Chelley Kitzmiller Comes to the Junction- and See’s Candy Giveaway

  Native American historical romance

 with a touch of paranormal


 Chelley Kitzmiller


I am pleased and honored to be blogging on P & P, and I want to thank all the talented fillies for letting me tell readers about my recent eBook releases from The Warriors of the Wind series.


Can you pinpoint  a life-changing experience?


Mine was on a camping trip. We were in our RV, unable to go outside because of a snowstorm. I was stuck with


kids, dogs, a husband, a sister-in-law; there was nothing to do but twiddle my thumbs … until sis unearthed Sweet Savage Love by Rosemary Rogers. We took turns reading aloud to each other. At page 150, the weather warmed and everybody went fishing–except me. You couldn’t drag me away from that book. I quit reading at 3 am when my flashlight went dead.


I was officially a romance reader,

and I had a whole new world to explore!


I was surprised that SSL’s post-Civil War history was based on fact.  A bigger surprise was that I, a history hater, loved the historical detail and craved more. I couldn’t wait to see if the bookstore had more of the same.  A hundred plus historical romance novels later, I got a new craving: to write, which wasn’t too surprising since I come from a family of writers. My mom wrote confessions, my brother-in-law co-wrote a sports tell-all book, my brother, Gerald Clarke, writes NYT bestselling biographies (Capote & Get Happy), and grandpa, I’m told, wrote bad checks!


My writing goal was to give readers what Rosemary had given me: a joyfully painless history lesson wrapped in an emotional, action-packed story.


I hope you’ll agree that I accomplished that goal in The Peacemaker, The Seeker and The Healer, all belonging to the Warriors of the Wind series. The Peacemaker was first published with NAL as Fires of Heaven and The Seeker as Embrace the Wind. Now, they are being offered as eBooks. The Healer, a June 2012 eBook, is brand new and continues the series.


It was the Oscar-winning actor, Jack Palance, playing an educated Apache warrior in the movie Arrowhead, who first got me interested in Apaches. Years later I became good friends with Jack and a  host of Western actors. 

The Warriors of the Wind series is based on the struggles between the Apache and the white man.  I tried to present the problems, views and emotions from both sides. Each of the heroes is driven to bring peace to the Arizona Territory with a minimum loss of life.  Their efforts are complicated by feisty heroines who have their own problems such as an abusive father, racial prejudice and supernatural powers.  


For each of the characters love comes unbidden. While writing their stories, I often felt guilty for giving them so much pain—all in the name of love. But because I am a romantic, I trusted my characters to find creative ways to get past the obstacles and find happiness in each other’s arms.


Because I am a huge animal lover, I try to include at least one animal in each book to lighten things up. Animals are such fun to work with, even the fictional ones. Next to my husband of many years and my writing, animals are my great love.


I generally have 15-18 dogs and 4-9 cats and kittens living at my house on any given day. Most are fosters and will eventually be adopted through the rescue I began: Have A Heart Humane Society: If you love books about dogs, you’ll enjoy Oscar Goes Camping written by me and my friend, Gene Stirm. The book pokes fun at campers and camping through a dog’s eyes. 100% of each sale goes to the rescue to help pets. Oscar Goes Camping is available on Amazon in a trade size paperback. A great gift for dog lovers and campers.


I invite you to visit my website  and read some of the reviews praising my books and learn more about me and my plans for the future. My website is jam-packed with interesting stuff like articles I’ve written on Western history, Western decorating and interviews and photos with various Western actors. Also on the site is a magazine/newspaper history of the romance industry since its beginning, which I personally compiled. And finally, a clip of the film documentary “Where The Heart Roams” made in 1983, starring Barbara Cartland, Janet Dailey, my husband (despite his embarrassing comments we are still married) and moi!


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Chelley is giving away a $15 gift card for See’s candy to one lucky winner!   








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24 thoughts on “Chelley Kitzmiller Comes to the Junction- and See’s Candy Giveaway”

  1. Chelley, welcome to the junction! Your covers are beautiful and since I read the first two books when they were originally published I can say the stories are wonderful.

    Rosemary Rogers made romance writers out of many of us. She certainly made an impression on me.

  2. Howdy Margaret! You have been a good and true friend throughout the years, the trials, the tribulations and the fun! Boy, do we have some memories under on buckles–like the Palm Springs beauty pageant. Oh my, what a hoot that was! And, of course, our camping trips.

    I’m looking forward to many more adventures–a research trip into the wilds of Apache country would be fun and the good news is we wouldn’t have to worry about keeping our hair!

  3. Hi Chelley,

    Your covers are gorgeous! And the series sounds wonderful!

    I hate that history is often abused as such a boring topic, when there are marvelous treasures to be found. I’m glad you found a way to wrap up history in a fascinating package.

  4. Hi Kirsten–I LUV the covers too. They were done by the one and only incredible Kim Killion with My agent has Kim on her team to do covers for her eBook distribution program. Kim also did bookmarks, bs cards, a fb banner, twitter background (@chelleykitzmlr) and is now doing an ad for me for the local paper.
    She was so easy to work with and her prices were very reasonable.

