Snow Day?

Last night we looked at the weather forecast and got very hopeful. Snow in the evening, over night, and into the morning. Not a vast amount, but enough that there was the possibility of a snow day.

In the two years that my husband has been teaching at a local college, he has never had a snow day. This winter, the kids have had exactly ONE.  Bearing in mind that last year we had a few and that the year before that I think they had almost one a week, this year has kind of felt like we’re getting cheated out of snow days.

The funny thing is that in the years when we have a lot, I start to curse them because it is definitely harder to work with the kids home. But the odd one is like a treat, and a snow day on a MONDAY would be even better. Not just because it’s the first day of the week but because it’s also the heaviest extra curricular activity day and I’d be saved a whole lotta running around.

So last night the kids put spoons under their pillows (no idea where THAT came from) and wore their jammies wrong-side out in the hopes of a snow day.

I woke up several times in the night, I really did. Wondering if it was snowing. Dreaming about the alarm going off and hearing the words that the district schools were cancelled.

Instead the sun was peeking out, a few inches were down but everything was going on as normal (albeit a bit carefully on the roads this morning). It is currently flurrying, but this afternoon I will still be doing the volleyball/choir/badminton run.

I mean really. If we have to have snow in March, can’t we at least have enough to get a day off? Dang it, I had promised the girls that if school was cancelled, I’d work for a while and then we’d watch another episode of Downton Abbey.

Ah well. The house is quiet and I have lots of work to do. The snow day will have to wait.

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4 thoughts on “Snow Day?”

  1. Well, snow days used to be fun… now we have to make them up. A couple of years there were enough that we wend to school until almost the end of June.. which is highly unusal in Indiana. It’s even worse today for those people in Southern IN that are coping with the tornado damage.. now covered in 2 inches of wet snow..

  2. I’m with you, Donna. I looked forward to snow days when mine were in school. When I worked at the library, I will plead guilty to hoping for them for myself. The are bonus days for family time. Time to do things together that we can never seem to fit in otherwise.

    One disadvantage of living in the northern climes is their ability to keep the roads clear. I grew up about 65 miles south of Montreal in NY state. We now live in the south. An in of snow here closes everything down. They don’t have the equipment to deal with it and people don’t know how to drive in it.

    I hope you get at least one more bonus day with your children this winter. There has to be another storm in line for your island.

  3. Donna, when we have snow days I get the day off, laze around in my flannel pjs, drink hot tea and occasionally doze.
    My husband has to plunge into the blinding white fury to fight for the lives of his cattle.
    you could say there are two schools of thought in our household about snow days.

  4. We got a little snow but not much and I am so glad. The weather has been really weird this year. On Friday it was 70 degrees and tornados everywhere and by Sunday it was snowing. Gotta love KY I guess.

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