What Are You Reading Right Now?

I’m smack in the middle of a deadline race, so this blog is going to be on the short side. And it’s going to be about what we all love–books, reading and romance. Leave a comment, and I’ll add your name to the hat for a drawing for a copy of “Brides of the West,” the April “spring wedding” anthology from Love Inspired Historicals. I’m in it with Janet Dean and Pamela Nissen.

Let’s get started:

Question: What are you reading right now? I just finished this month’s selection for the Flippin’ Pages Book Club. It’s called “Beaded Hope” and is about a group of women who travel to Africa on a mission trip to assist women with AIDS.  Thoroughly enjoyed the story. It’s women’s fiction rather than romance, but the story tugged at every heartstring.  It’s easy to take life for granted until you read about people coping with serious illness.

I also just finished a Kindle freebie about the Titanic:  Lifeboat 8: The Untold Story.  The tale of that great ship is always compelling. Hubris and heroism are an interesting mix. 

What about you? What’s are you reading at the moment?

Question: Kindle / Nook Time. What’s the last book you bought or downloaded?  I recently cleaned up on Filly freebies. I downloaded books by Margaret Brownley and Mary Connealy / Mary Nealy.  When I finish the current ms, guess what I’m going to do for two solid weeks?  I’m going to read nonstop. A blanket on the grass in the sun sounds really nice after months cooped up in the office.

What about you? What’s the latest book you purchased or downloaded?

Question:  What’s your all time favorite western romance?  It’s funny how a particular book will stay with you forever. For me, it’s The Outsider  by Penelope Williamson. I read it when it first came out, 1997 or so, and I still think back to the story and how it inspired me.  After all this time, it’s still my No. 1 favorite.

What about you? What’s your favorite western romance?

Leave a comment and I’ll add your name to the hat for the drawing. Now back to it . . . I’m on the very last chapter of the new ms. This is my favorite part of the whole process. Can’t wait to type “The End!”

Brides of the West . . . Available now at Amazon!

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34 thoughts on “What Are You Reading Right Now?”

  1. Firstly I already have an ecopy of brides of west so don’t need to go in draw for your book. This weeks kindle books down loaded and read. The edge of courage, The more I see,Firefly, Something to talk about, Rottweiler Rescue a mystery for dog lovers, Coles promise also, ordered a hard copy of Eyes of silver Eyes of gold (already read the ebook several times). Read hard copy Under the Vale and other tales of Valdermar. Can you tell I don’t watch TV and we had a public holiday plus extra day off. At this stage top three books 1) To kiss a texan by Jodi Thomas ( first western ever read and loved it) 2) Eyes of silver eyes of gold by Ellen O’connell 3) Wolfs tender by Gem Sivad ( but this one is under revision and due out soon in revised format). Plus I have enjoyed lots of the Filles books (mostly ebooks as many are not available in Australia. Cheers Rosheen

  2. I’m a kindle download junkie…pixelinc is my my provider… I’m currently reading Princess Charming by Nicole Jordan, but just finished Linda Lael Miller’s Holiday in Stone Creek.

  3. Hmm My favorite? There’s just so many too list. I can’t see I’ve ever had one favorite anything. I’d love to win this book.

  4. Wow,I read so many that I just cant not pick just one,totally impossible,,Ive just got a Kindle Fire I won in a contest,ive actually had it for a couple months an just dont know where to start with it,,I love my “real” books so much

  5. I just finished reading “The Rebel Tycoon Returns” by Katherine Garbera. It was a paperback. I am almost done listening to “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society”.

  6. I just finished reading Last Many Standing by Cindy Gerard in paper back… I am now starting a book on my kindle that I got for free called Rent-A-Groom by Jennifer Blake..
    I have not had my kindle that long, but I have downloaded a whole lot of books. But I still have more paper backs on my tbr shelves than I have downloads…
    As to my fav Western Romance theme it would have to be Linda Lael Miller’s books.. any of them..

  7. Vicki, I’ve got Brides of the West in my tbr pile right now.
    I can’t wait to get it read.
    You know what I’m reading next?
    I got this book in the mail yesterday called Women of the War(Civil War). I’m researching my next book and I found this old, old book that is probably available free somewhere but I bought it anyway, about women’s roles in the Civil War. I thought I was buying a sort of thick PAMPHLET and it came yesterday and it’s massive. I haven’t cracked the cover yet but I love having it.

    I also have a book I just went through called…something like Civil War Deserters.

    I know, weird habits. I’m always looking for interesting tidbits that can grow into novels. Not as exciting a reading list as you’d hoped, huh?

  8. I don’t have a favorite but I just finished these and they were really good reading
    Tucker’s Claim-Sarah McCarty
    Love Drunk Cowboy-Carolyn Brown

  9. I just finished Just Down the Road, Jodi Thomas’s 4th Harmony series book. Right now I’m reading Jennifer Ashley’s The Feeding and Care of Pirates. Wanted something a bit different and it’s been a while since I read a pirate book. It’s taking me back to the early historicals when pirate books were the rage. I’m loving it.

    My favorite western romance right now is anything by Kaki Warner. Her last one Colorado Dawn was wonderful.

    The last thing I downloaded on my Kindle was Mary Connealy’s Out of Control. Haven’t started it yet.

