Yes, I have Olympic fever.  I love the Olympics and I can’t decide if I love the summer or winter games more.  With summer we have swimming and gymnastics and diving and volleyball.  With winter we have bobsleds and ice skating and ice dancing and skiing.   It’s a tie for me. They both get the GOLD.  I love them both equally.

The Ancient Olympic games started out in 776 BC in Greece and featured athletic games as well as combat and chariot racing.  There were many attempts to resurrect the games all throughout history, but the most widely accepted date of resurrection was 1896 in Athens held in the Panathenaic Stadium built specifically for the games.  At that time there were 14 nations represented and 241 athletes.  As of 2008, there were 204 nations represented and 10,500 participants.

On my other blogs, I’ve done many Random Thoughts days.  It’s fun to see what everyone’s thinking.  Today I thought we could share our Random Olympic Thoughts.

I’ll go first and give you some of mine:

How did they get the stadium to look so blue at the end of the opening ceremonies?

I adore watching Michael Phelps swim.  He’s a true inspiration.  I’m glad I watched all of his races. It was truly history in the making.

All the girls on the USA Gymnastics team look so young.   Maybe because they are!

I love Ryan Seacrest but really what is he doing there?

Gabby Douglas has the most beautiful sweet smile.

 I don’t remember the women’s beach volleyball team swimsuits being so skimpy in the past.  I bet there are a lot of men who could clue me in though.   (Yay team USA!…I love volleyball)


Seeing Oscar Pitorius from South Africa run in the 400 meter semi-final race brought tears to my eyes.  Despite the controversy (that he would have an advantage) everyone cheered for him including me.

Paul McCartney’s touching beginning to Hey Jude at the opening ceremonies made me love my favorite Beatle even more.

What fun seeing Prince William, Princess Kate and Prince Harry, waving the British flag and cheering on their athletes.  They are just like everybody else in that regard.

Yay, Serena Williams!!  You are so awesome.

Is it a requirement that all the men on the USA Swim Team be hunky?  (Hey, I’m always looking for a hero)

 I want to go to London. 


Okay, those are mine.  Will you share yours?  What are your impressions and completely random thoughts regarding the Olympics?   I’ve got a great 2 in1 Desire to go to one Random commenter today. And be sure to join my newsletter to be automatically entered to win one of five gift cards on my Summer and Sands Contest. 











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31 thoughts on “THE OLYMPIC GOLD OF RANDOM THOUGHTS by Charlene Sands”

  1. I loved the opening ceremony with the Queen and James Bond bit. (The corgis were great but that’s another story) However, when she went to take her seat she was walking with Prince Phillip and I think she should of been walking with Daniel Craig.

    I saw a picture online of Michael Phelps with his model girl friend stepping out in London. They seemed mismatched. He should be with his training partner Allison Schmitt.

  2. I think what I have enjoyed most is seeing so many different nations come together for good and not hate. Seeing these young people doing what they love best and pulling together as a whole ..
    Does your heart good.
    For me it’s not how many medals each country has won, but that after you have won or lost, you are still smiling and shaking hands and being friends…
    The Opening ceramonies are one of the best I have ever seen, and I can’t wait to see what London does with Closing ceramonies… It will be the WOW factor for sure.

  3. Hi Kathleen- good point. We tend to think of the ahtletes as foes to the other nations, but in truth a good many of them train together. They all seem to know each other from years of competing and the athletes seem to really respect each other’s talent!

  4. We have watched most of it,our favorite was the womens beach volleyball,,an the fab five,,not too impressed with the Men swimmers,,they are full of themselves,I liked the girl swimmer that was just 17 an won gold,an still wants to swim for her high school team,thats really sweet

  5. Hi Vickie – Last night, it was USA against USA and I watched it just for fun. Kind of neat to see Gold and Silver battle it out. Those volleyball players have so much heart! 🙂

  6. Tyler Clary breaking down when he saw his parents for the first time after he won his medal.

    Usain Bolt stopping an interview for the Star Spangled Banner as an American was receiving her gold. Told the interviewer to have respect.

    The female judo gold medal winner who sang on the podium and cried. The back story is that she was abused by a coach as a child. But she persevered thanks to new coaches who helped her work through it all.

    I agree with the kinship with GB! Oh and the queen going along with the fabulous opening bit!

    Will stop now!

    Peace, Julie

  7. Hi Julie — Wonderful! That’s one thing about the Olympics, there are great moments that have nothing to do with winning a medal. The inspiring stories give us hope.

  8. Hi Mary — Love it. I thought the same thing about Bolt? Just asked my hubby last night if that could possibly be his REAL name?

    Can you imagine the media, when Kate and William have a baby?

  9. Charlene, I am an Olympics addict. I can’t hardly get anything done because I’m glued to the TV. I love the way people pull together and root for our country. That doesn’t happen too often. My heart swells with pride each time they raise the American flag for one of our Olympians. I love the U.S. I can’t think of a country I’d rather live in. Sure we have our problems. Every country does. But during the Olympics those problems seem to fade into the background for a few days.

    Wishing you much success with EXQUISITE ACQUISITIONS!

