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Well, I thought we might do something just a little different today.  Dreamy cover model Jason Baca is with us today — he won’t be here to answer questions personally, but he has said that he will be giving away a signed zed card to the winning commenter today.  I’ll be doing a drawing later tonight.

I’m one of those lucky people who has Jason on my mailing list — and Jason has kindly consented to answer some questions that I put to him a few weeks ago.  Here’s the interview, but first a bio:

Jason Aaron Baca was born and raised in Los Gatos California, were he played baseball for Los Gatos High. While playing ball at the college level, Jason changed careers and began modeling after being discovered by an on location photographer for I Know What You Did Last Summer where he’d been doubling for Freddie Prinze Jr..
With a goal of becoming a versatile and sought after model, Jason began doing fashion, glamour, fine art, and even Playgirl modeling shoots. He has also acted, appearing in such movies as “The Demon Within,” but he has consistently placed his modeling career first. Jason has appeared on over 85 romance novels and has been featured in several Men’s Exercise Magazines. 
So here we go with the interview:
KK — Hi Jason!  Can you tell us a little about yourself and how you came to be involved in the book cover industry.
Jason – Sure well I basically stumbled upon the romance novels. I used to go to Barnes & Noble all the time and would always just walk past the romance novels and not pay any attention. Then one day I walked in there and saw a cover of a guy that looked very similar to me only I looked slightly better. I thought “hey I can do this” And that is where it all began for me.
 KK — Wow!  That’s great!  Jason, what do you like best about being a cover model?  And least?
Jason – What I like best is the fact that seeing me on one of these covers and knowing that my body, my face is what’s going to initially get that readers attention is what thrills me. To be the guy that is on the cover is an amazing feeling. I can say I have a part that I like least. I enjoy what I do and don’t take it for granted.
KK — Wow, Jason, that’s terrific!  Now, what’s it like to do these sexy covers with gorgeous models?
Jason – Most of the time its just me modeling solo. When there is a female in the shoot with me we usually don’t know each other on the day of the shoot. There is nothing erotic about it. I look at them , they look at me and we both tell each other, lets make this work! We both have a job to do. All of the female models I’ve encountered have been very kind.
 KK — This is nice to know.  I believe that you do have some American Indian blood flowing through your veins.  What tribe are you?  And can you tell us a little about that?
Jason – You know Karen I wish I could! I would have to dig deep to find that family tree that has the Indian blood in it. It would have to be like 6-7 generations ago. I know that I tan extremely easy and get dark fast so that is one clear sign.
KK — Now here’s a question that might be a little difficult:  It’s a well known fact that Hollywood men and or women usually have multiple marriages and that jealousy runs high in this field.  Since you are one good-looking fellow, tell me do you think this is a plus or a minus as far as being able to establish and keep a wonderful marriage?   In other words, do you find all those women who adore you are a detriment to your own happy ever after?
Jason – Its not difficult for me to keep a wonderful marriage when I have a supportive wife. If she was the jealous type then of course there would be chaos constantly since I am always posing with female models. But she is a very confident lady so she doesn’t worry about all this. She knows this is me and this is who I am. This is who she married..  A model that happens to be a romance novel model.
KK — Can you tell us what you’re looking for in a  marriage partner?
Jason – Well the one I found. She is there for me when I need emotional help as I am for her. She lets me tell her all the things I want or plan to achieve in life and responds to them in a positive way. The sky is the limit when it comes to our goal setting. She is a traveler like me and can pack our bags and be on a flight to Hawaii in an hour.
KK — Here’s my next tough question:  It’s my opinion that women have been seduced into the work force by those amongst us with hardly pleasant intentions toward us, thereby leaving the traditional roles of motherhood, wife and being the rock-steady force within the family to others.  Personally I feel this is a high price to pay simply because others wish to either destroy the family unit or to tax the 50% of the populations that prior to women going into the workforce, they could not tax — see Aaron Russo’s interview with Alex Jones on this subject.  Long lead up to “What do you think about women being in the work force?”
Jason – Really good points you make on this topic. I think today its a 50/50 thing between husband and wife. If they choose to have a child it doesn’t mean the wife will be the one doing the childcare 100% of the time. It wouldn’t be fair to her. See I don’t have any children so I can’t answer it straight. But this is how I look at things from a far.
 And our final question:   I hear you have a lot of photos that weren’t used from past shoots. If an independent author would like to use one of your stock photos for their cover is there a place where they can be found online?
  9) If a publisher would like to book you for a cover, where would they go to do so?
Jason – They’d go straight through my management and book with them. Here is the page they’d go to  –
Wow!  Well, that’s all of the interview for today.   I hope you have all enjoyed this interview, and I hope you’ll come in an leave a comment for Jason (and for me, too, if you would be so kind).  Don’t forget, I have six different new to ebooks available at Samhain Publishing: 

 Jason has said that he will give away a signed zed card for the winning commentor today!  So come on in and leave a comment!
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  1. Hi Jason, welcome to the P&P and its really nice to meet you. Do you enjoy being a cover model? It sounds like an awesome job and you are wonderful at it. Thanks for sharing with us today.

