Keli Gwyn Visits Wildflower Junction


Hello Darlin’s,

Miss Keli Gwyn intends to call on the Junction on Saturday, July 14th.

The dear lady has already boarded the stage and has telegraphed the Fillies several times along the way. She says she’s a bit on the sore side from being bounced around the coach but assures us she’s well up to the visit and anxious to get here.

Miss Keli is a debut author, having just published her first book. It’s called A BRIDE OPENS SHOP and it looks like a humdinger. We’re happy to have a chance to share in her excitement.

She’s inviting everyone to saddle up and ride along with her or just sit by the campfire if you take a notion to.

Don’t lollygag around now. Make plans to follow the trail to the Junction come Saturday.

We’ll have us a good time. You don’t want to miss it.

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1 thought on “Keli Gwyn Visits Wildflower Junction”

  1. Greetings Fillies and Fans of the Fillies,

    I am eagerly anticipating my arrival at Petticoats & Pistols. While the journey has been long, the jostling rather irksome, and some of the passengers. . .interesting, the inconveniences cease to be of consequence when I think about the wonderful visit I have to look forward to at the end of the trail. I’ll see you all soon.

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