    Congrats on the new anthology! It looks great. Wishing you lots of luck with it.

  10. Hi Mary, I used to think the e-readers would be great for research and big textbooks, but I found I need paper for that sort of things. I like to . . . peruse . . . that’s a good word! Your Civil War research sounds like it’s going to leads to more great stories!

  11. Hello Joye! Your name’s in the hat! Thanks for visiting P&P!

    Hi Linda! I have Mary’s book too 🙂 Can’t wait to get to it . . . As soon as the current ms is out the door, I’m reading, reading, reading!

  12. I just finished reading Sanctuary for the Lady by Naomi Rawlings for the second time because it was so exciting.
    Last book I bought to read on Kindle was Kansas Courtship by Victoria Bylin that I have read a few times because it is so wonderful.
    My favorite western Romance book will be Wyoming Lawman by Victoria Bylin.

  13. Question #1 – What am I reading. Right now I am on a Harlequin Intrigue “binge.” I don’t have much time for reading so these short books fill the bill. All those I’ve been reading take place out West. Seems to be my favorite place for both historical and contemporary.
    Second motive is to clear some shelf space. I know these aren’t going to be keepers, so it is read them and get them out of the house.

    Question #2 – I still don’t have a Kindle or NOOK. I have downloaded a few freebies, but don’t like reading on my computer. I have almost enough in my Amazon account to order the Fire. Great for trips because I will be able to check my email as well as read books.

    Question #3 – Don’t know that I have a specific favorite western romance. The first one I read, I didn’t realize was a romance, sort of. In high school I read Mary O’Hara’s trilogy – MY FRIEND FLICKA, THUNDERHEAD, and GREEN GRASS OF WYOMING. The last was more about coming of age and first love than a horse story. I really liked it and didn’t start reading romance for almost another 40 years. I really need to revisit that book.

    Good luck with meeting the deadline. It will mean another good book for us all to read.

  14. Gee the last time I downloaded something on my NOOK was this past weekend… I added a few free books from Ellora’s Cave and two historicals…
    I spent the last 4 days reading print books… a few of them were by Christine Feehan, one was by a new to me author, and the last was a contemporary.
    My fav western romance… I do not think I can narrow it down… so many that I have enjoyed!

  15. I’m still trying to figure out my computer and cell phone. Definitely not ready for e-books.
    I would start my list of favorite western romance novels with the first four Janet Dailey “Calder” books and then my list would go on and on and on.

  16. I am reading Warrior by Zoe Archer at the present time.
    The last book I downloaded on my Kindle was The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

    I don’t have a favorite western romance. I have read many and enjoyed them all.

  17. I am reading the courtship by Lynna Banning. I have a lot of books in line to read.

    I am not a big book reading on my computer but I have down loaded a few e-books.

    My favorite western book would have to be the whole series of “Reckless” from Madeline Baker. I have so many favorites I love all Carol Finch books and Bobbi Smith. I have enjoyed all of your stories as well. Now that I think of it I don’t have a favoirite I LOOOOOOOOOVE THEM ALL!

  18. Hi Patricia, You’re in the drawing! Series romances are great for binge reading . . . Whatever line you choose, they’re short and satisfying. Those old Mary O’Hara books must have been special, but if you reread them, I bet you’ll be amazed at the differences in style. Enjoy!

  19. Hi Colleen! I see some paranormal on your list…Mixing things up keeps us fresh, I think. I like both contemporary and historical. You’re in the drawing!

    Hi Hilltop Farmwife! The first romances I read were the Calder books. I loved ’em! Your name’s in the hat 🙂

  20. Hi Estella–Hubby and I were talking about Girl with the Dragon Tattoo just last night. Neither of us has read it, but we almost rented the movie. Hubby likes “dark,” and the looks super suspenseful. You’re in the drawing!

    Hi Sherry, Is “Courtship” by Lynna Banning an older book? I think I remember it…I dropped your name in the hat 🙂

  21. I just started reading the debut LIH novel by Sherri Shackelford called Winning the Widow’s Heart. It’s a June release but I got an advance copy! It’s terrific so far! I love your books and am anxiously awaiting your next one 🙂 I would LOVE to win this one so put me in the drawing! I’ve been wanting to read it!!! I don’t have an ereader so I can’t download anything! I don’t have a desire for an ereader either! I love to hold a book in my hands! I don’t have a favorite western romance but my last name IS Western – does that count???!!!! No wonder WESTERN is my favorite type of time period of Historical Romance to read 🙂

  22. Hi Valri! I’ll have to read Sherri’s book. I’ve heard good things about it, and it’s always fun to read a debut author. Love you last name! Got you in the drawing 🙂

  23. I love my Kindle and am currently reading Paper Roses by Amanda Cabot and am loving it. Just finished The Cowboy Who Came Calling by Linda Broady.
    Sometimes though it too easy to buy books on my Kindle and I end up with sooooooo many waiting to be read!

  24. I’m currently reading Healing Dr Fortune by Judy Duarte. Just finished a Desire by Charlene Sands.
    My favorite western A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing by Joan Johnston.

    I’ve downloaded some Friday Freebies from Amazon. The Countess was the last one.
    I haven’t read any books on my KINDLE yet.

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