Over the Edge-A Chance to Win!



(Well, me anyway)

Over the Edge releases August 1st and today is the first giveaway on Petticoats & Pistols.

Leave a comment to get your name in the drawing for a signed copy of Over the Edge.


Seth Kincaid survived a fire in a cave, but he’s never been the same. He was always reckless, maybe even over the edge, then he ran off to the Civil War and came back crazier than ever.
After the war, nearly dead from his injuries, it appears Seth got married. Oh, he’s got a lot of excuses, but his wife isn’t happy to find out Seth doesn’t remember her. Callie has searched, prayed, and worried. Now she’s come to the Kincaid family’s ranch in Colorado to find her lost husband.

Callie isn’t a long-suffering woman. Once she knows her husband is alive, she wants to kill him. She’s not even close to forgiving him for abandoning her.

Then more trouble shows up in the form of a secret Seth’s pa kept for years. The Kincaid brothers might lose their ranch if they can’t sort things out. It’s enough to drive a man insane–but somehow it’s all making Seth see things more clearly. And now that he knows what he wants, no one better stand in his way.

Over the Edge is book #3 in the Kincaid Brides Series.

 Seth is the CRAZY brother.

I had so much fun writing crazy Seth and his incredibly SENSIBLE wife. In fact marrying Seth Kincaid is the only stupid thing she’s ever done.  But she’s not putting up with any more nonsense and she’s brought her Winchester along to make sure Seth straightens up.

 Here is a trailer for Over the Edge





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115 thoughts on “Over the Edge-A Chance to Win!”

  1. Mary, I can’t wait to read this one. I”ve read everything of yours I can find. I love your mixture of humor and seriousness. A perfect balance. Look forward to laughing!

  2. Mary, I loved Seth in the first two books, and couldn’t wait for him to have a story all his own. Anxious to see how Callie’s going to deal with him. LOL! And by the way, this book trailer was the best one yet. Please enter me in the drawing.


  3. OOOH, I love those gun girls of Mary’s. I think she must own a Winchester and swing it around at anyone in her way(not as a shooting iron, but as a club). LOL

    I want this book and I’m gonna get it (yep, bad grammar and all), here or elsewhere ‘cuz I just love Mary that much. 🙂

  4. I have not read an of Mary’s novels but have heard nothing but great things about them!
    Campbellamyd at gmail dot com

  5. Good morning. I’m sorry to be so slow checking in today. The blog was TOYING with me. 🙂
    I love my crazy hero Seth. He was so much fun to write. And Callie, the heroine, is completely no-nonsense.
    Here’s a line that pretty much explains her dilemma when it comes to her deserting husband.

    Common sense, which she had in good supply, told her even back in the hospital, that she shouldn’t put much stock in a man who was so riddled with nightmares, not even if everything about him spoke to the deepest, most vulnerable place in her heart.
    But common sense deserted her—as always—when it came to Seth Kincaid.

  6. Angi, I’ve been so in love with Seth all along, though Ethan is dear to my heart too. Even bossy Rafe, they all are what they are because of trauma and they’re doing their best.
    What I love about these men is, even with all their quirks, they’re still tough cowboys, all those quirky problems they have don’t stop them from being great, strong men who have what it takes to settle the west.

  7. This sort of captures that. A moment from Book #2, In Too Deep:

    Just as Ethan emerged the sharp crack of a twig snapping brought his head around to his left. “Get down!”
    All three of them were already moving. He dove for cover just as two six guns opened up.
    In the instant he was in midair Ethan remembered something about the three Kincaid boys.
    Sure Rafe was a tyrant.
    It was true Ethan refused to take life seriously.
    Seth was a crazy man, no denying it.
    But they were all wilderness born and bred. They’d endured bitter cold winters and cattle stampedes. They’d lived though run-ins with rattlesnakes and grizzly bears. They’d survived working with long horns and bucking broncs. They’d hunted wildcats and rustlers and lived to tell the tale. Besides that…they’d been saddled with a mighty poor set of parents. They’d raised themselves and except for being bossy, apathetic and crazy, they’d learned a lot of hard lessons about survival in a hard land.
    It all added up to them being hard men to kill.

  8. Congratulations on the new release, Mary! It looks like another keeper to me. I can’t wait to read it. I love the humorous twists and turns you put into all your stories. I also kuddos on the book video. Very good.

    Wishing you tons of success!

  9. GINGER, Callie is what I think of, when it comes to heroines, as my Wheelhouse. I love writing tough Texas lady ranchers. I love it so much I have to fight it or every heroine would be just exactly like that.
    But for Over the Edge, I didn’t fight it and I made Callie as tough as Belle Tanner or Sophie McClellen or her daughters. And I had so much fun doing it.

  10. Mary, I have been w-a-i-t-i-n-g for Seth’s story. Hooray! the wait is over. Looking forward to laughing with your characters again.

