Here Come The Brides: Wedding Surprises

Elizabeth and I are sharing some ceremonies that, well, didn’t quite happen as planned. We’re each giving away a copy of our books today so don’t be a stranger! 

Excerpt One: from “Marrying Mattie” by Tanya Hanson

      “Dearly beloved…” Jake, his childhood pal, sounded so masterful and mature Call snickered and Mattie giggled. “We are gathered today…”

     Coyly she peered up at him beneath her pink bonnet, and Call’s breath caught. Jake went on with a dear little homily about the two of them, but Call didn’t hear a single word. From chuckles throughout the congregation, however, he reckoned Jake did a fine job, then the preacher segued reverently into the Lord’s prayer before starting the vows.

     As directed, Call took Mattie’s hand and said firmly, “I will.”

     “I will.” Mattie replied firmly when it was her turn.

     Before the final pronouncement, Jake gave the congregation the time-honored directive. “If anybody has any objection why these two should not be united in holy wedlock, let him speak or forever afterward hold his peace.”

     Brixton Haynes chuckled a bit then; Caldwell understood. He had threatened to break up the wedding vows between Brix and Minda those two years ago although of course, he hadn’t followed through.

     “I object.”

      A deep voice Call didn’t know resonated through the little church, and the congregation gasped. Shock smacked him in the gut.

     At the appalling words, Call’s skin crawled from his toes up his spine to his neck. As he turned around to see who had spoken, Mattie slumped against him. Her mouth hung open.

     What was happening? Call couldn’t find air to breathe.

     “Who disrupts this sacred ceremony, sir?” Jake asked, voice stern but shaky.

     “Woodrow.” Mattie was so breathless only Caldwell could hear.

     The newcomer stood tall in the back row and faced the altar with his bowler in his hands. “Reverend, I am Woodrow Paulson Carter the Third,” he said in a loud, confident voice. “Mayor pro Tem of Gleesburg, Pennsylvania. County assistant District Attorney, and husband of this beautiful woman.”

     In one loud voice, the gathering emitted a long howl.

     A cold worse than winter clammed Call’s skin. His right arm grabbed Mattie as her knees wilted, her pink hem a puddle at her feet. Eyes big as blue moons dwarfed her white face. The air around him started to turn black…

   Jake finally found his voice. “Mr. Carter, just what are you doing?”

     “Reclaiming my wife.”

     Mattie stiffened against her bridegroom. “Woodrow, how could you do this?”

     “I could, darling, because I must. I am your husband. And I intend to run for President of the United States. There is no one but you worthy enough to be my first lady.”

     “You are not my husband!” Mattie spoke firmly. “I was duly represented in Pennsylvania’s Court of Common Pleas. You and I are divorced.”


Excerpt 2: From:  “The Hand-Me-Down Bride” by Elizabeth Lane 

WEDDINGS UNDER A WESTERN SKY by Lisa Plumley, Elizabeth Lane and Kate Welsh 

     Arabella’s wedding had been far different than she’d imagined.  There’d been only a few days to plan it before the circuit preacher came through.  Grandma Peabody’s silk wedding gown was splotched with water stains that not even Sally had been able to remove.  Arabella had chosen to wear it anyway, for luck.  The wreath of wild flowers in her hair, had matched the bouquet she carried down the aisle of the little white church.  She had never felt more beautiful.  And when she looked up into Stewart’s eyes to recite her vows, his love had flowed through her like warm sunlight.

     In attendance at the simple ceremony were a few friends from town, as well as Charles and Sally who’d smiled and held hands the whole time.  A special guest of honor, Stewart’s dog, had been bathed, brushed, and adorned with a garland of ribbons and daisies around its shaggy neck.  During the ceremony, the wayward mutt had wandered off to romp in a puddle with a canine friend, then returned to the church, leaving muddy footprints down the aisle.  A wedding picnic at Charles and Sally’s had capped the festivities.

     In other words, the day couldn’t have been more perfect. 

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  1. Good morning, everyone. Tanya your excerpt is delightful. I can’t wait to hear what happens next.
    Mine’s short and sweet because it comes at the end of the story. But rest assured, Arabella and Stewart have a rough ride to get to that point.

    Forgot to mention earlier, I’ll be giving away a copy of WEDDINGS UNDER A WESTERN SKY to one reader who comments. Good luck in the drawing.

  2. Wow, Tanya I second Elizabeth’s comment. I can’t wait to see what happens next. I must confess that I haven’t had the pleasure of reading any of your books but I plan to.

    As for Elizabeth Lane’s books I just can’t get enough of her stories. Can’t wait to read this one.

  3. Divorced!! Shocking! Can’t wait to read how that turns out.

    Perfect- I wonder what happens next???

  4. I’m not real sure why my computer thought I was Vickie Couturier but I guess that’s what I get for not reading all my boxes before I posted my above comment =>


  5. Hi everybody,, I’m on the road today so my responses might be spotty. I too am giving away a copy of Marrying Mattie (e book if international ). Hope you like the excerpt. Of course Call and Mattie have a HEA but it’s tough getting three LOL.

  6. Great excerpts! I have read Marring Maddie and its an awesome book! The other excerpt was awesome too, can’t wait to read that one.

  7. Good Morning. I do know what happens to Mattie. But I won’t tell. So, Tanya, I don’t need to be in your drawing.
    However, I have not read Elizabeth’s story. I would like to know what happens in that one.
    Thanks for fun reads in the morning, all of you.

  8. Thanks to all for supporting Elizabeth and me today, and for the kind comments! I’m trying to crash out a comment on my smartphone right now …man that keyboard is teensie. Will try later again too if I can. Hugs to all.

  9. OMG I just love when a wedding is interupted by someone stopping the wedding..And a wedding that are planned at the last minute… Great books ladies..

  10. You ladies are just teases. Now I need to know what happened especially after the divorced comment. Both these books sound fantastic. Can’t wait to read them.

  11. WEDDINGS UNDER A WESTERN SKY by Lisa Plumley, Elizabeth Lane and Kate Welsh and “Marrying Mattie” by Tanya Hanson both sounds wonderful. Please enter me in contest. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  12. Wedding surprises are so fun! I love them! Look forward to reading these books! Thanks for the excerpts!

  13. Both of these sound so good. Now I am going to have to read the rest of the story. I like the covers too.

  14. Howdy all, we just pulled up at pur daughter’s house and I have WiFi again LOL. Thanks to all for stopping by today. I’ll be posting our winners later this evening.

  15. Oh my!! These excerpts make me ready to dive right into those books!! Thanks for the snippets and the contest also!

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