Last year, I started to write a short story for a western anthology that I wanted to submit to. I had an idea that wouldn’t let me go, no matter how hard I tried to shake it off. I normally write romance.
But this story was to be a western, with no romance involved. My “what if” concerned the long reaching effects of an Indian massacre and kidnapping on a young white boy, Will Green.

To tell a story like that, I was going to have to be inside the boy’s head. So the story would have to be told from the first person POV—something I just never do. It’s always been a temptation of mine to write something in first person. But could I pull it off? First person, a boy, a child.  I had to try, because there was just no other way to do it.

Once I began to write KANE’S REDEMPTION, I could see that the “short story” was not going to remain “short.” The word count limit for stories for the anthology was 5,000 per story. When I stopped to count, I was already at double that amount. I laid the story aside and started another shorter story in order to finish it in time to submit. But when I came back to KANE’S REDEMPTION, I was free to make it as long as it needed to be.

By the time the story ended at around 25,000 words, I knew that it truly wasn’t finished, even then. So much had happened to young Will and Jacobi Kane, the man who rescued him from the Apache, that I knew this was going to be a series of novellas. In the first book, Will and Jacobi forged quite a relationship, first of necessity and then of a father/son bond. But that relationship was only just beginning.

I wrote KANE’S PROMISE, book 2 in the series, that carries them on into the next year of Will’s life.  When a posse comes calling to ask Jacobi Kane to help them track the Apache, will he go? He’s made a promise to his first wife to avenge her, as she lay dying in his arms, but now he has other responsibilities.

Ten-year-old Will is torn between staying with his pregnant stepmother and following Jacobi. He must make a gut-wrenching decision. But they are a family now, and family helps one another, no matter


Kane’s Promise, the second in a series of three, is the continuation of Kane’s Redemption, the story of Will Green, a young boy whose family was murdered by the Apache, and Jacobi Kane, the man who rescued Will from the Indians.

In Kane’s Promise, Jacobi Kane must lead a band of lawmen in their mission to
find and annihilate the remnants of the Apache renegades who were responsible
for killing Will’s parents and Kane’s wife and children.

But Will knows he belongs at Jacobi Kane’s side—not left behind in the safety
of the cabin. Once they find the Apaches, all hell breaks loose.

Can Kane protect Will and see this battle to a final end?

EXCERPT:  Will and Jacobi are getting ready to leave Colbert’s Ferry Station when Marshal Eddington, one of Jacobi’s old nemeses, decides to cause trouble. He has just insulted Jacobi in front of everyone, and Will, unable to stand Jacobi’s silence, jumps down from his horse and attacks the unsuspecting marshal. Jacobi pulls Will off, but Eddington draws Jacobi into the fight. Here’s what happens:

“I ought to kill you!” Eddington’s eyes were murderous, and now that I had regained my senses, it dawned on me I had made us an enemy for life by making him look foolish in front of the other men. He looked back and forth at me and Jacobi, so I wasn’t certain who he meant to kill, but I was pretty sure he meant me.

Jacobi turned to look at Eddington, rising swiftly to close the few steps between him and the marshal. “If you ever lay a hand on him, Oscar, you’ll answer to me.”

Eddington was busy wiping the blood off his face but he looked up at Jacobi, his thick lips twisting in a sneer. “Go on. Tell me you know a hundred ways to kill me, and all of ’em would make me wish I’d never come into the world at all!”

You said it, Eddington. Not me.”

Eddington took a final disgusted swipe with his dirty bandana at the trail of blood that kept trickling from his nose.

“I believe ’em, Kane,” he spat. “All those rumors about you bein’ part Injun your own self. You’re no better’n Laughing Wind hisself. A murderin’—”

Jacobi jumped for Eddington, who had quickly gone for his knife. Jacobi landed squarely atop the marshal’s belly and delivered a hammering blow to his jaw at the same time. He easily knocked the marshal’s blade out of his hand as if it were child’s play. Eddington let out a loud “oomph” when Jacobi’s fist connected with his belly.

But Eddington had learned a few tricks of his own, and he was surprisingly quick to be as fat as he was. I’d always felt sorry for his horse, having to tote him all over creation, as heavy as he had to be.

