…and an Angel Pin for Somebody~Tanya Hanson

When my novella Hearts Crossing Ranch led to a contract for seven more books, I knew I’d have to stretch my imagination and my daily experiences to concoct stories about the eight Martin siblings of my fictional Colorado ranch. A ranch! Me, living on a cul-de-sac in a coastal California community surrounded by strawberries and avocados. Not horses and cows! With the first book set on a city slicker wagon train trip–similar to the one we took around the Tetons not long ago, I looked back on that breathtaking experience for more inspiration.

And I found it in Heather, a severely disabled fourteen year old who went on the trip with her family. Unable to talk or stand or walk unaided, she nonetheless had the time of her life. The last day, when wagon master Jeff put her on a gentle horse for her very first ride, everybody cheered. Tears ran down our faces. She was the prettiest cowgirl ever.

Somehow that moment stuck. You’ll meet a disabled young girl in Angel Child, my upcoming release, who comes to Hearts Crossing for therapy riding lessons.  Closer to home, though, is my twenty-something godson, born with the extremely rare, and in his case, extremely debilitating Angelman Syndrome, who inspired fictional Creighton in the book.  In the story, the disabled ten year old boy manages to steal Scott Martin’s heart as the handsome cowboy falls in love with Creighton’s mom…his former high school art teacher. Oh, who cares about the age difference? They’re grown up now. Mary Grace Gibson has returned to Hearts Crossing as a substitute teacher, and the scene below shows her dealing with a disagreeable student, Keith.

I hope you enjoy Angel Child, my tribute to disabled kids everywhere and the people who love them. The power of forgiveness is a pretty big theme, too. (I always seem to need a lot of that, and to give it, too.)

Anyway, leave a comment today for a drawing for either a pdf copy of Angel Child, book six in the series, or the Kindle version. (Kindle’ll be available next weekend.) As well as this darling baby angel pin from Carla’s Angels.

Hot, living blood ran through his veins. Scott rushed to her, she to him. They met in front of the teacher’s desk, and he wrapped her tight in his arms against his beating heart.

“Aw, Mary Grace,” he mumbled into her hair.

Desire stabbed him straight in the gut, rich searing feelings that surged into love and made him tremble. OK, he could admit it now. Love. He could say the word inside his head. Love. Soon he’d get courageous enough to tell her out loud. He’d been smitten last summer, but these past days with her in his life, at his ranch, at his side whether on horseback or discussing the therapy program finally merged the physical with the emotional, and he knew full well what it all meant.

Scott Martin was in love. In love. Reaching down, he took her face between his palms and lowered his mouth to hers. His lips closed over hers as if he was breathing in a new kind of life, and her mouth nibbled against his. Heat raged but turned to contentment as he the cuddled her close to rid her shudders. “Oh, you are so beautiful.”

“I can return that compliment,” she murmured, their lips still one. “I didn’t like not getting to say goodbye this morning,”

“I didn’t like not getting to say goodbye last night. I missed you.” His arms tightened and they stood melded, both holding the other upright as Scott willed his love to wash over them both.

“Ooooops. Sor-reee.” A whine split the air.

Startled, they broke apart like a quick sword had sliced between them.

“Oops. Sorry,” Keith Murphy repeated, not looking the least abashed. He made a big show about bobbing his head and peering closely at Scott. “Hey, you’re Scott Martin, right? You did my mom’s website for the mercantile.”

Mary Grace ran her hands through her hair to tidy it, cheeks glowing with a furious, beautiful flush. “I told you you’re dismissed, Keith.”

“I just had one last question, Ms. Gibson.” He waggled a smartphone at her. “How come Grant Gibson’s website doesn’t say a thing about Cray-ton It says he lives in Florida with his second wife Marla and their three kids Morse, Mason, and McKenna. You sort of get alluded to, a first wife, I mean, if there’s already a second. But not your so-called son.”

