It’s party time at the Junction!!!

We are so excited to have unveiled our new look, that we just had to throw a good old-fashioned boot-scootin’ party. And what’s a party without gifts? Boring. We can’t have that. Felicia’s old mule, Jasper, would start buckin’ and causing all kinds of havoc.

So, for the next two weeks, in addition to our usual fun western posts, the Fillies are also going to treat you to some fun Petticoats & Pistols trivia.

But more importantly, we’re going to treat you – our loyal readers – to some fabulous gifts.

Grand Prize:

$100 Gift Card

(Your choice of Amazon or Barnes & Noble)

And just because we love our readers and want to spread the good times around, we will also be giving away:

$25 Gift Cards to 2 additional winners!

Everyone who leaves a comment between now and October 25th will be entered to win. But, wait – it gets better . . . You can get your name in the Stetson more than once. The more days you come by to leave a comment, the more times you are entered! Maximum of one entry per day. Winners will be announced on Friday, October 26th.

Petticoats & Pistols Trivia

  • The first P&P post appeared on August 13, 2007

  • There were 10 original Fillies – Pat Potter, Lorraine Heath, Geralyn Dawson, Pam Crooks, Cheryl St.John, Charlene Sands, Stacey Kayne, Elizabeth Lane, Karen Kay, and Linda Broday. More than half of these are still active today.

  • The idea for a Western Romance blog originated with Pam Crooks. She called Cheryl St.John and the two ladies met at an Applebee’s Restaurant to brainstorm.

  • P&P has hosted superstar western authors such as Linda Lael Miller and Jodi Thomas.

Now to kickoff this shindig, lets start those comments rolling. Tell us something you like about our new look or reminisce about one of your favorite blog posts of the past or tell us about a special guest you remember. Anything P&P related will do.

Invite your western-loving friends to come get in on the action! The bigger the party, the more fun!!!

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For those who love to smile as they read, bestselling author Karen Witemeyer offers warmhearted historical romance with a flair for humor, feisty heroines, and swoon-worthy Texas heroes. Karen is a firm believer in the power of happy endings. . . and ice cream. She is an avid cross-stitcher, and makes her home in Abilene, TX with her husband and three children. Learn more about Karen and her books at:

188 thoughts on “CONTEST KICKOFF!!!!”

  1. Cheryl St. John and Vicki Bylin were the fillies who led me to the P and P. So glad they did.

    Love the new look. Love the new author additions. Love is the word! Keep it up.

    Peace and thanks, Julie

  2. First of all I love the name of the blog. Petticoats and pistols… It just screams western! :p
    But most of all I like the atmosphere here. It’s like everybody is part of a big family.

  3. Great contest an what fun,,love the site,I think ive been coming by since the beginning if not then it was soon after,throughly enjoy myself here!

  4. Hee Haw! I love a party and celebration. Congratulations, ladies! I love your new site.
    Campbellamyd at Gmail dot com

  5. The new site is wonderful and so expresses this group of bloggers. I’ve been enjoying P&P since the early days, felt sad as authors needed to move on and cheered new Fillies. Stefanie is right–this is a great big, loving family.

  6. The new site is brighter, the words and pictures pop off of the screen!

    I started visiting your site when you had a Western Contest with free books. I’ve enjoyed learning so many interesting facts about the early Western settlers, the towns, facts of life etc.

    I especially related to Karen Kay’s blog about Native American direction signs (thongs) as I have two (Menominee) in my yard and several more in adjacent yards. We also have a carved red granite rock, “SPIRIT ROCK”, with a buffalo head or a brave’s head depending on what direction you look at it from.


  7. It would be impossible to chose a favorite post, all the Fillies provide such wonderful information from history to writing, as well as a barn full of fun! I always look forward to my dose of P & P every morning.

    Thanks to all the Fillies and keep up the super work!


  8. What a wonderful start to our day! So thrilled to see so many early birds gettin’ after the worm this morning. LOL.

    Several have mentioned that P&P feels like a family. I’m so glad that comes through because that is exactly how we feel as well. All of the Fillies get along and support each other and we love our readers. Your comments make us smile and hearing about your experiences is a treasure. It is because of YOU that P&P has survived so long in the blogosphere.

    Thank you!

  9. I fell in love with P and P right away. Being asked to guest blog a few times was a true honor, and getting asked to become a full- fledged ,full-time filly is one of the highlights of my career!

