The Chickens In My Kitchen

Do you have something in your kitchen that says “home” to you in a personal way?  I do.  It’s a pair of blue glass roosters. Whenever we’ve moved–eight times now–the blue roosters get special treatment. Inevitably as I wrap them in newspaper, I think about the pioneer women who packed their most treasured possessions into covered wagons and traveled across this vast country. What to keep? What to give away?  What’s a necessity? What’s a luxury? And what’s a memory worth compared to hauling food and provisions?

I really do love the blue roosters.  They belonged to my grandmother who moved with my grandfather from New Braunfels, Texas to Los Angeles in the early days of the Depression. The story behind the roosters has been lost, but I suspect it’s rather ordinary. She probably bought them on a whim, or perhaps they were a gift–maybe a wedding gift.  If anyone recognizes the color of the glass or the style, I’d love to know more about them. My aunt thinks they were purchased in the 1930s and are made of blue depression glass.

The blue roosters started something. We’re not overrun with chickens, but I’ve collected about twenty or so over the course of time.


 These are the dinner plates we’re currently using. The history here is easy:  JC Penney Vintage 2008.

These roosters sit on top of the refrigerator. Rite-Aid, Vintage 2009. We were in the middle of the move to Lexington when we found them on the dollar table. Total bargain! You can also see a a few of our refrigerator magnets. We have about 200 of them.

This chicken trio sits above the kitchen sink. 

This weird little guy came from Gordmans here in Lexington. We felt sorry for him!  

And last . . . this bad boy was a souvenir from Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  It’s hard to see in this picture, but he’s perched on a beam and checking out the kitchen sink.  

So those are some of the chickens in my kitchen.  What about you?   Do you collect something fun or unusual?

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17 thoughts on “The Chickens In My Kitchen”

  1. I don’t collect anything unusual, but I do love to collect Hearts and Angels… and unique Glass and Cups and Saucers..
    You have a lovely collection. You must have a lot of good luck in your home.. Roosters are a sign of Good Luck..

  2. I didn’t know that roosters were a signof good luck — but your post made me long to have chickens of my own. I remember growing up with chickens (our neighbor had them) and fresh eggs like that are unbeatable. I’d like to have chickens AND a rooster. 🙂

  3. One more thing — my mom grew up in the depression and told me that because her father was a poor chicken farmer — he remained a poor chicken farmer to his death — they never lacked for food — always there were eggs and chickens. And interesting thought… In many ways, though he might’ve been poor in cash — he was wealthy because he never depended on anyone else to make his way for him or his family.

  4. A sign of good luck, huh? My sister-in-law should have tons. Your collection seems mild, but beautiful, especially the little guy with the blue tail, compared to my sister in law. You say you have 20 or so? She has over 100 and they are EVERYWHERE! To the point where it isn’t fun any more.
    My collection is of one item. My son’s cradleboard. Made by his ‘hootsie’ in North Fork, California. We have moved many times and that one item is carefully wrapped in tissue paper and put into a plastic trash bag and taped shut. Everyone in the family knows what it is and treats it like gold.
    Moving so much my daughter and I have gotten rid of a lot of ‘stuff’ we didn’t need.

  5. I do have a nice collection of cups and mugs, ornaments, playing cards, cat related items and of course books. Don’t think any of those are unusual lol.

  6. I collect horse stuff… mostly statues. My sister has a ton of Yankees stuff, Gone With The Wind stuff… she also collects shot glasses.

  7. Hi All! I had no idea roosters were a sign of good luck, but I can tell you I’ve been blessed in countless ways. family. Friends. Writing. All sorts of good things!

    I’m enjoying seeing the different collections–hearts, angels, cups, saucers, playing ards, ornaments . . . and of course horse stuff!

  8. Love your chickens. I can imagine how cheery they make your kitchen. I’m a little of everything collector, but mainly I collect old coins and rocks. And I have a small collection of Depression glass. Oh, and I collect books. LOL

  9. Hi Vicki,
    I love those glass roosters! Those are so unusual!I have collected all kinds of things through the years. It has driven my husband mad. When I was young I collected rocks and shells. My dad collected stamps and coins and I “helped” him with those. Today, I’d say I collect books, and it seems like I’ve inherited other people’s “things” that I have to do something with–my parents’, my sister’s, even stuff that belonged to my kids that they don’t have a place for yet (my son’s Lego collection comes to mind…)

  10. Love your chickens, Vicki. What a cute collection, and those blue glass roosters are lovely.
    My walls are decorated with abstract paintings by Australian aboriginal women artists (which I bought when I had a day job and could spare the money). Since they were done by some of the top artists in the country, they’ve become quite valuable. But I love them just because they’re beautiful, and because they give me a feeling of connection to these remarkable women.

  11. I have a kitchen full of pigs, so I don’t collect them anymore. A few of the pigs I am very fond of. Like the ones brought to me from Mexico. I ran out of room for them so I started collecting thimbles. They are smaller and don’t take up as much room. I love thimbles from different places. Right now I don’t have many of those.

  12. Hi Quilt Lady! My daughter-in-law collects pigs. It’s easy to overdo something like this, so we stick to adding only pigs that are special in some way. Thimbles are definitely small and so pretty!

  13. What do I collect? Oh my. I like way too many things and thank goodness they are all not the size of an elephant. I collect graniteware, old crochet hot pads, 40s & 50s tablecloths, and I have quite a few baskets too. I love old stuff! Oh, and if you saw my craft room, you’d think I just collect stuff to sit in there too. 🙂

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