He stood insolent, his sneer so wide Scott held back a swat. Beside him, Mary Grace’s flush turned snow white. 

 Blurb:  Determined to get her life back on track,  Mary Grace Gibson takes on a substitute-teaching  job, grateful for the room and board offered at Hearts Crossing Ranch. The bustling family life helps her heal after abandonment by her ex. But her little boy’s serious disabilities make her cautious about revealing her secrets to anybody. Even Scott Martin, the handsome cowboy who’s fast stealing her heart.

Her former student now grown up, cowboy and graphic artist Scott Martin is instantly drawn to the beautiful single mom. She’s had some hard luck but never let go of her faith. Their age gap doesn’t fret him, and their kisses ignite his love. But as they fall for each other, Mary Grace’s lack of trust in him shatters his feelings, for he’s been down that broken trail before.

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50 thoughts on “Angel Child…and an Angel Pin for Somebody~Tanya Hanson”

  1. Tanya, great post! I loved the excerpt, too. I’m hooked. I always love teacher heroines, especially ones who have to deal with unruly students. Nicely done!

  2. why, thank you kindly, Renee. Those teacher ladies do make fun characters. And yes, I did manage to recall my own days as a substitute teacher. This was an enjoyable story to write from start to finish. I hope y’all out there like it.

  3. Kudos to you for writing a book in support of those handicapped! I take care of people that have a variety of handicaps. Thank you.

  4. Hi Clare, thanks so much for the post. It’s so good to see you here. Once I’ve got edits done, I’m gonna catch up reading and visiting Headley Cross is my first stop. Blessings on the series! xo

  5. Hi Delia, so good you stopped by! I reckoned the angels would intrigue you. I hope you like it. It actually is kind of a weeper at the end, but in a very good way. xo

  6. Hi Terry, your comment means the world. We also have a niece with disabilities whom, because of a nasty custody deal, we haven’t seen in a decade. But I think about her every day. God indeed blesses us with these wonderful young people.

  7. I volunteered for years with a disabled woman. She passed away last year from cancer. I like to think of her in heaven, now, no longer held back by the body that refused to cooperate with her.

    Your book sounds wonderful!

  8. I applaud you for taking on a subject that many people avoid – not only in books, but in real life as well.

    Your books sounds wonderful and congratulations on a 7 book contract! Whoo hop!

  9. Hi Patty, what a lovely caretaker you must have been, and so patient. I was my husband’s caretaker during his cancer ordeal (praise God he is well now) and it truly is heartbreaking. Thanks for stopping by today. It means a lot.

  10. Hi Kathy, my buddy, thanks so much for coming by today. I hope the story raises a bit of awareness about Angelman, for which there is no cure. Amazing how one little glitch in a chromosome can have such a tremendous impact. Hope to see you soon…I have such a hard time getting to LARA…xo

  11. Tanya,

    Love the excerpt. It got me hooked from the beginning. Love it…
    Cant wait to read it….


  12. This post had me tearing up reading about the young girl being put on the horse for the first time. and I love this new story..
    My mother loved Angels and she had a collection of lovely Angel pins. I have some and I gave a few to her granddaughers and her great-nieces when she passed away… You just brought back some sweet memories for me with this post..

  13. Oh this book sounds like it will most definitely tug on the heartstrings… Your characters seem like they have a wonderful story to share.
    The angel pin makes me smile… reminds me of my grandmother. She always had little angels around.

  14. i am captivated with this post and your beautiful book. I was diagnosed with breast cancer March of this year and that pin is a beauty to wear. Thanks for this interesting introduction.

  15. Congrats on the new release! That’s wonderful. And how inspiring to write the story around a disabled boy. That’ll be touching for sure.

    Love the cover and the excerpt was awesome. Sure hooked me.

  16. Hi Kathleen, my gramma has been my hero and inspiration, and the greatest part of my life—you just sent me a ton of happy memories, too. And that moment with Heather, I get misty just thinking about her on the horse. A heart-toucher that will always stay with me. Thanks so much for stopping by today.