Jacobi knew what Eddington’s next move would be before he made it, it seemed like. I’d only seen Jacobi fight twice before. The first time was when Red Eagle found us and tried to jump us. I could tell both Jacobi and Red Eagle knew they were fighting for their lives, but I couldn’t see much, bein’ as how it was in the middle of the night. The fight Jacobi and Laughing Wind had had was just as serious—a fight to the death, for Laughing Wind. But, in the heat of the battle that had been going on around me, I hadn’t absorbed the skill Jacobi had. The way he rolled and punched and parried Eddington’s
blows was like some kind of a dance.

After a few seconds, it was all over. I knew it wouldn’t take Jacobi long to end what he’d started.

Eddington had stopped trying to fight and was covering his head, instead. He was making the little girl noises again. Jacobi had sure beat the hell out of him, and it made my heart glad. I reckoned Jacobi understood just how I’d felt only a few minutes ago. I knew there wouldn’t be one word of lecture from him about me tearing in to Marshal Eddington, when he’d gone and done the same thing his own self. He rolled away from Eddington and came to his feet, breathing hard and just looking at the marshal for a few seconds. Then, he reached down and picked up his hat, dusting it off.

The other men had all gathered around, and even Mrs. Colbert and her daughters had come outside and stood watching. Marshal Eddington began to holler like a wild man when he saw everyone watching him.

“I’ve got witnesses! Kane, you’re going to pay, one way or another! You and that whelp of yours—”

Jacobi took a step forward, planting his foot squarely on Eddington’s wounded thigh, directly over the bullet hole.

“Son of a bitch!” Eddington screamed. He tried to roll, but Jacobi dropped to his knees, grabbing Eddington’s arm and twisting as he kept his weight on the wound.

“Don’t threaten me, Eddington. Never, ever threaten my family, or me.”  He leaned close and spoke so softly no one else but me and Marshal Eddington could hear. “Don’t force me to pick one of those ‘hundred ways’, Marshal. I promise you, I will do it.”

Today I’m giving away a copy of KANE’S PROMISE to one lucky commenter. Please leave a comment along with your contact info to be entered—easy, huh?

You can find KANE’S PROMISE as well as KANE’S REDEMPTION here at my Amazon site:

Cheryl’s Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/author/cherylpierson

Kane’s Redemption is available at Barnes and Noble for Nook, and Kane’s Promise should be there as well by the end of the week.

Look for part 3 of the series, KANE’S DESTINY, in the fall! Don’t forget to leave a comment to be entered in the drawing for a copy of KANE’S PROMISE.





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32 thoughts on “KANE’S PROMISE IS HERE!”

  1. The premise for your short long stories sounds very interesting. Will be interesting to see how Will comes to terms with his situation. Youth adapts though.

  2. I enjoyed this post and learning about your writing and this book sounds compelling. great excerpt.

  3. It’s different and endearing to follow a young boy thoughts in first POv. I read another book, a YA, and also enjoyed it a lot, especially when the voice is appropriate to the character. Great excerpt.

  4. Well dang, Cheryl, I can’t wait to get my hands on this story. I loved Kane’s Redemption and I am just itching to find out if Jacobi can find some peace by finishing off the renegades who murdered his family. Will is such a brave kid and so mature for his age. This is just an outstanding series. I do hope the third will have a bit of romance in it and complete all my hopes for Jacobi, Will and Will’s mom.

  5. Cheryl, I love writing something different once in a while, outside my genre. Good for you for trying your hand at a story that is haunting you. Even is it doesn’t fit the formula.

  6. Hi Joye,
    You are so right! Youth DOES adapt. And in some ways, the life Will goes to is better than the one he came from. I am really enjoying writing this series. It’s full of surprises, even for me!

  7. I don’t think I’ve read these! Well, I’ll have to, after reading the blurb and excerpt. When? Who knows, but I will get around to them.
    Great stuff, Cheryl–your usual high standard of writing.

  8. Cheryl,

    This series sounds so good! I love that you have a story with the main character being a boy written in the first person POV! I would be too scared to try something like that, but you do it beautifully.

    I have to agree with Sarah, I hope there’s a little romance in the third. But that’s me always have to have a bit of romance. :o)


  9. This book, this series, sounds amazing. Can’t wait to read it. Hopefully Jacobi finds some peace.

  10. Hi Cheryl, I love it when characters can’t leave your head and need their own stories! When multiple books weave in and out together…well, that’s my favorite. Best wishes, my friend, and congrats on more winners! xoxox

  11. Hi Mona,
    I agree about the voice being “right” for the character. And once I started writing Will, I really got into that character. It wasn’t hard. I’m so glad you enjoyed the excerpt!

