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I’m so excited. The re-release of my third single title western romance in Kindle format is almost as thrilling as it was when it first hit the bookstores in 2005. I tell you it’s been a while coming.

REDEMPTION is set in 1869 in the East Texas fictional town of Redemption. It’s a small town on the banks of Caddo Lake and Big Cypress Bayou, not far from the real town of Jefferson.

This story is one of secrets and what happens when they start unraveling. Laurel James and Brodie Yates, who is also known as Shenandoah, have to come to terms with their past mistakes.

Here’s the blurb:

Two brothers…one woman…and a secret that can destroy them all.

Laurel James thinks she’s found the respectability she craves when she agrees to marry the town mayor. While she doesn’t love him, she hopes to build a comfortable life with him. And everything goes according to plan…until Shenandoah rides into town.

Shenandoah just wants to see family and find a place to rest his weary body. The swamps of East Texas offer a respite from the men who hunt him. Temporary or not he’ll take the peace he finds. But then he runs into Laurel and his dreams of a wife and family that he’d counted lost give him reason to hope. He’ll do anything to have Laurel in his arms…and in his bed.

But they wonder if redemption will ever be possible for people like them.

I had to do a lot of research when I wrote this story, specifically about Jefferson, Texas. Looking at the town today, it’s hard to imagine that The Queen of the Bayou as it was called was an important and thriving port city from 1845 to 1872. It was the sixth largest town in Texas and boasted a population of almost 30,000 at one time.

A 100 mile long logjam on the Red River made it possible for paddleboats and steamships to travel from New Orleans and even St. Louis to dock at Jefferson. Tons of goods arrived and departed from Jefferson making it Texas’s chief inland port that was second only to Galveston. To say it was a bustling city put it mildly.

But all good things must come to end. When nitroglycerin came along in 1873, the Army Corps of Engineers blasted through the logjam and cleared it away. This lowered the water level of Caddo Lake and Big Cypress Bayou and made it impossible for steamships to get to Jefferson.

Today the population is a little over 3,000. But the citizens have done a great job preserving the history. Almost every commercial building and house on the main thoroughfare has a historical marker in front of it.

And it’s become one of the most haunted towns in Texas. Tourists flock there, staying in the many Bed and Breakfast businesses and taking part in their annual events.

REDEMPTION is available in the Amazon Kindle Store for $2.99. Just click HERE and it’ll take you there. Very easy.

I’m giving away one copy of the book in Kindle format to one commenter. Plus, as a special Valentine gift I’m also giving away one copy of BE MY TEXAS VALENTINE to another commenter.

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  1. Hi Linday congrats on your book going to Kindle fomat. It is so much easier to read on a Kindle, I have been hooked on that type of reading. I love my Kindle even if it is old. I do miss feeling that paper book in my hand. I still read paper books though. Loved the blurp sounds really good and I can’t wait to read it.


  2. Congrats! I read “Redemption” way back yonder, but am looking forward to enjoying it all over again. Great post! I’m downloading my ebooks on my laptop and find it so much easier to read than a paperback (although I’ll never stop loving the feel a paper in my hand). I will be buying a Kindle, soon, for days like today when I’m on the road. Again, congrats! I’ll see you later today down in Lubbock for our Valentine’s Day Booksigning. Big hugs, Phyliss

  3. Hi Linda,

    I’m so excited to see “The Cowboy Who Came Calling” and “Redemption” available for Kindle! That’s one of the nice perks to ereaders is the re-release of many unavailable books. I look forward to reading these.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!


  4. That’s great news about “Redemption” and I do want to let you know I truly enjoyed “Be My Texas Valentine”!!

  5. Morning, Quilt Lady……’re up early. Thanks for the congrats about my re-release on Kindle. I love my Kindle too. I didn’t think I would and resisted getting one for a long time. But now that I tried it I’m totally hooked. Like you, though, I still read some paper books. I don’t think I’ll ever totally go one way or another.

    Happy Valentine’s Day back to you!! 🙂

  6. Morning, Phyliss…….I can’t wait until you get a Kindle. You’ll really like it. Just don’t expect it to totally take the place of print books. I’ll see you in a bit, lady. Looking forward to spending the next two days with you. We’ll have fun.