  10. Charlene,
    I’m not a big Olympic fan, but I think the winter games are my favorites because I WILL watch the ice skating/ice dancing competitions since my daughter skated competitively for a while when she was younger. I have watched some of the Olympic competitions recently, though, by default…walking through the living room while my kids were watching, sitting at a restaurant where the games were on tv all around the room, news clips, etc. So I don’t have a lot of random thoughts, but I did see some of Gabby’s competition and thought she looked fabulous, and was so proud of her representation of the USA! Very classy! I’ve watched some of the basketball competitions because three of the USA players are from my beloved THUNDER pro team here in Oklahoma City–Hardin, Westbrook and Durant. Like Linda, I am a true patriot and get teary even when our flag goes up! The Olympics are such a great tradition to have continued through all the centuries. Good luck with your new release–I LOVE that cover and will be snatching it up SOON.

  11. I love the summer games. I was pulling for Oscar Pitorius even though he wasn’t an American. It would have been so nice to see someone that courageous win. He is in another track event. I wish him the best.

  12. I am such a London addict that this is heaven for me. My favorites: gymnastics, both genders. I think Ryan Lochte is a hottie. I too couldn’t believe critics positing that a legless man has “an advantage.” Oscar was brilliant.

    I love both winter and summer games equally. As always, I will miss the Olympics so much when they’re over. At least these days we only have to wait two yeas until the next one. Good post, Charlene.

  13. I’m watching it now as I type. I enjoy all the sports and the whole event. I do wish it wasn’t on time delay though. I love all the background stories. And what some of them go through to get there. I can’t imagine the hard work it takes. And for some to win or to lose by a 1,000th of a second still astounds me! I always go into withdrawal when it’s all over.

  14. I am an Olympic junkie!! I have recorded ALL of it so that if I get called away I can catch up. I love it all. I love learning more about the participants and must admit that I am thrilled when an American wins gold. I have met several Gold Medalists and they will forever be Olympians.(In fact shot in an Archery Tounament with the first gold medalist in archery). I love all of it but must admit I don’t always understand the sport.

  15. Yeah… beach volleyball! I have been a fan for years. Have watched more of the Olympics this time over past years… saw a lot of the swimming events, indoor volleyball, gymnastics, now track & field, etc. 😀

  16. Hi Linda – I agree that we live in an exceptional country. I’m proud of the athletes too, because they sacrifice so much and so do their parents. The athletes seem to rally around each other, give support and inspiration. The stories coming out of the Olympics often tear me up, my eyes leak alot. 🙂

  17. Hi Goldie – oh I didn’t know Oscar was in another track event. I want my hubby to see that. I heard there’s a YouTube of all the events. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for your thoughts!

  18. Hi Tanya – I am a junkie too, and I’m getting no work done at night. I reserve those four hours to watching the coverage. It’s always hard to go back to nothing being on TV in the summer after the Olympics!! 🙂

  19. HI Catslady – I know what you mean about those split second results. Will there come a time when no one will be able to beat World or Olympic records? And how accurate was it fifty years ago? That’s why I don’t get how they can compare records from now to back then.

  20. Hi Colleen -how neat to know a Gold Medalist!!

    Hi Connie – I used to play volleyball. Those athletes are tough. It’s not easy but sure fun to watch from my couch!!

  21. Hi Charlene!

    Great post! I don’t own a TV and don’t watch it and so I’ve missed this. I do have to say, however, that I think we used to live in one of the greatest countries of all time — historically there is little to compare — however, since the massive banker take over, I see more and more that troubles me — like the fact that the IRS is debating how they should tax all the gold metal winners.


    But I agree on the principles upon which this country was founded and on which it ran for so very long. 🙂 But it’s a great post!

  22. Haven’t seen much of the Olympics since I have had a lot of company. I did watch the Opening ceremonies and was not too impressed with it. Actually, I couldn’t see how some of it fit into the athletic scene (like their health care). I liked seeing the parade of nations but could not see what the significance was of having Mohammed Ali touching the flag.

  23. It is too bad those outside the stadium cannot see the flame. I do like the way they designed it. It made every country a part of something that represents the games.
    The athletes are competing well. However, their focus doesn’t seem to be only on winning. They seem to be truly enjoying themselves.
    The judging and refereeing always are questioned, but there hasn’t seemed to be as many obviously off calls and scores as usual. It is hard enough to loose, but to be cheated out of it is wrong.
    I think I have enjoyed the women’s volleyball the most this year. The teams have had to work for the points and earned every one of them.
    It has been nice to see the people viewing the games enjoying themselves.
    I have liked the coverage better this year. In the past, NBC spent too much time on cutesy background stories. They have had less of that and more of the games.
    I wish I lived closer to the Canadian border. My dad has watched all the olympic games over the years flipping from American coverage to Canadian coverage. They show everything live and don’t make you wait for prime time.

  24. I love the Olympics,I’ve been watching it since I was very young. I remember the whole family sitting in front of the TV to cheer the athletes. I have a lot of respect for them, it takes a lot to be so dedicated. Years and years of training, it takes a special person to do that.

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