The Rodeo Cowboy – Lisa Mondello

Hello everyone! I want to thank the Petticoats and Pistols gals for having me on the blog today. I’m giving away a copy of my ebook, NOTHING BUT TROUBLE, to TWO readers who leave comments.

I’d like to talk about the appeal of the sexy rodeo cowboy. We love them ‘em, don’t we? I sure do. I fell in love with my first cowboy many years ago when I was on a business trip to Tucson. But it’s not just the cowboy that we’re drawn to in romance novels. It’s the rodeo cowboy.

I’ve often wondered what it is about the rodeo cowboy that has such appeal to a New England gal like me. I think it’s the fearlessness about them. It makes a woman feel safe. Let’s face it. You have to have some pretty tough cookies to get on the back of 1200lbs of dusty, sweaty bull, and hang on for dear life for 8 seconds. And have you ever seen these cowboys ride bronc bareback? It gives tall, dark and dangerous a whole new meaning.

The hero in NOTHING BUT TROUBLE is this kind of cowboy. Fearless and fiercely protective and he does his best to keep a determined debutante safe for 1 month in the Wyoming wilderness. It makes a great combination for romance.

I love writing stories featuring cowboys. NOTHING BUT TROUBLE was my first and is currently available online at Amazon, iTunes, Barnes and Noble, Sony and Kobo. Keep your eye out for HER HEART FOR THE ASKING, book 1 in my Texas Hearts series, featuring sexy bronc bareback rider, Beau Gentry.


His jaw tightened. Yes, there was something definitely wrong here. And money had nothing to do with it. It had everything to do with this beauty standing in front of him, who was clueless about what she was getting her pretty little hide into. “No,” he replied tersely.

“Mr. Buxton, I need your help.”

“Tourist season is in full swing. I’m sure you’ll have no trouble finding someone else.” He turned his back to her and began walking along the fence toward the barn, almost forgetting…

 Abruptly, he glanced up and saw the charred remains of the barn. The place where all his troubles had started just one year ago. It hadn’t taken but a second for him to hear her boots digging into the dusty gravel behind him, jarring him from his thoughts.

“Then I’ll do it myself,” she said to his back.

His whole body stiffened. He angled back to read her face, to see if she was just being a spoiled rotten rich kid, trying to get her way, or if she was actually serious. Seeing her head held high and her arms crossed in front of her, he realized she was dead serious. And dead she’d be if she stepped one boot into those mountains alone.

 “You’ll do no such thing.” Frustration flaring, he lifted his dusty hat and forced his fingers through the thick crop of black hair before returning the hat to his head.

“You just don’t get it, do you? You’re not asking me to take you on a theme park ride where you’ll get to see the wonders of the world at a nice safe distance. This is God’s country. The creatures that live up there don’t know civilization, and you are no better than them. You could–probably will–get killed if you go out there alone.” His lips twitched, taking a good long appraising look at the woman in front of him. “You might even chip a nail on that pretty hand of yours.”

Remember, I’m giving away a copy of NOTHING BUT TROUBLE to TWO commenters today. So don’t be shy. Leave a comment and tell me what you love about the rodeo cowboy.











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14 thoughts on “The Rodeo Cowboy – Lisa Mondello”

  1. I’ve never attended a rodeo. I have seen a couple of events on TV calf roping and bull riding. I agree they do have to be fearless! Also agile, athletic, a competitor and probably a little crazy!

    I’d love to read Beau’s story, NOTHING BUT TROUBLE!!

  2. I think the appeal of a rodeo cowboy for me is their strenghth along with being fearless. I love watching rodeo on TV. Nothing But Trouble sounds great Lisa!

  3. The appeal of the rodeo cowboy to me is that for most when the show is over he goes home and does the same backbreaking work without the cheering crowds. I’ve been to many rodeos throughout Wyoming, Montana and the Dakotas and it’s always a good time watching friends and neighbors pit their skills against one another.

  4. Lisa,
    Welcome to Wildflower Junction today! So glad you are here with us.

    Nothing But Trouble sounds great! The first rodeo I ever went to (when I was just a kid) was here in Oklahoma. I went with my cousin (who is one week older than I) and her family, and guess who was riding? LARRY MAHAN!!! OH MY LORD. Well, he was sure a handsome devil and we recognized that, even at 11 or 12 years old, and back then he was just making a name for himself. I can’t wait to read about Beau!

    Cheryl P.

  5. Well I do love me some cowboys no doubt about it. I haven’t been to a rodeo since I was a kid, and it was at a state fair or something like that, but I do remember it well. There is just something about those cowboys and their horses that just stay with you.

  6. Rodeo cowboys… love them! I agree with what everyone has said about them… risking injury and being fearless… showing their strength in their skills… thanks for sharing a bit about your book… Sounds great! 😀

  7. I’ve never been to a rodeo but I have seen a couple on TV. Cowboys are HOT!!! They are fearless and maybe a little bit crazy. Thanks for the post and the excerpt.


  8. I have never been to a rodeo either but I’ve watched them on tv. I’ve always thought that cowboys were very sexy and especially ones that would be brave and daring enough to rodeo. I’d love to read your book.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  9. Hi everyone! Thank you so much for stopping by and for the kind words about Nothing But Trouble. I love cowboys. Can you tell? And being from New England, we don’t see many. Okay, we don’t see any at all unless it’s Western Night in town and then we’re talking wannabes. I had my first encounter with a cowboy…oh…many years ago when I was traveling on business in Tucson. I think I blogged about that somewhere and you might be able to find that post on the web, but I can’t recall where. But ever since then…sigh.

    My TEXAS HEARTS series will be released in a few weeks and it features some very sexy cowboys. Check back at my website for more details and to read a little about each book.

    Thanks again for stopping by!


  10. Welcome Lisa! I’ve read a few of your books and enjoyed them very much! It’s nice to see you have written some books about cowboys! I love those kind of books. Since I loved your other books, I’m sure I will like these books too! I would love to win this book 🙂 I used to live in Tucson and that’s where I saw my first cowboys also – we lived in Montana too so I met some great cowboys there! Thatnks for the post!

  11. Our daughter took us to Chyenne Frontier Days last summer!! The Granddaddy of all Rodeo’s and what a great time! And those cowboys!!!!!!!!!

  12. I love rodeo cowboys, too! I admire the tenacity
    and the all-go and never-give-up attitude of the rodeo athletes. Especially the bull riders!

    Pat Cochran

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