Honky-tonk: a cheap, noisy saloon or dancehall. Okay, I’ll go along with the online definition for honky-tonk as a noisy bar or dancehall. But cheap? I don’t think so. As a plot-moving literary venue, a good honky-tonk is worth its weight in gold. It’s a place where characters gather to gossip, hook up, or plan the demise of a certain villain who has evicted them from their mansion. It can be a funny, romantic, or sad setting depending on the occupants—an entire town of crazy matchmakers, a sexually steamed up couple, or a depressed, drunk widow.

When planning my small town of Bramble, Texas, I knew that there had to be a honky-tonk. I even traveled to Odessa, Texas, to do a little research. Not only did I find the perfect small town saloon with pool tables and a sawdust dance floor, I found a friendly owner who didn’t mind sharing a story or two—some even too naughty for a romance writer. (If you ever run into me, ask me about the lost false teeth story:o)

After hanging out most the night at the country bar, I couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel and dive right into Going Cowboy Crazy. And where did I start my Deep in the Heart of Texas series? At a honky-tonk, of course.

Bootlegger’s is a one-story stucco hole in the wall with a big dance floor, plenty of pool tables, and a bar the length of a football field. My honky-tonk has become the venue for homecoming queen imposters, jealous heroes, pissed off daddies, and a little naughty bathroom sex. It even offers sanctuary to Joseph, a Wiseman, an angel, and a pig in Small Town Christmas–O Little Town of Bramble. (An eBook anthology that includes stories from my friends, Jill Shalvis and Hope Ramsay)

 As a writer, I love to return to Bootlegger’s to see what my crazy townsfolk are up to. There’s nothing I enjoy more than bellying up to the bar between Mayor Sutter and Sheriff Winslow, ordering a shot of Jose Cuervo, and listening to one of Kenny Gene’s stories. Some folks might view a honky-tonk as cheap. This author just views it as heaven.

 Have you ever been to a honky-tonk? Did you love it or hate it? Do you think that true love can start in a bar?

Comment for a chance to win a novel from my Deep in the Heart of Texas series—Going Cowboy Crazy, Make Mine a Bad Boy, and Catch Me a Cowboy. And be sure to keep an eye out for my upcoming releases: Hunk for the Holidays due out September 25 and Trouble in Texas due out December 18.

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23 thoughts on “HONKY-TONK HEAVEN by Katie Lane”

  1. Hi Katie! Welcome to P&P. I hope you enjoy your day. I never have been much for frequenting honky tonks. The times I went with my hubby were frustrating because I went to dance and he absolutely refused. I do like the loud toe-tapping music that comes from those places. Wishing you lots of luck with your books. They have such good covers that make you want to snatch them up.

  2. HI Katie – I visited a honky-tonk a few times when in Texas. Loud and fun and crowded. It’s definitely a place to find some interesting characters. Good luck with your books. Ditto what Linda said…yummy covers.

  3. I love your setting names. Bramble, Texas is such a great town name. Perfectly rugged and western. And Bootlegger’s immediately fits the honkytonk image. Thanks for visiting today!

  4. Hi y’all! I’m so excited about being here today with you pistol-packin’ mamas. What a great website. And I’m with you, Linda, on husbands dancing. Hubba doesn’t like it either. (probably because I like to lead)

    Thank you, Charlene and Karen. I’m looking forward to a fun day. I’ll be checking back later so if any of your readers have questions for me, ask away. I have a mouth the size of Texas and don’t mind using it:o)

  5. Hi Katie! I love your books and am crazy about your covers! I’m excited to read Hunk for the Holidays! Does he come with a big red bow? I like to go to honky- tonks but I don’t get out dancing as often as I would like! I agree on the husband thing, too! Maybe we can go together, I’ll even let you lead!

  6. been to a few honky tonks in my younger days,,was fun but I was a good girl an mainly just watched,lol,,loved the post make me smile to remember those days

  7. I don’t want to enter the contest, because I already have the books… Which I love by the way…

    But I am making a note to ask you to tell me the lost false teeth story, whenever I see you again.

  8. I’m from the south so I’ve been in my share of honky tonks. I can’t sat I enjoyed them but this conversation makes me want to watch Roadhouse.

  9. I’ve been to a few but always on vacation – tons of fun!!! I’ve not read you as yet but I’ve been hearing some great things about your books!

  10. I’m back!

    Lol, Lori T! As long as you let me lead, girlfriend, I’m all yours. And let’s take anon1001 with us and show her how much fun a seedy bar can be.

    Glad I gave you a smile, Vickie. And I’m afraid that in my younger days, I didn’t just watch. Ha!

    Kim, sweetie, I’ll tell you all about it.

    Love Roadhouse, Deanne!

    Hope you check out some of my books, catslady. Let me guess, are you a dog person?

    Thank you, Melinda. Be sure to let me know what you think.

    Thanks, CateS!!

  11. Nope I have not ever been to a Honky-Tonk… sure it would be something to experience… love those book covers… yummy!

  12. Hi Colleen! Next time I go to Odessa, you’re invited. After a few margaritas, we’ll sweep those west Texas cowboys right off their boots.

    Thanks for the love, Estella! You’re pretty awesome yourself.

  13. This is what I love about P&P I get to find new authors I’ve not read before.

    I love to go to honky-tonks and listen to music and yes I think you can find love anywhere if it is meant to be.

    Can’t wait to read your books

  14. Hi Katie, nice to see you here. I have read some of this series and really loved it. The only one I haven’t read is Make Mine a Bad Boy. I have read the other two. Guess I read this out of order. Also I can’t say that I have ever been in a Honky tonk.

  15. Hi Katie, Hope I’m not too late. I live in a very small town of 2,000. Today we had a bomb scare! It was a package in the post office! Anyway I live across the street from the PO and we were evacuated to another block to be safe. We got an all clear over an hour later, but then a couple of hours later the power went out! So, I really didn’t think about going on line until now.
    We have our own Honky-Tonk bar called Jakes. They only serve beer and wine. It is a hang-out for a lot of folks and there have been several love affairs happening there, too. The owner is one. She married him a couple of years ago.
    I’m good now. Calmed down some.

  16. Thanks, Sherry, for stopping by. Be sure to let me know what you think about Bramble.

    Hi Quilt Lady! Nice to chat with you. Doesn’t matter what order you read my books in. Each book has its own love story. Only the crazy townsfolk stay the same. Lol!

    OMG, Mary J, that was quite a day! I’m glad you’re safe and sound. After all you’ve been through, I think you need to stop by Jakes and have a cold one–or two. I appreciate you stopping by to say “hi.” Take care.

  17. Congrats, Sherry and Deanne! Enjoy.

    I would like to thank everyone who stopped by to chat. And a very special thanks to Petticoats and Pistols for hosting me. It was great fun!

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