  12. Sarah,
    There’s a little bit of the female character in this book, but it’s not a “romance” like we think of it. Although I think it’s very romantic that Jacobi found someone to make his life complete when he had all but given up in the first book. I hope you enjoy Kane’s Promise, and I’m so glad you enjoyed Kane’s Redemption so much!

  13. Hey Keena!
    LIsten, Jacobi is one tough hombre! And he doesn’t back down from anyone or anything. You’ll love him, and you’ll especially love the interaction between him and Will. I kind of patterned Will after a cousin of mine–he’s just a couple of years younger than I am, and he was always just full of life and energy. I hope you enjoy!

  14. Mary, I feel the same way. Sometimes things just need to be written. LOL I wrote a really odd paranormal Christmas story for an upcoming anthology with the Western Fictioneer group, and I just loved it when I finished it. But it’s not a romance in the conventional sense of the word. Still, I truly enjoyed it. And I hope it is something that everyone else will love just as much as I did.

  15. Celia,
    You’ll love them, as much as you love boys. LOL Will is a typical boy, but what I love about these stories is the way Will kind of lets Jacobi see the good side of life, in a way he might never have seen if he had not rescued Will. I can’t wait to get going on book 3–it’ll be the last one I think, of this series, but I am really anxious to write it. Thanks so much for your kind words–I appreciate you!

  16. Catrina,
    Thanks so much–I was kind of surprised by the way that idea just took hold and even though I had other things I could have been working on, that was the one that kept calling to me to finish it. I really have enjoyed working on this series.

  17. Kirsten,
    I was scared too! LOL But I really really loved it once I started thinking in his head. And I have enjoyed the way he interacts with Jacobi Kane. Will’s father was a harsh man. He loved Will in his own way, but wasn’t given to displays of affection at all, and Will just craved that so much. Of course, Jake Kane is rough and tumble, but he’s lost so much he has nothing to prove to anyone, and his emotions are just raw and honest. Maybe there’ll be some romance in the last book…LOL

  18. Joanne,
    I will promise you that I never write anything that doesn’t have a happy ending. So it’s a process, but Jacobi finds happiness in a different way than he ever expected, given what has happened to him in his life. I hope you enjoy this series. I have loved every minute of writing it–it has just flowed.

  19. Tanya,
    I have never written a series before this one. I admire you for your ability to write a series and make it work. This is just a small series, but because the stories were shorter and the series was going to be short–at least, during the time Will is this age, I may come back to him in later years–I have not had a problem knowing what is going to happen in each book.Thanks so much for stopping by and for your very kind words, my friend. You are a dear.

  20. Hi Maggie!
    WOW, that is wonderful to hear you say. I was so worried about writing this story from 1st person pov. But that was truly the only way it could be told, so it just had to be done that way. I learned my lesson about self doubt though. My short story, HOMECOMING, was a story that I almost didn’t submit anywhere because it was so unusual. Now, it’s one of my top sellers and is even being used in writing classes for teaching purposes.

  21. Cheryl,
    You know I was thrilled that you wrote this continuation of Kane’s Redemption. But then I am that way about all of your books, you have that unique ability to make me fall in love with your characters, especially the heroes, which makes me yearn to have more adventures with them. Having already had the privilege of reading Kane’s Promise I can assure your established fans and potential fans that they are in for an excellent story.

  22. Thanks for the info on your Kane books… anthologys are my kinda books…always looking for a new author to read…think I’ve found one.

  23. Mary! That is so nice of you to say–it just makes my day.I’m so excited to be working on Kane’s Destiny. Now I’m wondering if, when I get to THE END of that one, I’ll be thinking, “Well, I can’t end it here! I have to go on with…” LOL I’m so glad you enjoyed the Kane stories so much and hope the third one doesn’t disappoint.

  24. Great excerpt Cheryl! I would love to read Kane’s Promise. It sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing your books with us. Love the cover.

    ghurt110 AT bellsouth DOT net

  25. Hi Quilt Lady! I love that cover, too–it’s one of my favorites I’ve ever had. Karen Nutt designed it for me. I will add your name to the drawing!

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