  11. Congrats on the release! I’m so excited to read Over the Edge! Can’t wait to find out more about Seth, Callie, and little Connor (yes I’ve read the excerpt on Bethanyhouse’s website twice)!

  12. Mary – I am just discovering you books and I absolutely love them!!! I have just finsihed the Montana weddings triolgy and starting on the Lassoed in Texas series. Can’t wait to read these new ones!!

  13. Oh boy, I have been anxious to hear Seth’s story ever since I read Out of Control. I can’t wait to find out how he deals with a wife he can’t remember having! 🙂

  14. Oh, sounds like a great premise and a wonderful read! I’ve not read this series as yet but I think I’d like to read about all the brothers!

  15. whew! finally made it here after IE giving me a hard time. i know *i’ve* been waiting for this book ever since the first one with Rafe, and then even more after reading about Ethan.

  16. I love this cover Mary and I love the trailer.. I can’t wait to read Seth and Callie’s story… Congrats on the this next book.

  17. I am SO not reading the trailer! Your books are too addictive, I cannot wait to read the book in its entirety. Seth is quite the character, I can only wonder what mayhem you have in store for him and his brothers.

  18. Congratulations on the upcoming release. I am so glad it will be out. Now I can read the series. I am one of those who has no patience to wait for the next book, so wait until they are all out. I know it will be worth the wait. We lived in Colorado Springs for 3 years and it was the place we loved the most. We had a beautiful view of Pikes Peak from our yard.

    I think Seth will be my favorite of the brothers. We all like someone who is a bit out there, as long as he can be tamed and healed.

    Hope the release is a great success.

  19. Sorry about the long wait between books. I used to do four a year but that was getting scarey. I was afraid I wasn’t going to keep up. I’m doing two a year now and it’s not enough. dilemma!

  20. Em, I love that excerpt, the book really starts with a bang doesn’t it? I keep that going for a long time, too, just one crisis after another, the main one being that Callie, now that she’s found her husband alive and well, wants to kill him.

  21. I love your books and always look forward to when you have a new one coming out. Love the cover!

  22. Here’s a fun line from very near the beginning of Over the Edge…which opens with a stagecoach robbery and Callie is on the stage.

    She counted four outlaws coming at them from behind. The varmints had picked this uphill slope a few miles outside of Colorado City because the stage slowed to a crawl.
    Callie had plenty of bullets but she was a conservative woman and she didn’t aim to fire blind and waste lead. She was mighty low on money and she needed ammunition for when she finally tracked down that worthless Seth Kincaid.

  23. Would love this book, if I did win it I would have to get the other two too. I would not want to read them out of order.

  24. I have really enjoyed the first two books in this series. I am looking forward to getting to know Callie.

  25. I would love to win and read “Over the Edge”! It looks like a great series and I can’t wait to get started on it!

  26. The thing with Callie is, she is the most competent, sensible person in this family.
    No childhood trauma like the Kincaid brothers. No negligant, dishonest father like Julia (heroine from book #1) had, who is an old goat who’s not very nice to his new wife Audra (heroine from book #2).
    Nope, Callie has more sense than the lot of them put together and when she wants something done she does it and they can help her or get out of her way.
    This family really needs Callie. She helps settle them all right down.
    Especially that wild man, Seth.

  27. Ahh I wouldnt call him Crazy, he is different , dances to his own drum so to speak, I have read some of this series and would love to read this one too, thanks for sharing today.
    I love the way Mary writes her stories.
    Paula O(kyflo130@yahoo.com)

  28. Congratulations on the upcoming release! I love the cover for Over the Edge – and like that an intelligent woman married Seth. Thanks for the giveaway!

  29. I am so glad I discovered your books. I can’t wait to read about crazy Seth and see how all of the Kincaid brothers and brides are faring.

  30. Mary, use your logic. If 4 a year is too many (only for you, NOT your readers!) and 2 is not enough, that leaves one number in between. Personally, I think 3 is a perfect # for how many to have in a series too. Have been anxiously awaiting this one. Will be amazing like everything else you have written. I agree with everyone else. I LOVE your sense of humor!!!

  31. My daughter and I are a couple of your newest fans! We share, discuss, and sometimes fight over your books. We both love historical romance and I especially love your sense of humor. When my kids hear me laugh while reading, they know I’m reading one of your books. I can’t wait for Over the Edge!!

  32. Mary, I cant wait for this to come out. I have read all of your books and cant wait for the new one.

  33. I’ve been trying to use TWITTER to talk about this post. Heaven only knows if I am doing it right. I think, at some point, I invited everyone to follow me speaking French. Or maybe I invited them to buy my book from Amazon in France.
    Or maybe I invited them to try McDonald’s french fries. Or it could’ve been to try the new McDonald’s Frappe, or maybe I invited them to follow Norm MacDonald.
    Technology defeats me and I’d like to issue a blanket apology.

