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I’m filling in for Stacey today and in thinking over my post, I thought I’d perhaps tell you a bit of a story within a story.  Since GRAY HAWK’S LADY is being released now (soon to be released) for the first time in ebooks, I thought I’d give a little bit of the back story behind the making of this book — if only because it’s near and dear to me and I’m thinking you might perhaps enjoy it.

Believe it or not, the story starts with a kiss.  But let me backtrack.  I had in 1992-1993 gone through a divorce and came back to California, because I’ve considered it home ever since I was 18 and fell in love with it.  Unfortunately for me, I jumped right into a relationship that was very bad for…many reasons.  After that relationship, I wanted nothing to do with men, love, marriage again.  Sigh…

The year was now 1995 and I was on my own and definitely enjoying being on my own.  One of my best friends (whom I had known since 1970) was pushing me to go on a blind date.  I didn’t want to go and I told her I wanted nothing to do with men, relationships, marriage, dating…nothing…

But she insisted and I found my self consenting to one date.  That was in January of 1996.  I had a book due to my publisher in July of 1996, but had plenty of time to write it and had, indeed, started writing it when I went on this first date.

So off I went on this first ever in my life blind date.  The gentleman picked me up at my house and I noticed he was wearing cowboy boots and being very interested in the West and Cowboys and Indians, this was great.  He was also born and raised in Montana, and I was very interested in Montana since the story of GRAY HAWK’ S LADY was to take place in Montana.

The date was okay.  We went out to eat, but I was left with the impression that he wasn’t really interested in me.  So, I put it behind me.  He never called, never asked me back out and never told me what was happening and so eventually, just to end my wondering about it, I called my friend, told her I was sorry it hadn’t worked out and … well, so long sort of thing.  To my surprise she wouldn’t let it go — I had just wanted to put it behind me.  She said, “Oh, no, he’s really interested in you.”  and I said, “Oh, no, I don’t think so.  Let’s just put the whole thing behind us.”  And she said, “No, I’m sure he really liked you.”

So she called his brother, who then talked to him, and the upshot of it all was that Paul then called me and asked me for another date.  Well, it had been an okay first date, I thought, and he was a nice gentleman and perhaps we could be friends, I thought.  So I accepted.

Little did I know what was in store.  On the second date, we were both more relaxed, held hands, and I thought, okay, we’ll be friends.  He took me home, walked me to the door and just as I was about ready to go inside, he took me in his arms and kissed me.  Now, it was quite some kiss.  He meant it. And I was more than ready to receive it.   His hands caressed my cheeks, my eyes, my face, my hair, my neck. It went on and on and on, and when he was done, I felt a little drunk.  I think I stared at him and for the first time, I said to myself, “Who is this man?”  Indeed, I wanted more.

Well, that was that.  We had a date the next week, and within 2-3 weeks, I had moved in with him and we were married in May 1996.  Our first date was February 3rd 1996.  So it definitely was a whirlwind romance.

Now you may be wondering what this has to do with the book, GRAY HAWK’S LADY.  Well, a lot, I’m afraid.  I was in the middle of writing that book, and I fell so deeply in love with this man, who is now my husband, that of course that love was written all over the printed pages of GRAY HAWK’S LADY.  That first kiss and my emotional reaction to it is recorded in that work.  Also, my gradual coming to understand that this man was the most important man in my life is in that book.  His calmness, his teasing, his care…it’s all written there as I fell head over heels in love.

Did I mention that my earring (the night of that first kiss) fell off — and I have pierced ears!…

In May of this year, we will have been married 16 years.  Interestingly enough I still have the pictures of our wedding on my website — can’t bring myself to take them down, even though 16 years more or less have gone by now.  People sometimes write to me and congratulate me on my recent marriage — and I smile.  To me, in many ways, it does seem like a recent marriage, as I fall in love with this man all over again every day.

I love this man with all my heart — and as the years have gone by, that love grows and grows and grows.   He stole my heart with that first kiss and that love goes on and on and on.  (I’ll knock on wood here.)  As the — gee, was it the Ronettes that once sang the song, “And Then He Kissed Me,” —  it has always seemd to me that it started with that kiss.    Ah, sweet!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the blog today and I hope you’ll come in and leave a message.  And please don’t forget I have several books on sale right now, LAKOTA SURRENDER, LAKOTA PRINCESS and PROUD WOLF’S WOMAN.










