WHITE EAGLE’S TOUCH — The Story Behind the Story


WHITE EAGLE’S TOUCH — one of my best selling books — is currently being released newly in ebook format.  And since it’s one of my favorites, I thought I’d tell you a little of the background that went in to the making of that book.

I love this cover by the way.  WHITE EAGLE’S TOUCH starts with my love of a rather spoiled, head-strong heroine — one who is really quite soft-hearted, but for reasons explained in the book, she harbors opinions that are far from flattering.  In the story, the heroine, Katrina, is blond-haired, stubborn, almost out of funds and demanding her inheritance in order that she might marry into royalty.  She has also grown up without ever knowing her parents — who perished out West — or her uncle, who holds the purse-strings to her inheritance.

In other words, she has some reason to be spoiled, because she’s grown up without love — with a succession of nannies.

There are problems — mainly that her uncle will not release her funds until she comes West and parades her fiance for his approval.  I must admit that it really is a lot to ask of a young woman who has known only the comforts of New York City — still it was rather fun to play with her outrage.

Of coure her uncle doesn’t show up at the scheduled rendevous — he sends his friend — who is almost like a son to him — White Eagle — to bring her to him.

Of course the story goes on from there — spoiled, rich-girl meets handsome, yet determined young Indian warrior.

Now, the truth of the matter is that the character of Katrina was patterned after my daughter, Trina, who is definitely not blond.  Not that Trina is spoiled, but at the writing of this story, Trina was a teenager — about nineteen, I believe — and she definitely had her likes and dislikes.  Off to the side here is a picture of Trina with her daughter and my granddaughter, Lila.  But patterning the heroine after my daughter really gave me a deeper understanding of my character, Katrina’s, personality — it also helped me to love this character, even when she is at her wit’s end.

In writing this book, I often had pictures of clothing and what the heroine might have looked like at that time.  Off to the left here is a picture of that period’s clothing.  I love this clothing, I must admit and sometimes wish we could go back to an age where women looked so very feminine.  Now this picture to the left really — in my mind — has the look of my heroine at this time.  A little bored, a little spoiled, always well dressed and trying to do the right thing — although in the West, my heroine’s efforts are sometimes clumsy and humorous — as she tries to “fit in.”

As for the hero, another one of my loves — I’ve always loved the hero, who brooks no argument, yet who is kind and generous — and who is waiting patiently for the heroine to come to her senses.

There is one scene in this book that I particularly like.  It was a scene where the hero, along with his friend concoct a scheme to send Katrina’s fiance packing.  At the writing of this book, I had just the previous year, married my husband, Paul.  When I married Paul, however, I also discovered that he was extremely close to his brother, Bob — this picture to the right isof Bob and Paul — Paul is the one sitting down.  But his particular scene was about these two fellows and what they would do if they were there to rid themselves of this very unwanted person, and send him packing for home.

Interestingly, that “friend” of White Eagle is Night Thunder who has a book of his own — next in this series.

To end I thought I’d show you a picture of the original cover for WHITE EAGLE’S TOUCH.  The reason I have to show you is that this cover is also one of my most favorite covers.

Well, that’s all for today.  I’m on the road and so might not be able to respond to every post, but I will be picking one blogger out to send a free book to.

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24 thoughts on “WHITE EAGLE’S TOUCH — The Story Behind the Story”

  1. Hi Karen,
    I too love both covers and enjoyed reading what you had to say about the background of writing White Eagle’s Touch. Loved the photo of your daughter and granddaughter, so cute! This book sounds delightful and I would love to read it.

  2. Hi Lori!

    I love both covers, also. I must admit that the original WHITE EAGLE’S TOUCH cover knocked my socks off at the time — just like the cover of PROUD’S WOLF’S WOMAN has done this time in ebooks (also GRAY HAWK’S LADY). Thanks so much, Lori!

  3. Hi Sharon!

    Thanks so much for all your compliments. WHITE EAGLE’S TOUCH was another one of my favorite books to write. I had a beautiful role model for the heroine and I had just been married to my husband, whom I adore. It’s a rather humorous book in some respects and so it really was fun!

  4. Hi Mary!

    You are so gracious. I for one, love your books. And it was fun to write this book — again because I had so many things happening in my life. This particular book has a humorous aspect to it — if only because the heroine is so inept and so serious. It was fun. 🙂

  5. I love hearing about the background of the characters. Did your daughter know at the time that you based one of the characters somewhat from her? I love all your covers and find your characters amazing!

  6. Both covers are wonderful… the original really catches the eye! As always I enjoy the background bits to a book that you share! 😀

  7. Hi Karen, I love reading the background of a novel as it really gives an insight into the author. It takes a fine writer to pull off a spoiled, rich girl and make her likable, and that’s what you’ve done. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Hi Colleen!

    Yes, that original cover really knocked my socks off at the time. To this day, I love it — it, the new ebooks PROUD WOLF’S WOMAN and GRAY HAWK’S LADY are my most favorite covers to date. 🙂

  9. I really enjoy knowing what was going on in the author’s mind while writing a book…it adds to the story. Don’t think that I have read that one. Willbe checking it out!

  10. Hi Kay,

    How are you doing? I love both covers and I really want the book…I have read a lot of your books…You are one of my favorite authors…Take care and be careful on the road….

    Walk in harmony,

  11. Hi Melinda!

    So nice to hear from you today! And thank you for your most gracious comments! I’ll be posting the winner at the end of the day, so stay tuned. 🙂

  12. Sorry I’m getting here late today, but I just love these posts you’re doing, Karen, sharing the background to these books. I love to see the heart behind the story. And your covers both old and new are fabulous!


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