    Regarding the history. I’d love to meet up with my old history teacher; he would be soooo surprised. But I’d also like to tell him a thing or two about teaching history because he was a terrible teacher, which might be the reason I hated it so much in school. He was all facts, no emotion of any kind.

    Good luck on winning the See’s. Thanks for dropping by.

  5. I love books about dogs since I love dogs. I have two adorable sweethearts. Western History is another favorite interest of mine. I have read many Western novels and find them meaningful and memorable. I used to watch Westerns in the old days and enjoyed them greatly.

  6. Pearl, I love dogs and cats. Today I have 17 dogs here and yes, it is a zoo! Five are up for adoption, an adorable Pug and some Chihuahua mixes ranging in size from 4-10 lbs. I always used to wonder why the good Lord put me here and now I know–to save pets. And maybe to write! LOL.
    Check out our Have A Heart Humane Society pets on My “Oscar Goes Camping” book is for sale on Amazon. The proceeds go to our rescue. Check it out; it’s cute!

    I have a huge collection of Western videos, in the old format of course. So, I gotta keep my vcr working. Good luck in the candy drawing.

  7. Hi Chelley, I have not read your books before and they sound fabulous, love the covers. I will have to start looking for them. Thanks for sharing your books with us.

  8. Your adventures certainly are interesting. Glad that you are writing history since it shapes everything that we deal with in life. I disliked history in school but find it fascinating now. As you said it depends upon who is teaching and how it is done. Important. Best wishes.

  9. Quilt Lady–I adore quilts and have several antique quilts–one I’m thinking about donating to my pet rescue to raise funds. I love the history in quilts–did you ever read about the quilts that the slaves used to send secret messages? My daughter made a book quilt for me, looks like a bookshelf with my titles on the shelves.

  10. Hi Ellie,
    You wouldn’t believe some of the adventures I’ve had–most of them related to writing. In fact, when I write about real characters as I did in my first book and the one I’m working now, I tune in somehow to the character and a lot of “coincidences” happen. It will soon be on my website which is still under construction. Thanks for the visit.

  11. What a wonderful interview, Chelley. I think I love historical fiction for the same reasons…I enjoy learning new stuff in a fun way. God bless you with tons of sales…keep up the good work. So good to have you in Wildflower Junction today!

  12. I can relate to your experience in the RV. My family took a vacation to Colorado to do some fishing and camping. it rained everyday for a week-kids were wet and fussy, we were all staying in one RV since the ground was too wet to put up the tents, we ran out of food and dry clothes since it seemed like all we did was eat because of the cramped quarters. ugh There were 8 of us. Needless to say, the next year we did not use the RV on our vacation! For a woman, that is not a vacation since one still has to cook, clean, take care of kids, and try to keep everyone happy.
    Your book sounds really good.

  13. Hello Chelley! It is wonderful to learn about you and your books… You were an unknown author for me… I will definitely have to keep my eyes open for some of your books… they sound like ones I would enjoy reading! 😀

  14. Hi Tanya, Joye, Coleen. Thank you for commenting. Ebooks really are the wave of the future but I still love going into new and used bookstores. You can’t beat the experience of discovering something you didn’t even know you wanted because you saw it on a shelf. I have gotten some fabulous reviews on my books, which are posted on I take pride in the accuracy of my historial research and beginning with The Seeker, I have added a bibliography because people wanted to know where I learned all that stuff. I even check the date of certain words in my 1870 dictionary and I wouldn’t be without my 1865 Godey’s Lady’s Book, complete with color plates. Thank you.

  15. Aloha Jill, thanks for being my buddy and stopping by. It means a lot to me. I am soooo glad to be back in the saddle. And I’m keeping this saddle well oiled and in good repair.

  16. Great post! I too am an animal lover and enjoy it when they get into stories. I’ve had a dog and 7 cats at one time and care for strays/ferals. I get attached immediately so fostering is out for me lol. And I devoured all of Rosemary Roger’s books lol. You have a great sense of humor and I bet that shows up in your books (laughing and crying makes great books). I enjoy learning about the American Indian side of history since I think they were mistreated and misrepresented. Lovely covers!

  17. Hi Catslady, Since I’ve always had so many animals and so many different kinds (donkeys, monkeys, rabbits, goats, a horse, a sheep, and zillions of dogs and cats–I know a lot about pets. I never thought fostering would be something I could do either for the same reason you have, but someone told me I was being selfish. When she took me to a shelter and I saw all the pets and was told what would happen to them–I knew I could help. I love every one that I take and would keep them all–but then I couldn’t save another one. Saving lives believe it or not becomes addictive. And the joy when you find just the right home for that pet is beyond great. I hope to someday use some of the profits from my books to grow my rescue so I can save even more pets! Thank you for blogging today. I hope to chat with you again.

  18. Chelley, I love the spelling of your name! Maybe I can talk one of my grandkids into using that for their child, although I do not want to rush it!

    Your covers really caught my eye and I will be traveling over to your to your website to tour.

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