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KAREN KAY aka GEN BAILEY is the multi-published author of American Indian Historical Romances. She has written for such prestigious publishers as AVON/HarperCollins, Berkley/Penguin/Putnam and Samhain Publishing. KAREN KAY’S great grandmother was Choctaw Indian and Kay is honored to be able to write about the American Indian Culture.
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50 thoughts on “The Story of GRAY HAWK’S LADY”

  1. I was touched by your blind date love story!
    Loved the kiss and its tie in to your book.

    I only went on two blind dates and they were painful. I thought they’d never end.

    One was what I thought was going to be an afternoon of canoeing with another couple. It turned into a two day event. I had no clue that we were camping over night, no warm clothes. This took place in April in Wisconsin. My teeth chatter just thinking about it.

    The second was to a double header ML baseball game. Boring! I thought it was going to be only one game. We got lost getting out of the parking lot and he started yelling at me. We then drove in silence for two hours to get home.

  2. Hi, Kay! What a wonderful love story! No wonder you are such a great romance writer! Thank you for sharing–you touched my heart and lifted my spirits : )

  3. Hi Kay! This was such a sweet, wonderful way to start the weekend. Thanks for sharing your real life love story.

    I’m so glad some of the books I’ve missed of yours are being released in e-book format. They’ve all been wonderful and I look forward to Gray Hawk’s Lady–especially now that I’ve heard the story behind the story. :o)

  4. When I read this, I was thinking, who is she writing about me, or her. I had a very similar date with my husband of 18yrs, after a traumatic divorce. We worked together and everyone kept pushing us on each other. Once we had that first date it was a whirlwind romance, and we married 3mos later, and here we are 18yrs later, still in that whirlwind romance.

  5. Oh, Kay, this is so sweet. I love the emotion you put into this blog about your sweetie. Yes, the kiss must’ve been something. Wow! I’m sighing here. And it’s always a little amazing to me how we writers insert whatever is going on with us at the time into our books. Whether we realize it or not. I’m glad your books are being re-released as e-books. The covers are gorgeous. Wishing you much success!

  6. Kay what a beautiful story! One just never knows where or when love is going to find them. They just have to be open to it!

    I met my husband on an evening when my date stood me up!

    Love the covers of your books. They always catch my eye.

  7. Now if that is not a Romance book nothing is.. I would say most of my romances started with a Dance.. I wish you both a lot more “Kisses”.. Thanks for sharing with us Kay…

  8. Hi Laurie G.!

    Your story made me smile — this is what I usually thought of blind dates. So sorry for your experience — and he yelled at you… Oh, my gosh…

    So glad you put that one behind you.

  9. Hi Lee!

    Isn’t that incredible? Seems interesting that we both had such similar experiences… I love it — and I bet you understand me when I say that not all the wealth of the world could compare with this love. Not even close.

    There are those who would never understand that — but I bet you do. 🙂

    Thanks so much for your thoughts.

  10. Hi Linda!

    Thanks so much for your thoughts. I am so in awe of your work as an author, too. But romance is all about emotion and love. It seems to me there’s a re-definition going on nowadays about love and romance — a not so great one — and so it’s nice to be reminded from time to time the empowering quality of true romance. 🙂

  11. Hi Connie!

    Wow! I bet you have a story to tell about your romance with your husband, huh?

    What a great ending to a story of being stood up — something I’m sure most of us have had to endure. 🙂

  12. Hi Kathleen!

    Oh, I love what you said about a dance… How thrilling and beautiful. Funny thing is in most of my books, love often grows while the couple are dancing.

    I love dancing so much, there’s almost always a pivotal scene that includes a dance — they are that beautiful. 🙂

  13. That was a wonderfully sweet story. I had my first real kiss at 16 and I too married the guy 🙂

  14. I heard someone else once say she knew from her first kiss that her boyfriend would be the love of her life.
    I don’t think it happens like that very often but it’s the stuff of wonderful romance.

