Horse Humor

I recently came across this picture in my search for a reliable car for my kid–he graduated high school last month (woohoo!) and we’re trying to find a small SUV type rig with a gas mileage that won’t drain his wallet. By the descriptions, this is just what he’s looking for  😉

Good gas mileage, check!  My kid is not picky, no doubt he’d take these wheels if they’d get him to town–likely with five other teens crammed inside.

I don’t know about the emo thing, but I think every teen goes through the “Whatever” faze 😀

 I can so relate to that delayed reaction 😉

There’s one in every family, huh?

 Hope these induced some smiles!  Wishing y’all a wonderful post 4th of July weekend.  We’re still celebrating with a double birthday weekend, hubby tomorrow and mom-in-law on Sunday.  Happy weekend wishes!!

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15 thoughts on “Horse Humor”

  1. So cute, Stacey! Love the original SUV! Sometimes, I think it’d be easier to go back to riding horses when the car needs to go into the shop. :o)


  2. This is the funniest post I have read in years! You have no idea how funny. We have dudes on horses and packers as in the one picture where he thought his wife talked so much. Our rendition of a horse is that the saddle is for sitting, but the horn is for honking to get your attention, (of course the wrangler doesn’t hear it.) The droppings on the trail are bio-degradable, so don’t worry about it. Diapers don’t help! (That is what one dude wanted to know why we didn’t put them on!) And on it goes.
    There is nothing funnier than horse and mule humor to cowboys and packers. Thanks for making the day a little lighter.

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