Giving a Cowboy the Boot!! by Charlene Sands



Little did I know that when writing Jackson Worth’s story that he’d have a weakness for a woman in boots.  Enter, Sammie Gold, just your normal run of the mill wholesome girl, who is a good friend of the Worth family.  Not only is our Sammie, Callie Worth’s best friend, she is a girl who is down on her luck and hoping to start a new life, with a brand new boot boutique. 

The boots Sammie wears turn Jackson’s head.  Whether stylish and sleek or sweet and innocent, to confirmed bachelor Jackson Worth, on Sammie they all look hot!  And that’s where the trouble begins!  Remember the coined phrase…what happens in Vegas? 

Well, what happened in Vegas didn’t stay there. It followed Sammie and Jackson to Arizona. 

In honor of boots all over the world, here’s a bit of boot trivia:

The Brooks and Dunn song ‘Boot Scootin’ Boogie’ on their 1994 album, ‘Brand New Man,’ resurrected the popularity of country music’s nearly defunct line dancing.  The hit spurred the country duo to fame and other than Simon and Garfunkel, they’d come to sell more albums than any other recording duo in history.



The popular “ugg” boots made of sheepskin were first became popular in Australia and New Zealand by local surfers who used the furry shoes to keep their feet warm after they exited the surf.  It is rumored that the manufacturer named the boots so because his wife said the first pair he made were ugly, thus “uggs”.


Go Go Boots were named from the French word “a gogo” which means “abundance or galore”.  In the 1960’s go go boots and mini-skirts changed everyday fashion.  Nancy Sinatra wore knee-high boots and sang these famous lyrics:

These boots are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do
One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you.


Boots were originally designed to keep the feet protected and warm, but boots have come back in a big way not just for function but for style.  Cowboy boots, field boots, military boots, riding boots,work boots, Victorian ladies boots, rain boots – whether midcalf, knee-high or thigh-high, boots today are designed to make a statement.  Boots have attitude! 


Unfortunately, my own two feet don’t do boots well, but I was able to live out my boot fantasy at Sammie’s Boot Barrage in Worth The Risk.  And I had fun researching and designing my own pair of Marianna boots in the story.  Tell me what you think? Would you wear outlandish boots? What’s your favorite type of boot?  Are you a style or function type of boot wearer?  

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*** I was thrilled that an excerpt to my story was added to Diana Palmer’s, Betrayed by Love. 

Adding just a cooool note:  Today is 10-11-12.  

And tomorrow, look for our new Petticoats and Pistols Contest!!



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34 thoughts on “Giving a Cowboy the Boot!! by Charlene Sands”

  1. Fun blog, Charlene. I always notice boots when people are wearing. Have a couple of conservative pairs (not to high, so I can walk safely) but love the look of the fun, flashy ones I see on some girls.
    The book sounds delightful. Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

  2. Hi Elizabeth– Ha, I didn’t see any errors, so must be I NEED some coffee too. I used to wear suede boots that went just under the knee, and now I wear those half boots just over the ankle when the weather is bad. I’m not too adventurous, but like I said, I love seeing boots on other people. Let’s have coffee together! 🙂

  3. Charlene, I LOVE boots. I have two pair. One is a western boot that we call Ropers here in Texas. I wear these boots a lot. They’re so comfortable. I love the way the soft leather conforms to my feet. The other pair of boots are black suede and they look so cute with long skirts. They too are very comfortable.

    I’ve downloaded Worth the Risk in my Kindle but haven’t had time to read it yet. I know it’ll be great. Jackson was such a special character. I’m glad you’re giving him his own story.

  4. Charlene, I have to agree with everyone, I LOVE boots. I have three pairs of cowboy boots from fancy to work and a couple pair of fashion boots. If it comes to a choice between shoes and boots, there is no choice.

    I can’t wait to read Jackson’s story. It’s on the kindle and waiting for the weekend. :o)


  5. I am not a flashy kind of boot girl. We have those snowy winters her in Canada and that is the only time I wear boots. I try to find a stylish pair that are good for the snow and ice. I must admit, I have always wanted to try a pair of cowboy boot.. Maybe one day..

  6. Hi Linda – Oh, I can imagine you in boots. I think of you as a boot kind of girl!! Now, if I could find a pair of boots that were THAT comfortable, I’d be wearing them!!

    Thanks for your support. I hope you enjoy Jackson’s story!!

  7. Hi Kirsten- Oh Wow, you really have a lot of boots. I don’t think I’ve ever had more than one pair in my closet. Do you have studs and buckles on those fancy ones? I hope you enjoy the story!! 🙂

  8. Hi Kathleen – Oh, you should try a pair of cowboy boots. I think I should too. I haven’t ever had a pair. Mine were suede with a cuff. I bet your boots keep your feet nice and toasty in those cold Canadian winters!!

  9. Love the look of boots on others. My really high instep does not make it easy for me to get boots on so I leave them for others!

    Enjoyed you blog this morning and looking forward to reading this one!

