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I thought I’d take a break for a moment from the Story Behind the Story of my new releases and talk about something completely different — the business of writing.

Well, this is sort of business and sort of pleasure.  Romance Writer’s of America had their annual convention in Anaheim this year — in July of this year.  And because it was in southern CA and I live in the southern CA area, I was able to go.  The picture above is a picture of my husband and myself at the Samhain Publishing party directly after the awards gala.

 When all was said and done, I suddenly realized that I had gone to the convention minus a camera — these pictures were snapped by my husband (who had the foresight to bring a camera) at the Samhain party.  RWA was particularly exciting this year, due to the tremendous advances in the ebook trade.  And by exciting, I mean there was electricity in the air.

In 2010 I did a physical booktour, as I had done for each one of my neweest releases — at the time I was scheduling the tour, I found myself in tears many, many times.  So many bookstores were closing or had closed.  In truth, from my perspective that year, the future for us writers looked bleak.

But what I hadn’t counted on — and I’m not sure anyone saw this coming — was the opportunity that ebooks present.  And so it was that at this particular RWA convention, the authors were buzzing with excitement and a future that once again looked bright.

All these pictures were snapped at the Samhain party, by the way.  Now Samhain (my new publisher for 9 of my books) is an ebook publisher and they held a great presence at this convention.  But rather than have their party the night before the awards, they decided to have the party after the awards — and what a party it was.

Live entertainment, dancing, food of all kinds and desserts to tempt even those of us who watch their weight with the eye of an eagle.  I did my best to avoid those desserts, but it wasn’t easy.  Now this picture off to the left here was snapped by a professional photographer that Samhain had hired especially for this event.  And in doing so I got to have my picture taken in the dress that I had saved and saved and saved for — especially for this party — it’s from Nordstrom’s …  I guess I don’t need to say more.  Below here is one more picture of the dress which I’m kinda showing off because it took me so long to save up for it.

It’s a dress that’s called a Jackie “O” dress — for those of you who keep up with that sort of thing, apparently, it’s a famous cut of dress.

Now the best part of the party was that I got to meet an old, old friend — a bookseller that I first met at Borders in Southern California — Heather Osborne.  I’ll never forget the first time I did a booksigning in one of Heather’s stores — there were posters everywhere and books everywhere — and she made me feel so very, very special.  So now she has a job where she makes all of us authors feel very,very special because now she works for Samhain.  Samhain really threw quite a party — my thanks to my publisher.

Now one of the best things that happened at this convention is that we fillies got to meet — many of us for the very first time, although we’ve been friends for years and years and years now.  Of course now I could kick myself that I didn’t have a camera — and the pictures that we did take, I can’t now find…  But I think of all the things that happened at the convention, meeting the fillies will remain one of the best experiences of my life.  Even though we only met for an hour or so, it really was like meeting old friends.

Well, now, I know this isn’t the sort of post that I usually post, and I wish I had more pictures to share — unfortunately, I’m sharing all of the ones that I have, which I took more or less because of the dress…  Deep sigh…

I’d love to hear from you, and as I usually do nowadays, I’ll be giving away a free book to some lucky blogger.  So come on in and leave a comment.

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