  17. Hi Caroline, thanks for posting and coming by, and thanks kindly for enjoying our new look here in Wildflower Junction. Most of the pix were taken by us fillies, and the montage created by Winnie! I so appreciate your good wishes, my fellow Sweetheart of the West…Miz Paty, too!

  18. Hi Colleen, I do love angels, have had two real-life experiences. And Carla’s Angels created the nurse angel pins we gave my hubby’s onco nurses when he went into remission. Nurses are angels, for sure, and oncology nurses a rank higher IMO. Carla gives me shout-outs on Facebook so I wanted to share her link and her darling baby angel. Thanks for posting here today!

  19. Hi diane, thanks kindly for your sweet words. I so appreciate you coming by today.

    Hi Winnie, you’re one of my inspirations too you know. I bought your “Something More” as soon as I sold my first book to that publisher! So nice to know ya in person these days!

  20. Hi Dee, aw, it’s always good to bring on tears LOL. I mean it, that’s what I went for with this one, all tears of goodness and joy. Creighton is a beautiful little boy in the story, and Scott’s burgeoning love for him–this brawny cowboy, was a joy to create.

    Dear pearl, my heart goes out to you and prayers go up to heaven for your cancer journey. I hope you are doing well. Cancer is such an evil. Your stopping here today really warmed my heart.

  21. Hi anne, so good to see you here today. I so appreciate your nice words.

    Hi Nancy, there are two more novellas yet to come. I am unsure of exact release dates at this time. Writing The End at the last one was really hard to do. I had grown to love those people and that perfect little ranch. Big ranch, I mean LOL. Thanks for coming by!

  22. Hi Linda, I love the cover, too, it really shows the autumn aura I wanted. I didn’t quite specif by that the little boy is blonde but my bad. He’s a doll anyway. But he could be one of the kids in for therapy rides! So grateful for your kind words, my friend and filly sister.

  23. What a beautiful concept for a story, Tanya. I love angels and am fortunate enough to have a flock of them watching over me. I look forward to reading this book after checking out the excerpt. Best of luck with lots of sales.

  24. Hi Paisley, my other sweetheart of the West. You’re so busy with your own series; thanks so much for popping today. I love the vision of a flock of angels watching over us. Beautiful! I so appreciate your comment.

  25. Oh Tanya, I’m so excited I can hardly wait! You know I’m thrilled when you write something that’s my favorite scenario–you know, western, historical, wagon trains, and one that goes with your other books (you know, Hearts Crossing series). I cannot wait to read it. And the angel pin is just beautiful! And I can’t wait for the Christmas book either! Full steam ahead!

  26. Hi Brenda, you are such my number one fan. I am humbled to hear your wonderful words. I do think you’ll like this one. I wish I could put into words how much your support means to me. Tons of hugs, my friend. xo

  27. Hi Kirsten, always so good to see you here in Wildflower Junction! And thank you kindly for the kind words and good wishes. I hope you like it! See you again soon.

  28. I really enjoyed your excerpt. Is there anyone who doesn’t like angels – the pin is adorable but the story is better!

  29. I have loved your books and can’t wait to add this one to my list. Aren’t special needs kids and their caregivers and teachers wonderful. I have retired from my job working in the special education area of our local school. Tuesday I stopped to drop off treats for these special kids. One saw me in the hall and came running to give me a hug. Since she is not known as a hugger, this was very special to me and the memory is tucked in my Memory Box.

  30. Hi Connie, in my mind I’m seeing that precious girl running into your arms. They are indeed angels on earth. Thanks for posting. It’s always so nice when you stop by.

  31. Tanya, I’m a day late and a dollar short, but I just wanted to stop by and say I love this idea of yours for this book! And the excerpt had me wanting more more more! You had me bawling, with your description of Heather on the horse. What a wonderful, memorable experience.

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