    Meeting so many of the fillies this summer at RWA was beyond amazing, and I sure do treasure all of you out there. Thanks for making our blog your first stop of your day. You’re all winners!

  10. P AND P is a wonderful place to visit filled with delightful information, great books and fabulous authors whose lives we share daily. The new design is bright and special. Congratulations and best wishes.

  11. I’ve been a huge fan of this blog from the get-go and the founding members are not only two of my favorite authors but two of my favorite people. As the “new girl” who has now had a chance to see behind the curtain I can honestly say I’m impressed with the character, professionalism and all-around positive attitude of every filly in this fabulous stable. Woot!!!!

  12. It’s kind of funny because I write regency and some contemporary. Thanks to Karen Witemeyer and Mary Connealy, I’ve fallen in love with Western fiction! I’m not going to write it – because I doubt I could ever match their style and characters. So colorful and fun to read! Love the look of this sight too. Makes me want to go and take gun safety lesson so I can start packing my own “heat!” (tucked into the pocket of my imaginary petticoat!) Blessings to you all!

  13. How fun! I love you guys!Thanks for the fun party. A girl always needs an excuse for a party. I’ll take it.

  14. I love the new banner at the top of the page. The pictures are so great. I get more of a western feel now for the blog.

  15. To be honest, this is my first time here. I came by because Karen Witemeyer posted about it on Facebook, but I have to admit, this site has all the aspects of family. As I read the posts and comments, I find myself excited to come back frequently to keep up with all the happenings. I love Karen’s and Mary Connealy’s books, and I can’t wait to check out all of you other ladies! 🙂

  16. I’ve followed many of my favorite christian romance authors to this site. I love the look of a confident woman on a horse, her hero packing heat to protect her, the loyalty of friends and family…the title of this site has always been attention getting…the new look just makes it better. Most importantly, I enjoy hearing what makes my favorite authors tick, what they find from their research, and why they chose to write some of what they do. Keep up the good work!

  17. Hey Karen! Thanks for inviting me over. LOVE the western feel of this blog but then if you saw my house you would TOTALLY understand why. LOL. Did you happen to get to Fort Worth during or after conference to see them drive the long horns down through town. That was fun. And got to talk to one of those nice looking cowboys too. ;o)

  18. I am relatively new to P&P, but everything looks great.I love Mary Connealy, and Karen Witemyer books. I just discovered them this year.

  19. Love the new look which is attractive and welcoming. Imagine meeting such fascinating women daily with posts that start my day and give me hope. Thank you for this site and best for many more.

  20. I love the blog makeover! As we gals get older, we all need a littLe sprucing up, don’t we?! LOL 😉 I enjoy this blog, especially tHe little history lessons we get about the real people of the old wast..

  21. Hi Ladies of the West,
    The new digs is even easier to navigate than the old one. And that was pretty easy.
    This blog site is inviting and friendly. I have visited other blog sites and haven’t felt this. All of you have made me feel welcome. That is the type of life I live and that’s why I enjoy coming here day after day and being uplifted by the stories from everyone.
    I must have found you about a year after you started.
    Mary J

  22. Love the New look it’s as exciting and comfortable as a new pair of boots 😀 Enter me please.

    winterrose at comcast dot net

  23. Your pictures make me want to live on a real life ranch. I am a country girl stuck in the city!

    Mary Connealy I love your writing and you are one of my top 3 favorite authors. The Husband Tree is my favorite. 🙂

  24. I have to echo Tanya’s sentiments about being a filly here. I loved being a guest, and love being a regular member even more. It does feel like family, and I’m so proud to be a part of this. We have some awesome members, guests and commentors–and it is really uplifting to share a bit of our lives together. And Mary C., I am SOOOOOO with you about partying and not having to clean the house!
    Hugs, everybody!

  25. I love the new look and am only sorry that I didn’t find you when the blog first started!!! It’s just amazing!

  26. Congratulations Ladies! This is a great party! Thank you for all you do here on this blog it’s great!
    Thank you for the contests.

  27. I love the new look also but the old wasn’t bad either! It looked like a western barn! I enjoy how much fun you ladies have! I really like the historical facts you bring up in your posts! They are so interesting! I like getting to know the authors too!