  34. What do those # and @ symbols mean on Twitter?
    I wanted to list it as a Romance Novel but instead I think I just listed it as #romance. The reason I think I did that was because I’ve gotten some extremely FRIENDLY–some might even describe it as HEATED responses.

    I am now hiding under my front porch. Lucky for me my wireless reaches me there so I can keep typing.

  35. Mary,
    For The longest time i never would read historical romance books and The i started reading your books. They are filled with great humor and amazing characters. I am really looking forward to reading this book. I will also be sad because that means i will have to wait for your next book. You are a wonderful writer! God bless!

  36. I read “Out of Control” and LOVED it. Can’t wait to get my hands on “Over the Edge”! Please enter me in the drawing.

    winterrose at comcast dot net

  37. Read the first two books and really enjoyed them! Can’t wait to read “Over the Edge”!
    Please enter me in the giveaway! 🙂

  38. Oh wow, that sounds totally excellent! I cannot wait to read it ! 🙂 I love your books :)))

  39. I can’t wait to read this book when it comes out!! I just read 1 & 2 earlier this month, so I’m glad I don’t have to wait too long, but 2 weeks is still too long!! I cannot even fathom how you are going to bring Seth’s story to an end.
    I’d love to get an autographed copy to add to my autographed copies of Out of Control and Deep Trouble.

  40. Mary, I can’t wait to read this book! Your books are just wonderful, they make me laugh(alot) and cry. Once I start reading one, I just can’t put it down. Thank you so much for writing such great books!

  41. Oh, my, what a combination!!! Makes me want to read it for sure. Please, put my name in the pot–I’d love to win it!!! Thanks and looking forward to the release. 🙂

  42. AND the last few books have shipped early so even though the release date is August 1st, who knows when the might pop up in your mailbox.
    AND I have a friend who found Over the Edge in a store already so they might be out there. I haven’t seen one yet.
    (The author is always the last to know)

  43. I love your books! Looking forward to reading Seth’s story.

    nayda_torres (at) yahoo (dot) com

  44. I love Mary’s books and very much want to read Seth’s story. I’d love to win a copy of Over the Edge.


  45. Mary, it was your books that got me to realizing how much I love western romance! I should have known since the perfect Saturday growing up including Rifleman, High Ch, Wagon Train & more.

  46. Oh, wow! This sounds great and I can’t wait to read it!! Your books are such an inspiration to me as a writer!!

  47. Congrats! I just love all your books.. I know you hear it all the time but really such a fun series!!!

  48. I am ready for.Seth’s story, but I don’t want I to be the end for this series. I know Mary won’t disappoint!

  49. I love reading your books Mary. I’d love a copy of Over the Edge even though it means I’ll probably end up blowning my book allowance to get the first two books to read as well. Shoot, even if i don’t win, I’ll probably be blowing my book allowance for this series.

    (so many books, so little money *sigh*)

  50. Congratulations on your new release. It sounds like a fantastic read. I will have to read the other two books to catch up with this family. Thank you for your writing and giving us readers a good read.

  51. Mary, I love your books! They are a joy to read. I get strange looks from my family when I smile or bust out laughing while reading! Keeps them guessing! They are clean and Christian. Have sweetness, sass, romance, and wit. Thank you for what you do!!!

  52. Mary, your books always give me a laugh so I would love to read this.


  53. I (like the Amanda above!) have also been looking forward to this book for quite a while. I love the blend of insanity with a little sanity all rolled into one man – Seth. And Mary, I particularly enjoyed that section that you pulled out from the 2nd book that describes the personalities of the three boys…..or I should say, men!
    Can’t wait to read the new book!!


  54. It is so exciting to see Over The Edge is finally here. I can’t wait for crazy Seth’s story and the laughter I know Mary will deliver. Please add me to the drawing. Thanks!
    worthy2bpraised at gmail dot com

  55. Cant wait to read it, I love western books and Mary Connealy, you have become one of my favorite writers. Keep the books a coming!!!! 🙂

  56. Dear Mary you are a very talented writer and I wanted to thank you for blessing me this summer. My trip went great! May God bless you!

  57. Sooooo excited about Seth’s book! Can’t wait! I really thought Ethan would be my favorite. With all his fake smiles and hidden feelings and fears, he reminds me of myself. But I must be a tad crazier than I imagined, because I’m looking forward to this one the most!!! 🙂 Love your writing, Mary!!! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this series so far!

  58. Mary, I am just discovering your books and I absolutely love them!!!
    Looking forward to the release of Over The Edge and would treasure an autographed copy!

  59. Mary, I love your books. Life is serious enough when I read I want to be entertained and you do that so well. The humor is delightful, the romance is for a lifetime and the faith comes across as wonderful. You go girl!

  60. I can’t wait to read yet another one of your books! I just bought four more this morning – to keep me reading until the new one is released next week.

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