  15. What a touching story Karen, loved it. Grey Hawks Lady also sounds like a wonderful read and I can’t wait to read it.

  16. Kay, I love the story behind the story. I also met my husband shortly after coming out of a bad relationship. We went out on Saturday night and he started work for the Texas Department of Highways and Public Transportation (plain on Highway Department in those days)on Monday. I didn’t hear from him on Sunday nor Monday, so figured … oh well, another one bites the dust, although I liked him and wanted to see more of him. Then on Tuesday, he called and asked me out. That was on August 8th and we married November 9th and haven’t missed a day of being together, except for travel, in 43 years! I have pierced ears and have to admit our first kiss didn’t knock my earrings out of my ear!! LOL Great story, Kay. Just shows when the right one comes along, he’s the right one in all the ways that matters. Much love, P

  17. Kay,

    This touched my heart and made me cry. You know I lost my precious husband of years unexpectedly in Oct. It strange because that is how we done on our first date. The kiss that my Tommy planted on my lips that first kiss oh I can recall for the rest of my life.

    I love my Tommy more than anything so I totally understand how you feel about your husband. I want to say that hold on to what you love for tomorrow they may be gone. I want to thank you for being me back to a time in my life that will forever be in my heart.


  18. Now that I think of it, Kay, I have a question for you, something I’ve always wondered.
    Did traditional Native Americans actually kiss? I know they do it in novels, but I’ve never seen it mentioned in factual descriptions of their courtship.
    You’re the expert here.

  19. Kay,

    Sorry it did post how many years me and my precious Tommy were married…

    We were married for 24 years…On May 6th we would have been married 25 years….


  20. Kay,

    Here I am posting again…I know the first post may have misspelled words or the wording may not be right…I was crying so hard because of my Tommy

    Love you

  21. Hi Melinda!

    Wow, that was beautiful and I can imagine the pain you must be going through. We have lost two very dear family members in the last 4 years and it has taken its toll on us.

    Thanks for your beautiful spirit!

  22. Hi Elizabeth!

    I put the question to an elder of the Lakota tribe and he looked at me strangely and said, “Kissing isn’t only for white people, you know. Of course Indians kissed.”

    I know some authors who insist they didn’t, but like that elder said, I think they would’ve figured it out somewhere along the way. Here’s another one: did you know that the way in which we swim today was an Indian way of swimming — before noticing this in Native America, the white man did the breast stroke — it was Native America that brought about our current way of swimming — another little bit of history never taught. 🙂

  23. Oh Melinda, although I thank you for correcting yourself, there’s really no need. I understand and I thank you for your heartfelt post, which I believe was extremely well written.

    Things from the heart don’t need the right spelling, right?

  24. This sounds like a beautiful love story I can’t wait to read it! Thanks for being here today

  25. Congratulations on your upcoming 16th anniversary!
    Sounds as if you have a really great husband! Give
    him a hug for us!

    Pat Cochran

  26. What a great story Karen, thanks for sharing!! Finding your soulmate is a beautiful thing. I am so happy for both of you. I am looking forward to reading Grey Hawk’s Lady, I have enjoyed all of your books very much. I hope you and your wonderful cowboy have many… many…many more happy years together. 🙂

  27. Late as usual. It has been a long day, and now I am sitting here watching the weather coverage waiting for the Red Cross to call for me to go work a shelter. This is the second tim in 4 days there have been tornado warnings, but the first time they have actually set up shelters.

    Thanks for an enlightening post. I would think it would be hard for an author not to have their writings reflect what is going on in their lives. When it is something a momentous as what was happening to you at that time, it had a big impact. It puts more feeling and sincerity in the piece. Better for us. I’ll be glad when I eventually get an e-reader so I can load up those books of yours I don’t yet have.

  28. Hi Patricia!

    Wonderful observations, as usual. My daughter so loves her e-reader and she carries it with her everywhere. It does seem to be the reader of the future.

    Tornados — I sincerely hope they pass you and your loved ones and you community by. 🙂

  29. Sorry Kay. HEA is short for Happy Ever After. It’s obvious you are still in love with this man and so happy to be married to him even after 16 years! I love a story with a happy ending!

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