  28. Congratulations fillies! This is a great website and I enjoy visiting it often, I just don’t comment very often.

  29. Just look at this list of awesome and recognizable names! Both contributors and “commenters.” The new look is nice, inviting, and full of visuals popping out in every corner. My favorite photo, though, at the top of the page is the cowgirl riding that gorgeous horse. I’m very, very, very fortunate to have met and become acquainted with two fillies–Phyliss Miranda and Linda Broday. And, last June I was in a week long workshop with Jodi Thomas!!!! Best wishes for continued success.

  30. This blog has it all….my favorite authors, a western theme, super guests, and givaways!!

    I loved the old look but this new one is certainly eyecatching!!

  31. I love this blog. It’s the first thing I read every morning. I missed reading it yesterday due to leaving early for tongue surgery but it was the first thing I did when I got home. I didn’t care about my pain til after I had read it then I headed to bed with a pain pill. I hope this blog keeps going for many years to come.

  32. I love how the eye is drawn to the central photo of the woman on the horse and then each surrounding photo tells more of the story. Petticoats & Pistols is the perfect name.

  33. I like this new look! Nice job! I’ve joy reading many posts and being a guest on this blog. It’s a great place or readers of western romance to rub elbows with the writers and learn about the books they love.

  34. Greetings, I like this look. Sorry to say though, this is my first time here. After looking through your list of authors it seems my reading has been deprived. I’m only well acquainted with one author on your list (and you know who you are, Mary Connealy). Guess I’ll have to get to know the works of many more of you. What a fun prospect!

  35. I love to read Jodi and Mary and many others that do the western romance types, love to visit the site and see some plain talking with country gals-no pretense here.
    thanks for sharing such a great party with us, will Ronnie Dunn be coming with his music of “Boot skootin boogie”?
    Paula O

  36. I love the new site. So up-to-date yet it still keeps the old allure. It’s wonderful to have so many authors in one spot that have similar interests but yet are all so unique!! Congratulations.

  37. I found P & P after I fell in love with the books of Mary Conneally. I found it as a link on her website but after visiting just once I became hooked and have ventured back to check out what was going on almost every day since! Congrats on your celebration!!!!

  38. This is so much fun. I love the new Petticoats and Pistols site because it has pictures on the top that make you think western. Just breathtaking. When I first came to this site it was brought to my attention by Karen Kay. She is a wonderful person and I love her dearly. As I came back each day I feel in love with the site and the authors. You are all great!!!!

    Walk in harmony,

  39. The new look is wonderful! 😀
    I was so happy to find this blog a few years ago… such wonderful authors and great blog posts… love the little history lessons, the behind the scenes tidbits and all of the wonderful books and guest authors. Thanks always for adding a little something extra to my day! 😀

  40. I love anything western. Maybe it’s from being originally from Texas, I don’t know. I also like the name of the blog. I love words that go together, yet don’t go together. 🙂 I like the new look too. Especially the pictures and the book slide show.

  41. Cheryl, is the one who told me about this blog site, and she is a wonderful person and has shown us some many other great authors and friends. Like others have said some really great people have left and some great new ones have shown up.
    I feel like we have meet some really great family on here and have all of us get through some pretty rough stuff.
    The new page is very bright everything just jumps out at us. Thank you Pam and Cheryl for starting all of this.

  42. Love the look!! I also like to win free books!!!! Thanks Renee Ryan for telling me about the site!!!!

  43. Ye Haw! I love the mini pictures in the banner. They portray what I love about Western romances. The land, the horses, the cowboys and cowgirls – everything! This is always a fun blog to visit and I’ve found some new to me authors.

  44. Love the new website, fillies. I’ve been fortunate enough to be a guest blogger several times on P&P, and I hope to be a guest again in the future. This is one of my favorite sites. Keep up the good work ladies!

  45. What a fantastic giveaway! You ladies sure know how to put on a nice hoedown! Lovely facelift on your blog, as if it wasn’t already gorgeous! Thanks for doing what you do, bringing us the best in CBA western romance.
    Of course Karen knows I am a big fan of her Western set romances. I especially loved the sheep ranching British hero. Gideon. Yes, I still remember his name. *sigh* Okay, better get back to the 21st century here and fold some of my laundry piles. Thanks for the chance at these great prizes! I’m facebooking this to spread the word.

  46. I’m loving the look of the new blog, it feels so western and I love it!

    I originally ended up here thanks to Karen Witemeyer and Mary Connealy and I’m so glad I found it!

  47. I love so many things about p&p
    how much it feels like I’m friends with each one of you 🙂
    and that I often learn all sorts of interesting things
    I know it’s a lot of work for you ladies
    and I don’t always take the time to post
    but I want you to know I apprecaite all you do to keep this blog so full of life!