  10. I love wearing cowboy boots with my Levis. I have 2 pair-one which is very decorative and the other is very plain.
    Enjoyed reading your interesting information. i have seen some of the Uggs that really are ugly.

  11. Hi Connie – It is fun to see other women and men, for that matter wearing boots! I have boot envy, but it’s okay. I have to chose comfort over style because of my feet don’t do boots very well. 🙂

  12. I love this post, Charlene! All my heroes have a thing for women in boots LOL. And although I can’t do the boot thing very well (thanks to two foot surgeries, sheesh), I do have a nice little pair that work okay because the heels are relatively flat. Our five-year old grandson had a pair of Uggs, but he was SO resistant. Maybe girls are more boot-ish LOL.

  13. Hi Charlene,
    Many years ago, when all the family was at home, we had a line up of shoes by the door. All cowboy boots! Every size. Then we retiled the floor and nobody took their boots off any more. The only thing that marred the floor was the spurs. I only wore boots when I was in the back country. I guess I just wasn’t a boot girl. I was more comfortable in tennies.
    Then my husband went to school to learn how to make boots! A very interesting line of work.

  14. Hi Tanya – Oh, how funny about Carter. We haven’t tried them on Evvie or Kyra yet. I hope they like them, they are so cute. I hear you about foot issues, but you do look great in boots!!

  15. Hi Mary J – Neat about your hubby making his own boots. I would have loved to see those boots all lined up. I guess if you had spurs, then you had horses. I think I’m a little jealous…

  16. I am currently seeking a great pair of low heel, ankle boots. It is like looking for the Holy Grail. But they are making more low heel boots.

    I really need to break down and get a custom made pair of cowboy boots, just because.

    You can tell I have been smelling the leather in shoe stores a bit much.

    Peace, Julie

  17. Hi Julie- Oh, you crack me up. Believe it or not, the only pair of boots I own now are ankle boots and I get them from the only place I can find boots that don’t hurt my feet. JC Penney. I have been wearing a brand they carry for years. I have tried fancier, cuter, from other stores, but these are the ones that feel good on my feet. Go figure.

  18. The only boots I have had were snow boots… my sister has a few nice pair… I am not really into shoes much.

  19. Charlene, I’m sitting at my desk right now wearing gray cowboy boots. I don’t do high heels. But these might have an inch and a half heel, which is pretty high for me. I love them.
    I wear a pair of black boots (which aren’t cowboy–and are stone flat, like possible add 1/2 inch to my height) or these gray ones about 90% of the time. I love boots. I love beautiful boots too, like some of your pictures, but so many are sky high heels and I’ve already got too far to fall.

  20. Charlene, what a fun post! I remember go-go boots for sure. My granddaughters love Uggs, so I found the story about them interesting. He might have thought they were ugly, but he’s making big bucks off those “ugly” shoes. My oldest granddaughter loves her boots, but I have a high instep, so have never worn them … shameful for a born and breed Texas girl, huh? Again, great blog. Hugs, Phyliss

  21. Ok, I just read some of the other posts and I do have some ankle type shoes with pointed toes that, if my jeans are long enough, make it look like I’m wear real Texas cowboy boots! LOL

  22. Hi Mary – I go around barefooted when I’m not outside. Even if I’m in my own backyard, I’m barefooted. I bet you wear your boots well. I love the look of them, but not the feel. You must have good feet and great boots!!

  23. Hi Phyliss.. I thought the “ugg” boot story was very interesting. They must have been uglier, cause now some of them are really cute, I think. There must be a law in Texas about 90% that population has to wear boots!!

  24. I love what has been done to this junction! It’s just my kind of place to wear my boots. I like boots that are comfortable and functional. My favorite pair is my knee-length flat boots.

  25. I don’t own any boots but I do wish I had a good pair of snow boots would be nice. Just in case we do get some snow, which happens some here. Although I would rather not have any snow at all.

  26. I dont own any boots either,my legs are too big for stylish boots,an I live in the south where its normally too hot to wear boots,,when I was a teen I had a pair of white knee boots I wore with hot pants,lol,,back in the 70’s,,long time ago

  27. Char, I have always loved to wear boots, but I can’t now that I’ve gotten older (and fatter…)LOL Seriously, I have some balance issues sometimes, so I need to wear flat shoes, but…I have found some wonderful alternatives to boots. I found some moccasin-boots with flat soles and I bought two pairs of those. Last year, I found a couple of pair of boots that were low and had flat soles that are a little dressier, and I bought two pair of those. LOL (I always buy one brown and one black, but the black ones get worn a lot more.) This was a very neat blog post! Sorry I’m so late getting here!

  28. Hi Quilt Lady – I get what you mean about snow. It’s pretty and all, unless you have to live in it. Then it gets messy and to a nuisance. I used to live in NY and remember trying to get to school when it was snowing. It was hard on my mom…

  29. Hi Cheryl P – I used to live in moccasins as a teen-ager and I’m tempted to try them again. My mother used to say they gave my feet no support, but now I think they are made much better.

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