New Kind Of Collage

When working on a  new book, I would make a collage of snippets  from magazine pictures to give me a quick visual of scenery and the different terrain in my stories. Anyone who’s read my books knows I like my scene setting, I don’t spend pages describing the flora but I like clear images cut into the page of my characters’ surroundings. Since I usually work on multiple books at a time, the boards helped me keep the stories separated. In the past I had those storyboard collages tacked up by my desk so I could glance up while writing to keep my mind steeped in that imagery.  I’m currently working like mad on a new series, but my imagery process has gotten a cyber upgrade–thanks to Pinterest–a place where I can pin pictures to a cyber board and where I’m not limited to just magazines on hand. I have to admit when my critique partner recently sent me an invite I figured she must be mad at me and my first response was NO WAY, I am not joining a social media distraction.  But then she told me to go look at her storyboards for the books she’s working on–and bam, I was pinned 😉


I’ve been amazed by the huge volume of pictures and the easy process of finding and pinning. I haven’t had a chance to go back and add to my boards since that first day but in just a couple hours I’d found a dress I felt could be similar to the dress my heroine wears in book one in the opening chapters, well, what the dress may have looked like before she’s drenched, dragged and caked in mud 😉

The coolest aspect of Pinterest for me was links to these pictures led to some amazing historical sites. I found a bunch of great new resources and a ton of visual stimulation for settings and terrain.

Anyone else been pinned? It’s also a great place for finding tasty recipes! Check it out–resistance is futile 😀

Here’s a few more pics I added to my storyboard. One of my favorites is the picture of the Chinese laundry.


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9 thoughts on “New Kind Of Collage”

  1. Stacey, I love your pictures, especially the old mine one. Really puts me in the mood to finish this wip. Since an editor asked for it, I’ve spent three weeks vacationing and sadly, lost a friend, so I’m way behind schedule.

    I started Pinterest and have enjoyed it so far. I like that you use it as a storyboard. Love the suggestion. Hugs…

  2. What gorgeous pictures, Stacey! I love seeing historic photographs. They make me want to jump into my imaginary time machine and visit those places. Must be why I spend so much time immersed in historical novels. 🙂

  3. Stacey, I gotten on board with Pinterest yet. I really don’t need another distraction from my writing. But I hear great things about it. Who knows? I may cave in and join. Love your gorgeous pictures!

  4. Stacey – great images. An yes, I got on the Pinterest wagon last spring and use it extensively for capturing images related to my books. Such an easy way to keep up with things and sites that are relevant. And it’s accessible from anywhere with an internet connection!

  5. Hi Stacey,

    I love your pictures! I’ve been able to resist the Siren song of Pinterest, but I’m sure I’ll have to give into the dark side sooner or later. :o) It does look like a wonderful way to “store” pictures for wips.

    Thanks for adding to the temptation. :o)


  6. I have a pinterest account, but haven’t really had time to do much with it. I find great pictures on Facebook I would love to pin to my account, but you can’t pin from Facebook.

    I have seen the boards several authors are using for their books, and I can see how they would be so very convenient. Easy to make and easy to keep.

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