  48. I can’t remember who introduced me to P&P, it could have been either Ceilia Yeary of Carolyn Clemmons some time ago.
    I love the new look because it is simple and I dont have to struggle to read the cntent.
    Best wishes with your new look 🙂

  49. I like all the author photos with first and last names since I’m not familiar with all of you.
    One thing I’d like to see is a way to subscribe to your blog by e-mail, so I’d get a reminder notice of posts. It’s hard to keep up with all the great blogs without this. I’ve visited here before but usually when I’ve read a post by someone of something going on here.
    Thanks for a chance to win the gift cards!

  50. The site looks great! I just finished Mary Connealy’s latest “Over the Edge” and loved it. She’s one of my favorite authors.

  51. Love the new look. I enjoy reading the posts on this site. It’s a much needed retreat after navigating various news sites and everyday life. And hey, Christmas is coming soon. Who couldn’t use a gift card?

  52. I love the new look myself, we all need change from time to tome. I love the way you have done the top of the page. I have been coming here for several years. Its my favorite blog because its all about westerns.

  53. I don’t quiet remember how I discovered this site but I am so glad I did. The new look is awesome. There have been and are so many interesting authors here it. I have enjoyed each and every post.

  54. Oh wow, look at all the comments already! The fillies are the greatest – and a wonderful group in a crisis. The readers probably don’t realize but we have a loop where we keep things organized and probably do more chatting than organizing. There is no better group of women to be surrounded by during life’s challenges.

    Donna xx

  55. The blog is brighter and I love the top photos. Will those be changed from time to time or remain the same? I liked the old look too though, I think I’ll miss it :(.


  56. I am so glad that Cheryl and Pam started this great site! Where else could you get so manyg reat female authors in one place and be able to know more?!?! Love Cheryl and Pam’s books and the authors they have introduced me too. Keep up the good work girls!

  57. I’m new to the blog!I follow Donna on FB. Love the beautiful pictures at the top! Thanks for running the contest. Have a great week-end!

  58. I love the new site! Nothing like romance and cowboys to boot! Thanks for the giveaway ladies!
    zipstersclue04 at gmail dot com

  59. This looks like its going to be a great party! Nothing could sum up my reading pleasure better than “Petticoats and Pistols” What a great combination of words. Love all the writers.

  60. I’m new to Petticoats and Pistols. I love the new look, though! Really clean and easy to navigate. I’m looking forward to future posts from P&P, and browsing through the archives.

  61. I love the new look, it’s so white, bright and happy! Oh, and I love the header. Love the color photos of the authors. I have been visiting Petticoats & Pistols since the first day the blog came online. It’s thrilling for us as readers that we can interact with the authors and of course who doesn’t love winning a book. I always treasure the books I do win and appreciate the opportunity. I love all of the authors past and present.

  62. I recently found Petticoats and Pistols through Mary Connealy’s website. I notice Lorraine Heath was one of the original Fillies. Her books were some of the first western romance books I read and I thoroughly enjoyed them!

  63. I started following Petticoats & Pistols a few years ago. It’s my “must read” at least two or three times a week. I love the new banner. Talk about making me homesick for the West. Great look.

  64. I love the rustic background and the fun pictures in the header and of course my 3 very favorite author are here. 🙂

  65. I’m in, I’m in. Love Petticoats and Pistols, the name, the idea, the stories. Love me some cowboy too. I do like the new look, very clean. I’d love to win something from your anniversary party, if not, I’ll just enjoy the stories. Thank you!

  66. Thanks to everyone for all the appreciative comments about P&P, past and present. I’m constantly amazed by the faithful following, and I think it’s because of the sense of community so many of you mentioned.

    This site has always been a collaborative effort, with everyone sharing the tasks. I think you should know that the Fillys’ books and deadlines come first. If one person is in a pinch, another fills in or offers help. There is often a bit of scrambling going on behind the scenes to make Wildflower Junction work smoothly, but it’s always done in a professional and kind manner.

    These ladies are so generous it blesses my heart.

    Thank you, western readers, for joining us here and for keeping things lively. We wouldn’t be here without you. 🙂


  67. Wow, love the new look! Great authors in this group. I first learned of this through Mary Connealy!

    Thanks for the great giveaways.

