Kat Martin Visits


Hello Darlings,

The New Year is starting off with a bang when Miss Kat Martin pays us a visit. She’ll arrive here on Monday, January 2nd.

This time around she’ll talk about her New Year celebration with hubby. Since the dear lady once drank champagne with celebrities it’ll be something to hear about.

Miss Kat is also going to be talking about HOT RAIN, one of her previous books that she’s made into that newfangled e-format. I hear it’s all the rage.  Course, I wouldn’t know. I’m still too busy trying to figure out this automobile business and chasing my mule Jasper.

But for those of you who Santa brought a Kindle, Miss Kat is going to give away an e-book of Hot Rain to one lucky commenter.

So, hitch a ride over to the Junction on Monday and you might come away a winner.

We’ll be tickled to death to have you.

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