Peter Brandvold Visits the Junction


Western author Peter Brandvold just happens to be one of the best writers around and he’ll be here to visit with us on Wednesday, Jan. 11.

Peter has written westerns since Heck was a pup and he’s a grown dog now. He loves telling what life must’ve been like back in the Old West. He writes under his own name and also the pen name of Frank Leslie. We’re so excited to have him come. It’s not often we get men writers here at the Junction. They tend to shy away from talking to a bunch of ladies. But we managed to hogtie him.

The Fillies would like for everyone to come and show Mr. Peter the kind of warm hospitality we’ve become known for.

So rise and shine on Wednesday and follow the trail. It’ll lead right here.

We’ll have a good old time. You’ll see.

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