  7. Morning, CateS………So nice to have you drop by on this Valentine’s Day. Thank you for the kind words about BE MY TEXAS VALENTINE. I’m so glad you enjoyed it.

    Hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! 🙂

  8. Hi Kirsten………I’m so glad you’re excited about my new re-releases. This has been really almost as much a “high” as it was when they first came out. I’m so happy to be able to share my books with new readers. I see you’re on the e-reader bandwagon also. I have been pleasantly surprised that I love my Kindle. I sure didn’t think anything would compete for my love of the print books.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!! 🙂

  9. Congrats on your book releasing in Kindle format! I love my Kindle. It’s so easy to use and holds so many books. I still do like paperbacks, though. It’s something about holding it in your hands. Thanks for the giveaway.


  10. Hi Elizabeth……Thanks for the compliment about my cover. In case you missed it, Phyliss’s high school granddaughter designed it for me. She’s really talented and hasn’t even begun to scratch the surface. Yes, I’m having a pretty big year so far. Be interesting to see what the rest of the year brings.

    Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂

  11. Hi Mary…….If you’re a freak, Filly Sister, then I am too because I’m so intrigued by all the historical things I run across while doing research. It makes my day when I can find something that gets me really excited. Sometimes I feel like I’ve unearth diamonds and rubies and gold.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you!! 🙂

  12. Hi Joanne B……..thanks for stopping by to join in the chat. I’m glad you’re liking your Kindle. These technological devices really are neat. I didn’t think I’d like mine but it’s so cool. I use it a lot. The bad thing is I have so many unread books on it that I can’t get to them all. I’m just as addicted to the e-books as I am to the print kind. And my TBR stack is growing by leaps and bounds.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!! 🙂

  13. Hi Charlene…….thanks for the kind words. I’m glad you like the cover. I think it really sets the mood for the story since it takes place in the swamps and bayous of far East Texas. I do hope you like it. I’m so excited to finally have it available again.

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Filly Sister!!

  14. I hate to do this but….I have to leave to go to a booksigning this afternoon. Please make yourself at home and get your name in the drawing that I’ll do tomorrow evening. Thanks to all of you who make my life so enjoyable.

  15. I love the title of your book, “Redemption”.
    Congradulations on it coming out as a Kindle release. The cover is beautiful!
    Hope your booksigning is fun and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

  16. How fun to see one of your past stories getting a new lease on life. Love it!

    Isn’t it sad how progress in one area often leaves other areas desserted? The telegraph destroyed the Pony Express. The telphone did away with the telegraph. It’s too bad one man’s progress is another’s dead end.

    I’d love to visit Jefferson some time and see all those wonderful historic buildings and imagine what it must have been like in its heyday.

  17. I love seeing books re-issued. I have a couple of my wishlist and sadly they are out of print. I hope authors and publishers will consider making more available 🙂 Congrats on your re-release and Happy Valentine’s Day.

  18. Happy Valentines Day! Looking forward to reading this book on my Kindle. I love it but have one major problem with it…..I can’t figure out how to have the books autographed! My granddaughter suggested I gather autographs on the case. It would make my case unique.

  19. Congrats, Linda. What a gorgeous cover. And anybody named Shenandoah does it for me. I was kinda sad about the Army blowing u a good thing, but the history is fascinating.

  20. Linda, I do not have a Kindle but after reading all the comments I think I need one! I too love the cover on your new release of Redemption …. I read the book several years ago and it was very good… I would have loved to come to the Lubbock booksigning, but had my grandkids.

  21. Jefferson sounds like a interesting town. I’d love to visit some of these historical buildings. Luckily , it didn’t become a ghost town.

    REDEMPTION Laurel and Shenendoah’s story
    WOW! two brothers, one woman sounds like a complicated love triangle. I’d love to find out what happens to resolve this dilemma.

  22. Since I was just running through on my way to bed last night, I didn’t get a chance to read the post. Jefferson Sounds like an interesting place to visit. The Army Corps of Engineers has done a lot of good, but many of their actions have had unwanted and unforeseen consequences. Thanks for an interesting post.

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