MK McClintock’s First Annual Western Roundup Giveaway Hop

The under-appreciated western genre peaked around the early 1960s, but readership began to drop off in the mid-to-late 1970s and has reached a new low in the 2000’s. Outside of a few west American states, most bookstores only carry a small number of Western fiction books. From the first dime novel published in June 1860 to the works of Zane Gray and Louis L’Amour to more contemporary authors, the western genre has experienced a variety of changes in an attempt to hold reader’s interest.

During a time when people sought stories of adventure, fictional tales or real-life heroes began to surface, painting a vivid picture of frontier life. With the growth of imagination and special effects, it often seems this beloved genre is buried under the supernatural. I myself am guilty of not picking up a western book until after I watched Lonesome Dove. Old west or new west, this genre has proved time and again that it can stand up to any genre, but it still lacks the following it once had. Though we can’t change that perception overnight, we can share our love of the west.

The western genre is now more than just dirty cowboys and dusty trails and we’d like to celebrate the changes, pay honor to the traditions, and perhaps give a new audience reason to try something new.

This year, a new kind of giveaway hop will be introduced–the Western Roundup Giveaway Hop. Multiple bloggers, authors, and readers are coming together to share books only from the western genre and we invite everyone and anyone to take part.

We’re introducing the First Annual Western Roundup Giveaway Hop

Hosted by MK McClintock, Kimberly Lewis & Cait Lavender

July 20th – 26th

Cowboys are sexy and deserve a hop of their own. The western genre has exploded beyond old west and romance to include werewolves, wizards and other magical beings. Want to meet a charming cowboy or tough as nails cowgirl? Want to follow a mountain man through the wilderness? Want to know what magic has to do with the old west? Want an old-fashioned historical western romance? Well then, hop on and enjoy the ride!

There’s a prize for participating blogs too! 

At the end of the hop, we’ll have a drawing where one participating blog will receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card and a western ebook of their choice ($5 value).

To sign up to host a giveaway, go here!

Want to know more about giveaway hops? Visit here and find outwhat’s involved. Can’t host a giveaway? No problem, just tell your friends and share the adventure!

MK will give away two print copies and two ebooks of her latest release. Just leave a comment! The drawing won’t be held until August 1st though.


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27 thoughts on “MK McClintock’s First Annual Western Roundup Giveaway Hop”

  1. I know the powers that be say the popularity of the western genre isn’t what it once was, but when I talk to people everyone seems to love them. I know I do, so I’m glad to see what you’re doing. Nothing beats a good cowboy with his solid values for a hero, in my opinion.

  2. Welcome, MK, to P&P! I love your site and the idea of the giveaway. You’ve been so kind to interview me, as well as other Fillies; and I’d like to say thank you for having such a great site for western authors. It is a shame that western historical romances have been on the decline for a bit now, but they’ll be back stronger than ever … thanks to people like you, who feature them! Good luck and big hugs from Texas, Phyliss

  3. I have read EVERYTHING Louis L’Amour ever wrote–most of them multiple times–and almost nothing by Zane Grey.
    That seems sorta strange.
    Are any of you true Zane Grey fans? I mean BESIDES Riders of the Purple Sage?
    I’ve read a Zane or two but can’t remember which ones.
    Louis L’Amour books were almost all romances, did you know that? I mean sure if you read him, you know there is always a woman in there, but honestly, the L’Amour books are 99% romance novels…just written from the man’s POV when most romance is recognized as more woman-centered.

    So are Zane Grey’s books romances, too? If not, maybe that’s why I never got hooked on them.

    But I think it’s because Grey used a really strong slangy lingo, lots and lots and lots of dropped ‘g’s in the ing words and such. It made it hard to read smoothly for me.

    But maybe that was just my excuse and it was really a lack of romance.

    Anyway, this is off topic but I love westerns and have forever. I love your post, MK.
    Thanks for being on.

  4. Thanks for the heads up about the hop! I’ll certainly do some hopping. 🙂

    My mom read a lot of westerns so I have a bit of a background in L’Amour and Grey. I do like the tales with more romance. I’m kinda hopeless that way.
    My favorite Grey was (I think this is the title) Wilderness Trek. The story took place in Australia. A couple years ago it was re-released as the original story–about twice as long as the first publication. Loved it again.

  5. MK:

    The hop sounds like a lot of fun!

