Jenna Kernan Talks About The Cahill Cowboys

THE LAST CAHILL COWBOY rides into Cahill Crossing this month, completing the miniseries, CAHILL COWBOYS Texas’s Finest.  Author Jenna Kernan talks about writing a continuity series.

Ever wonder what it would be like to write four stories with four authors in four months? 

That’s what the authors of the Harlequin Historical series, CAHILL COWBOYS Texas’s Finest did exactly.  I had the joy and responsibility for winding up the series.  I remember thinking, Boy, I hope I don’t disappoint the other authors.   Not the readers, or my editor—the other writers.  Here’s why…

Three talented women passed on their own precious heroes and heroines to my control.   All of them would appear in my story.  I’d never written a story with a character who was not holy my own creation and that was very disconcerting.   And I didn’t have to face the same, because my hero, Chance Cahill, doesn’t appear in their stories except by reference.  Plus, I didn’t get to see the others stories, as we were all working on them nearly simultaneously.  Was my vision of Quin, Bowie and Leanna the same as their creators?

The best part for me was the creative collaboration on the overarching mystery, of who killed the patriarchs.  That was a bunch of fun.  Why, we even had our own yahoo group that filled up with images, photos, landscapes, maps, character details, story synopses.  You can’t imagine the number of messages (431) we had back and forth. What color is Bowie’s horse?  Who ran the saddle shop?  What does the inside of Leanna’s saloon look like exactly?  Questions and more questions.

The best part of this series, for me, was working with Carol Finch, Carol Arens and Debra Cowan.

I hope you get to meet all four of the Cahills, The Rancher, Quin, The Marshal, Bowie, Saloon owner Leanna and my favorite, Bounty Hunter Chance.  In case you want a short introduction to story, THE LAST CAHILL COWBOY, here’s a little excerpt from the opening, after Chance rescues Ellie from a crazed gambler by shooting him.


“Welcome home, Chance,” Ellie murmured.

He nodded, thinking about hugging her again.

“I’ve heard you’re a bounty hunter and that you’ve killed over a dozen outlaws.”

Chance said nothing to this.  Did the number impress her or sicken her? 

“But not one person mentioned you had a death wish.”

Chance drew up short.  Ellie halted beside him regarding him with a disconcerting fixed stare.  It took him a moment to mask his surprise.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”           

“I saw you back there, Chance Cahill.  Are you trying to kill yourself?”

He gave her a look that made grown men run, but she continued to stare, her thin brows now descending low over her eyes.  This was Ellie, and she knew him or had known him back when he was another person.  The little spitfire didn’t retreat.  Instead, she stood toe-to-toe and lifted her chin in a defiant attitude.  If a man looked at him like that, he’d knock him down.  As it was he’d a good mind to kiss her, just to teach her a lesson.

“Why do you care?”

“Your mother would roll right over in her grave if she saw what you pulled in there.  You were going to let that man shoot you.”

He folded his arms across his chest.  “What do you want me to say, that sometimes I think about it?  Well, I do.  Now get out of my way, Ellen Louise, or I swear you’ll be sorry.”

Her jaw dropped open, though whether from the threat or what he had said before that, he wasn’t certain.  He left her there, wondering what possessed him to tell her the truth.  And why was it that Ellen Jenkins was the only one who had noticed that he no longer cared if he lived or died? 

Her voice followed him.  “What’s happened to you?”

He kept walking.

Excerpt THE LAST CAHILL COWBOY © Jenna Kernan



Award-winning author, Jenna Kernan has over a dozen novels published including Western historical & paranormal romance.  She has received two RITA nominations & won the Book Buyers Best Award in 2010.  Follow Jenna on twitter or at

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32 thoughts on “Jenna Kernan Talks About The Cahill Cowboys”

  1. Really enjoyed this series, the authors all managed to keep the thread and continuity of the story, while expressing individual characters perspective. Managed to sneak an early ebook release of the last book a few weeks ago to finish of an enjoyable series (including the first short story).
    cheers Rosheen

  2. I have often wondered how authors do this, because I have read series in the past writen by three of four authors. They have always been reallly good. It just amazes me.

    This series sound really good and I can’t wait to read it. I will have to start lookng for it. Loved the excerpt and I can’t wait to read more.

  3. It sounds like it takes a lot of communication to get a continuing series to gel.

    I’m anxious to read why Chance has gotten so depressed that he doesn’t care what happens to him.

    I’m interested to see what Ellie will do to rescue Chance.

  4. I’ve just read Turner’s Woman (I know, I’m late to the party lol) by Jenna and loved it! Haven’t read the first books in this series yet but will surely do. It sounds fantastic!

    Thank you for the giveaway.

