The Twelve Days of Christmas

I have the wonderful honour of kicking off our special event “week”  of Christmas carols – which is actually not a week but 12 Days. And so how appropriate that I get to kick it off with The Twelve Days of Christmas!

Of course we’re starting things off on December 19, but the first thing to remember about this song is that it is really about the 12 days between Christmas and Epiphany. This is the time when the Wise Men made their journey with gifts to the new baby king – so a song dedicated to the bringing of gifts is pretty appropriate.

Epiphany ends January 6, so the Twelfth Night meant celebrations! In some cultures the last day is known as Three Kings Day or Day of the Kings – and for some this is the time that gifts are exchanged, rather than on December 25.

There are tons of opinions about the meaning of all the gifts, enough that my head was swimming. Instead of bringing you all the various interpretations, I thought instead I’d share a few of my favourite versions. Ready?

And one that my girls STILL love even though they are wayyyy past Sesame Street age. The video is a synchronized light show, but the clincher for me is ONE DELICIOUS COOKIE:

Of course if you’re a traditionalist at heart – you can’t go wrong with Perry Como.

Either way – to celebrate the season I’m giving away a copy of ANY of my 2011 releases as a way of winding up the year. Just leave a comment and we’ll choose a winner and you can have your pick of my 2011 titles (there are five! Proud Rancher, Precious Bundle; Honeymoon with the Rancher; A Family For The Rugged Rancher; How a Cowboy Stole Her Heart; and Off the Clock).

Happy Holidays!

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26 thoughts on “The Twelve Days of Christmas”

  1. Donna,

    I just heard the Straight no Chaser version this morning on my way to work for the first time and was telling a co-worker about it then came here. Love it.

    And Sesame Street is just great no matter what the age (the Count cracks me up). I also like the parody versions of the song like The Twelve Pains of Christmas.


  2. Andy Williams has a beautiful version too.

    Christmas Eve On Sesame Street is a show we have to watch every year.

    We just received an early Christmas treat from my daughter and her husband… a CD of Straight No Chaser’s Christmas songs! I’ve haven’t heard any of the songs yet but I’m looking forward to it after hearing all of the recommendations!

  3. Donna, what a fun way to start our holiday celebration!

    I had to uncheck about a billion songs in my itunes to get my Christmas music on my ipod – and I still don’t have them all. My purchase this year was the second Glee Christmas album. I’m loving it.

    Merry Christmas to our faithful readers and my sister Fillies!

  4. I love Perry Comos version… I have about 8 hrs of Christmas music on my iTunes… It was great just to leave it playing on Saturday night at my annual christmas gathering.. and not have to worry about changint the CD’s all the time on the stereo…

  5. O I liked the Straight No Chaser version. It’s cute, but oh the harmonizing!–think I could listen to them for hours.

  6. This special week here at P&P will be great as I love Christmas carols and begin listening to my Christmas CDs in November because I just can’t get too much of them. I love the Perry Como version – love those classics!

    Merry Christmas Donna!

  7. I liked the Straight No Chaser version,its awesome. Love Christmas music. I listen to a lot of it this time of the year. It makes wrapping gifts go so much smoother. I still have to hunt up the Christmas CD we listen on Christmas eve going to sister’s house as son says it tridition. I think its in the car.

  8. Hey everyone! Straight No Chaser is great, isn’t it?

    This time of year we have our sat radio set to Holly (holiday classics) and it’s fantastic.

    But my new fave Christmas album is Michael Buble’s.

  9. My favorite this year is Andrea Bocelli Christmas album and Elizabth Boyle’s. I especially like her A Perfect Day song.
    Merry Christmas everyone

  10. I really love the first one! I’m always looking forward listening to all my favourite Chrismas songs every year.
    Merry Christmas to everyone!

  11. I love the different versions of Christmas songs out there, but I always have to have ENYA & Loreena Mckinnett in my cd player… love there Holiday music!
    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays all! 😀

  12. I laugh everytime I hear the Straight No Chaser version which is often because we own the album. It us just so genius and fun. Thanks for including all these great versions. Merry Christmas.

  13. Oh, I really love the first one and I do believe I heard it last year too. I like all kinds of music but Garth Brooks has one of my favorite Christmas alumbs. Thanks!

  14. Donna,,,love the post,,an hard to choose a favorite,,my Mom loved Elvis singing Blue Christmas,,so since she passed this year,,im gonna say its mine too,,everytime I hear it I think of her ,,

  15. Holiday songs always put me in the holiday cheer. I like all versions from slow to upbeat. Jingle Bells is a fun song.

  16. Donna,
    Thanks for the delightful selection of versions of The 12 Days Of Christmas. I have never watched Straight No Chaser. Their rendition was great fun, and of course, who wouldn’t have fun with the Sesame Street version. I’m not sure I would want to live next door to that house, though. I think listening to that wewvery night might get to be a bit much.

    Thanks for a fun post. I hope you and yours have a Wonderful Christmas and a Great 2012.

  17. Donna,
    12 days of Christmas with the sesame street characters is a cute song. I’m celebrating my 28th anniversary today with my wonderful hubby. I would love to have a copy of “How a Cowboy stole her heart”.Merry Christmas Everyone.

  18. Someone sent me a link for Straight No Chaser and I just loved it. Then I read somewhere that they are coming to PBS in December with a special – I think it’s called Songs of the Decade. I have been watching my “TV Guide” for the PBS channel all month and I know I haven’t missed it, so perhaps it will be on within the next two weeks. Time is ticking!

  19. How fun, Donna! Our family loves the Straight No Chaser version 🙂 And you’re right–you can’t go wrong with Perry!

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