  2. It’s great to learn something about the men who visually bring to “life” the heroes in romances. And with Jason’s good looks he could be the cover model for any number of romance genres–from Native American, to cowboy, Highlander, Regency rogue or contemporary billionaire.

  3. Great interview, Kay and Jason! I have to agree with Anne it’s nice to “meet” one of the men who bring the heroes of romance to life, and many times sell the books. Modeling must take a bit of the acting bug, also, to just meet someone and be able to give some of the sizzling looks required.

  4. Hi Elizabeth!

    Me too. What a handsome man, and like you said, so level headed. I was also thrilled to learn that he is married. Hope they have many children! 🙂

  5. I always enjoy reading the blog posts on here, but it’s a breath of fresh air to get to know a little about one of the male cover models. Thank you both for allowing us the pleasure of an inside glimpse for the novel’s cover inspiration.

  6. Hi Karen and Jason,
    Thank you both for such a good interview! Have to thank you for the question on women in the workforce Karen…such a great one, and I am with you! Jason, it is good to know you are happily married and that you have such a levelheaded look at life. I wish you many years of love and happiness… Have to admit, that my fave cover of yours happens to be “Legacy Found.” Have a great day. 🙂

  7. Hi N.J.

    Any chance of sharing that cover with us? I’d love to see it. If you can’t post it here — send it to me personally in an email — and I’ll post it. karenkay(dot)author(at sign)earthlink(dot)net.

  8. I so agree, Jean. Lucky wife he has — of course I also have a very handsome husband and consider myself lucky, also — especially because my husband is also very kind.

  9. Hi Phyllis!

    Nice to meet you here on the blog. I so agree with you about the workforce — and in truth I do believe that it is one of the problems we face as a culture — when children become unimportant to a society (the rearing and raising of them), that culture is doomed in my opinion.

  10. It is great to learn about one of the guys we see on the covers everyday… thanks for sharing! 😀

  11. Kay, what a wonderful blog. I wonder if anyone has ever told Jason how much he looks like Patrick Swayze. My gosh! I did a double-take when I first saw his picture. He’s the spitting image of Patrick. Love it.

  12. Thanks for an enlightening post. Interesting to get the model’s view of things. And yes, it must take some acting ability to go from “Hi, nice to meet you.” to an “I can’t live without you look.” with a fellow model at a shoot. It takes both looks and talent for such good outcomes. I agree with Anne. He is blessed with the kind of good looks that allow him to model for a variety of types of covers.

    Thanks for doing this kind of post and giving us some insight on the modeling business and letting us get to know someone who seems like a genuinely nice young man.

  13. Excellent interview Kay — it’s fun to see how cover models get their start also. Jason is a great guy and looks very appealing on the covers you posted. FUN!!

  14. I enjoyed the interview. Jason seems to be a very enterprising person. Just noting models on books and deciding he could do those was a smart move. I am sure there is a lot of time spent getting shoots set up just right, maybe taking lots of different poses; but he seems to enjoy the job. Thanks for a different kind of interview.

  15. Hi Patricia!

    You are so very welcome, and my thanks go to Jason, also, for doing the interview and for sharing with us. I, too, have often wondered about the modeling business and it’s nice to get a little inside info on it. 🙂

  16. Hi Gladys!

    Yes, it really must take quite a talented person to do these covers — I never even realized that before… Duh…and how long have I been in this business. 🙂

  17. Yep these guys that pose for the covers for ya’lls books,all i can say is WOW where can i get one lol. I love reading your books Karen,I also love reading my medevil romance noels also.Hope you and your family had a wonderfull Easter.Can’t wait for you next book.


  18. Oh, Kay…this is a LOVELY interview and with pictures, too! LOL Very nice to get to know Jason and see some of his work–your covers are always so gorgeous!

  19. Congratulations, Jason! Your lady sounds like a
    wonderfully balanced person, well suited for you.
    Good luck with your great career!

    Pat C.

  20. Hi NJ very nice cover and very nice blog Jason and congratulation I wish you all a wonderful and lot of sun week
    Best regards

  21. Very cool, Kay and Jason! Thanks for the lovely interview–like other commenters, I’ve been curious to hear from the models’ perspective! Congratulations on such a loving and supportive relationship–what a blessing to both of you! Wishing you all the best!

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