  5. Hi Jenna!

    Series like the Cahill Cowboys always amaze me at how the writers collaborate so well and keep the story and characters flowing as though it were the same author. And to be the one who ties it all together, what a challenge you faced? Sounds like it was a fun challenge though.

  6. This excerpt and the longer one at your website really hooked me. Besides wanting to read this, I now want to go back and read the first 3 in the series.

  7. Hi All-
    Some of you are early risers! Or perhaps in another time zone. I’m so pleases that you enjoyed the excerpt and are interested to read more.

    Rosheen, you’ve read the whole series! I haven’t even done that yet. I’m still reading Leanna’s story. But I read my own seven time, at least, while editing.

    Quilt Lady & Kristen- I hope you enjoy this series. It was fun and challenging work, but an honor to finish the series.

    Laurie G- I do love a dark, troubled hero. Don’t you?

    ClaudiaGC- Turner’s Woman was my second release. Writing it was hard work, as second books often are. I felt like I climbed those mountains myself!

  8. Jenna, welcome to P&P. We love having you blog with us. I imagine writing a continuity series would kinda be like writing an anthology (which I’ve written six) except your stories are quite a bit longer. This looks like a great book. That cover has hooked me. I’m wondering….would you have to read all of the series to read this last one?

    Wishing you much success and a great blogging day!

  9. I have read a few continuity series and amazed at how well authors can mesh their styles, their characters, and the story arc to make a series that works seamlessly. I wasn’t aware of this one but will be looking for it. I am glad yours is the last. I only read a series when all the books are out and hate to wait for months for the story to be complete. For impatient readers like me, continuity series are perfect, because the books are released close together.

    I like the sound of your segment. It is always interesting to learn what changes a person and makes them take the path in life they do. I look forward to finding out what Chance’s story is and how it plays out.
    I hope the release of THE LAST CAHILL COWBOY does well for you and the series is a big success.

  10. Sounds like a series I would enjoy… I can not imagine trying to keep each author’s storylines and descriptions flowing through each book right… but then I focus more on going along the main characters journey… seeing how they get to their HEA! Thanks for sharing! 😀

  11. I think it’s wonderful how you can all work together. I enjoyed the excerpt. I get the feeling that these could still stand alone as separate reads? Could I just jump in or should they be read in order? Thanks.

  12. Hi Linda~
    Thank you for the welcome. It is good to be back at P&P. To address your question, I’ve had several fans write and say that they hadn’t read the others and did not feel lost reading the finale. Each story is a stand alone. They also said they wanted to go back and read the romances of the other three siblings. There is also a novella in the Christmas anthology, Snowflakes and Stetsons, that Carol Finch wrote, that introduces Cahill Crossing and the Cahill family.

    Patricia B – a true romance fan, who doesn’t like to wait a month for a story to be completed. I love impatient readers! Although it is sometimes disheartening to hear they have read a book overnight that took you five months to write. Thank you for your good wishes.

  13. I loved the series. All of you did a wonderful job! Please don’t put my name in the drawing as I have already bought the book (all four of them). Thank you for the enjoyment of reading your books.

  14. Colleen–you can definately jump right in on any of the stories. Each story stands alone but are linked by solving their parent’s murder. Each sibling’s efforts bring light and narrow the focus on the villian.

    Goldie — I’m so pleased you enjoyed the series.

  15. Sounds like a great series. I haven’t read any of the books yet, but that’s about to change. Great cover, post and excerpt. Thanks for the giveaway.


  16. Isn’t that cover a stunner?
    Each one of the four has the Cahill looming large over the town that bears their name.
    Quin is drawing off his gloves, as he’s the rancher. Bowie’s cover features his marshall’s star. Leanna is dressed to deal cards at her saloon and my boy, Chance, is just looking mean as a snake in his dusty duster.

  17. Hi Jenna! It’s so interesting to read how you all worked together to create this wonderful series. Loved them all so far and look forward to reading The Last Cahill Cowboy. I enjoy your books so much, especially High Plains Bride and His Dakota Captive – your books touch the heart. I always look forward to your new books. Thank you!

  18. Wow, this is fantastic and now I have more books on my TBR pile!! I love these kinds of series where each author brings something a little different to the writings… Thanks so much!

  19. Love series books and but don’t think that I have read the others but am looking forward to read this one.

  20. Hi Jenna,
    Your excerpt is wonderful and I’m also a sucker for a cowboy wearing a duster. I marvel at the ability to connect writing with other authors. Congrats on finishing this terrific series.

  21. Your excerpt is wonderful, Jenna, and I’m also a sucker for a cowboy wearing a duster. Congrats on finishing this terrific series.

  22. Sorry for the repeat. I accidentally clicked ‘submit’ twice (I’m mouse-challenged, lol) and it fussed at me so I altered what I said and then it printed twice! Teehee…

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