Linda Broday’s Winners


Thank you all so much for making this a special day for me. I really enjoyed chatting.

BIG SURPRISE…..I’m giving away four copies of this instead of two.

The Winners are……….





Congratulations, ladies! I’ll contact you and tell you how to collect your prize.

Thanks again!

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4 thoughts on “Linda Broday’s Winners”

  1. Yes, My grandmother and mother were members in the Camp Fire Girls association. I also was a member and then for thirteen years was a leader. I kept my older daughter’s group together until they were juniors in high school. My younger daughter’s group fell apart in the fourth grade because of lack of parent help. It was a great experience for my children and me. My older daughter was so shy in first grade that she sat on the steps for the first six meetings. By the time we disbanded her group, she had gone to Kansas City and helped changed the by-laws for the older girls and sang at the World’s Fair in Canada. Yes – it was a great experience for her and gave us one more reason to be proud of our Kellie.

    We sold the candy – so good and such a temptation being stored in our garage. 🙂

    Bless this woman for starting the Girl Scouts and giving her life to such an admiral organization.

    Oh, by the way – my Indian name was ToTo Pakwa which meant Green Frog. 🙂 It delighted the girls.

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