    Jackie Smith

  68. Rocky Mountain Oasis is the book I would like to read by Lynette Bonner. Of course! You all know who wrote that novel! Boots, boots, and more boots. So comfortable!! And, my husband says I walk differently when I have them on. (Wonder if I swagger?? Think it is just walk taller for my 5’2″ eyes of blue frame!) I love the new colorful clear photos at the top!!! They are dazzling and just stand out so much like a spring lake that glitters in the sun!! (I know, I use a lot of exclamation marks, but… what’s not to love about your blogsite?? I am in the market for a good hat! Happy Autumn to each of you. See you around; until next time… Kathleen ~ Missouri
    Lane Hill House

  69. I love the new header, great pictures!I first came to P&P via one of my favorite authors, Mary Connealy.
    Thanks for a great party giveaway!

  70. Hello!
    Hope the Fillies are having a fun party!
    Believe it or not, I’ve actually been here before but as a lurker… 🙂

    I’d love to win and I think your new look is very neat!!

    *Waving to Karen!*

    Happy partying and thank you for the giveaway!

  71. I am excited to find this site. Thanks to Pam Crooks for having such a good idea. I have read so many Westerns thru the years, and mine have been many. LOL Sorry I’ve not found it before now. Sure would love one of those Gift Cards, especially since I don’t have much extra money for books. Please put my name in the hat. Maxie ( )

  72. You girls have been busy! Great new look for your page. Thanks to each of you who has provided reviews and contests. Best wishes with your “new look,” and thank you for offering this contest!

  73. Love the new look… I was reading a book by Elizabeth Lane and when I went to her website, I saw that her books were also mentioned at P&P, so I started making sure I visted the blog…
    Thanks for introducing me to many new writers of Western books…

  74. Oh my goodness! The site looks fantastic! I feel like I’ve just stepped into a PG-rated saloon – yee-haw!

    Seriously, ladies, this is awesome. You’ve done a splendid job and I pray all the best with this endeavor.


  75. Love the new look. I always enjoy the history lessons, the travelogues and introductions to authors new to me.

  76. Love the new pictures at the top of the page and the Western feel to it. Even though I am originally from the Big Apple and the East Coast, I love Western. Always wanted to live out West and now do live in the South West. What a wonderful contest this is.


  77. Books with Cowboys and/or Cowgirls are some of my fave kinds of stories to read. Love the look and feel of your site.

  78. this is going to be my comment for today,,didnt see a new post but I always love to read the new stories an articles that are written,,thanks for all you do

  79. I love the pictures long the side, it just makes it to much personal when you can connect a face with the word that you are reading

  80. I have loved every post I have ever read on this site which are many. I have not found any I do not like. So please count me in.
    jrs362 at hotmail dot com

    Also I have won books that I have reviewed

  81. I love how clean and organized the site is! Everything has its place and isn’t just randomly stuck somewhere. Very uncluttered!

  82. Love the header/photo grouping, what ever you call it! We live in such a beautiful country. And the other reminders of the west are great.

    I’ve been here a time or two before, but the sight is pretty new to me, will have to find where to sign up for e-mail updates!


  83. I remember first hearing about this site from Mary Connealy and the Seekerville gals, and though I don’t write historical, this is a great resource that I’d refer other writers to. Thanks for the giveaway; please add me!

  84. I love the name of the site, and what a creative corral of gals you have writing around here! I like the tag line also. God bless on the new western adventure~
    muschfarm at yahoo dot com

  85. I found Petticoats and Pistols after I got addicted to Mary Connealy books, which has lead me to other wonderful authors here.

  86. I love each and every book mary has wrote and finding new authors to read while I wait for more of mary’s books is awesome!

  87. Thank you again for offering us the opportunity to win this contest. Today I’m entering once again!

  88. That is so sweet that the picture in the header is actually from Winnie Griggs’s daughter’s wedding pictures cropped in. I love the personal touches like that on the site

  89. I think it is great that you incorporate your photos with each individual post, which multiple contributors it really helps keep the site personal and you feeling connected

  90. I love your new website, and am having fun commenting each day in order to have a chance at winning your contest! Thank you!

  91. I love the tribute to Russell Means. It sounds like he was a great fighter of freedom for the Lakotah Nation

  92. Still following the party for the last day. I love how easy to read the blog is. I lot of blogs are too crowded or too dark but I think you hit the mark just right in organizing things. Cheers to your redesign!

  93. Happy Tuesday, Fillies! Praying for each of you that you are safe from the effects of the storm raging in the eastern states. May God be with you!

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