    I’ve read westerns throughout the years and enjoy them. And I come from a long line of Western-lovers. My Italian great-grandmother immigrated to the US and was a HUGE fan of all the Western TV shows of the 60s. She in turn got my mom hooked and it’s been fun to watch all of them re-run on Encore Westerns. I know it’s not the exact same as reading, but the lure of the Old West and stories set there has a timeless quality that is endlessly fascinating (and entertaining!)


  6. Hi MK! It’s wonderful to have you blog with us. And how nice to have a new book out. I was wondering what Gallagher’s Hope is about.

    Hope you enjoy your stay with us and I wish you much success.

  7. I’m so pleased to be here with everyone today and I’ve had so much fun hosting the P&P fillies on my blog, that it’s nice to join you here.

    I’ve read a lot more of L’Amour than any other western author, but I’ve recently discovered many other more contemporary authors whose books I’ve really come to enjoy. I remember when I was in Scotland, one of my favorite times of the day was in the evening before dinner at the hotel. I’d sit with the other guests, most of them from the UK, and they’d be fascinated by our American West. I even had a couple of the older gentleman ask if we still had cowboys and Indians like what they read about in stories. It was a lot of fun.

    I too prefer a bit of romance in my westerns, though I’ve recently become hooked on William W. Johnstone’s books and those are definitely not romance-centered–at least the ones I’ve read so far.

    Thank you Tracy, Julie, Phyllis, Mary, Lizzie, Joye, Addison and Linda for joining today! Lovely seeing you all here.

  8. Victoria–I would love to see that comeback too! I enjoy reading many genres, but the westerns have a special place on my shelves. I see it happening though! It’s kind of like a good classic wardrobe. It goes out of style for a while as everyone tries a new look, but eventually it always comes back stronger than before.

  9. Sounds like fun. I love westerns and read many of them for years. A neighbor was guiten a cllector and would loan me one whenever I asked. He has since moved away and I don’t find that many in the stores. Shame on me, I have never really looked for my Kindle. Thanks for reminding me!

  10. Connie–Kindle/eBook versions have certainly made more of these books accessible to readers. I still haven’t crossed over to the eReader dark side, but I do appreciate that readers can now find books online that may not be available in stores. I hope you find some new western-genre books to enjoy during the giveaway hop!

  11. Hi MK, I had such fun as a guest at your blog not long ago. Hope you’re enjoying your stay in Wildflower Junction. Congrats on your release! Way to go!

  12. Danica–thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoy the blog hop and win some great books! 🙂

    Tanya–I’ve had so much fun hosting the ladies from P&P and I’ve very much enjoying my time here. Thank you!

  13. I love westerns. There is just nothing like setting down to a good cowboy story. Their my favorite read.

  14. Quilt Lady–I agree. I especially love the historical westerns. I enjoy being transported back in time to the old west. And of course cowboys are just so much fun!

  15. We live in East Tennessee and Westerns are still quite popular. I worked at a small county library. We had a dedicated group of patrons that kept the western serials, Louis L’Amour, and all the other westerns circulating, checking them out over and over again. The christian fiction set in the West was very popular with the ladies. We have a local writer of westerns living here, Cameron Judd. He wrote colonial/Revolutionary War era books, (this is Crockett and Boone country) and westerns, about 30 books total. Nice guy.

    I have been a fan of westerns since high school, more years ago than I want to admit. I still read them as often as I can. I have many of Louis L’Amour’s books and most of Zane Grey’s. It has been a long time since I have read any of them and haven’t read them all. There are many good western authors out there.

    I look forward to following the hop. Always interested in finding more authors to check out. Good luck with the Hop.

  16. Patricia–It’s wonderful to hear about groups of people who still enjoy the western genre and that you’re a fan too! I’ll have to look up Cameron Judd. I hope you have a chance to enter some of the giveaways during the hop!

  17. I do love the old westerns. I’ve read several of both Zane Gray and Louis La’mour but not all. I’m looking forward to the hop and would also love to have one of your books too. I am so glad I have found this website even though I don’t comment often.

  18. I’ve read a lot of Louis LAmour books along with some Zane Gray ones as well…about the time that the westerns were popular on tv like Bonanza and Maverick….I think that’s why I enjoy anything today that has to do with the Old West…books, tv shows, movies, artifacts, Indian jewelry etc…anyone remember the movie Paint Your Wagon with a young Clint Eastwood? good one….thanks for the opportunity to win some Westerns.

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