Jodi Thomas Remembers the Comforts of Home

Thanksgiving is always the time we think of home.  Last week a man in his 70’s said to me, “I remember the house I grew up in, every room, every drawer, every smell.  In my mind I can still go there even though the house was torn down over 50 years ago.”

I thought about what he said and I realized I can remember my childhood home the same way.  Once, years ago I was walking through a second hand store and I saw a chair just like my grandmother had.  When I sat down I ran my fingers over the grooves in the handle and remembered when my fingers fit down in the carved wood.  From there I remembered my grandmother and what her life must have been like when she homesteaded and lived in a dugout.

I like to think that kind of memory isn’t just regular memory, but a kind of loving memory.  Sometimes it isn’t just the things we remember, but the way we felt.  Maybe it’s just a smell or home cooking or a feeling you always get when you hug that certain someone, but the memory is imprinted on your heart, not your mind.

When I began the Harmony Series I wanted to write about people who would settle into the reader’s heart like old friends.  I wanted to create a town, not that I’ve ever been to, but a place that’s always been in my mind.  A place where people care about one another.  I think I took pieces of my world and pieces of my dreams.  A writer’s mind is a patchwork quilt held together of what life is and what they dream life to be.

So this holiday season take the time to look at all the blessings you have, not just today but through the years.  Walk through your childhood home.  Have a seat in grandma’s chair.  Open a few drawers of memories.

Always remember:  Thanksgiving is an active verb, not a noun.

I would love to hear your early memory blessings.

The winner of the drawing will receive a copy of my first national bestseller THE TENDER TEXAN, always a favorite book of mine.

Happy Holidays,

Jodi Thomas

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19 thoughts on “Jodi Thomas Remembers the Comforts of Home”

  1. I like the cover. I haven’t read this one but have most of your others and have loved them. I’d love to win a copy of thisl

  2. Jodi, what a wondeful find for you. I am surronded by things from my grandmother everyday, even thought she has not been with me for the last 17yrs. As I cleaned and polished silver serving platters and glass where that once shone in her china cabinet, I could feel her right there with me. When I set the table for a dinner party I am having tonight, she will be with us, and I can hear her telling me “You did good”. One of the many things she taught me over the years was how to set a good table.
    Thanks for sharing you memories with us. I always look forward to reading your books.

    Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. And this holiday season may your table always be bountiful and your blessings many.

  3. Jodi,

    I love this post….Recently I lost my precious husband, Tommy…He was and is my soul mate….We were married for 24 years and have two great children….He passed unexpectedly and it is very difficult for us….I want to say my memories are of him and how he took care of us and protected us….He put us before his own needs…A wonderful, loving man….

    Thank you for this post….I love the cover of the book but you are one of my favorite writers

    Thank you and may God the Creator bless you….


  4. For me it is always the scent of bacon or cedar. Smells like my Grandma’s house and always gives me that tight feeling in my throat… I miss her.

    Thanks for the post. I will be quoting your “Thanksgiving is an active verb, not a noun”.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Jodie, welcome to Wildflower Junction. I love your “Thanksgiving is an active verb, not a noun.”
    Don’t you find that people who actively show gratitude seem to be happier and are a joy to be around?

  6. Jodi,

    This is such a tender post, and so true how something can transport us back to those special memories. Mine is an old clock I received when my grandmother passed away. It doesn’t work (it hasn’t since my grandfather passed and all his clocks stopped) but sometimes I tap the pendulum just to hear the gentle tick tock as it takes me back to the many memories of my grandparents’ farm where I can see, hear, and smell everything again.

    Thanks for sharing this today.


  7. Hi Jodi, welcome back to the Junction. It’s always thrills me to have you blog with us.

    My earliest memory is of someone (probably my mother) reading to me. I must’ve been four or five years old. I truly think that’s when I feel in love with the written word and with books. I remember the magical feeling of that fairy tale. The smell of the pages and they way they felt when I ran my hand over them. It’s a special memory of feeling loved and wanted.

    Congratulations on the re-release of THE TENDER TEXAN. This is the first book I read of yours and it immediately made me a Jodi Thomas fan. It’s a great story and although I read it twenty years ago I still remember every detail of the story.

  8. One of my earliest memories is of me helping my Grandma bake cookies. Baking is one of my favorite things and being in my kitchen brings back those wonderful memories of my loving Grandma.

    Jodi, I love your books, especially the Whispering Mountain series.

  9. Great post Jodi! It brings back some memories for me. I can remember the house I grew up in like it was yesterday. The house still stands but it has changed a lot. I haven’t been in it since it has been remodeled but I need to go back and take a look again. I am talking about the house I lived in until I was eight. The house I finished growing up in my sister livies there now and I do go there quite often. It has change also because they remodeled. You book looks fantastic and I would love to read it.

  10. Thanks for dropping by and visiting with us today, Jodi. Such a tender post. Thanks for bringing by memories. Like, Lori, I remember baking with my grandmother and I’m thankful that with four granddaughters (and 3 grandsons) I can pass along the tradition. Actually, my two younger grandsons love to cook with me. They especially like to make pigs in the blanket for their lunches!

    On of my favorite things I can touch is an old green crockery pitcher that my Grannie used to make iced tea in. I’ve got it, won’t use it, but did find a rectro one years ago (in another color unfortunately)and I use it for iced tea. Sweet of course. Thanks for the memories. Hugs, P

  11. I have been thinking about memories alot lately… my grandparents house… past holidays… they always bring a smile to my face… my grandparents were the best…

  12. Early memory will always be of me and my grandparents. They always made the holiday just a bit more special. We would spend the holiday break at their house and cook, cook, and cook some more. The kitchen and my grandparents, that is Thanksgiving.

  13. I can remember my one grandmother’s laughter. Most of my family is on the serious side. Everyone says I take after her which is quite a compliment!

  14. I am reminded of my daily blessing every day and they come from the presence of my family. I remember being sick and having my mom make my favorite soup, feeding me alphabet soup and making a game of it, and of my father teaching me to ride a bicycle. Thinking of these things and how they have shaped me is always heartwarming. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

  15. Thanks for this lovely post! Sometimes only small things can take us back in time. I only need to have a look around our garden and I can still see my grandfather standing there. And thanks for sharing that memory with us.

  16. Enjoyed reading the comments. One of my Thanksgiving memories was when my Grandmother would carve the turkey and create the wishbone. I would challenge my sister to see who could break it and make our wish come true.

  17. Great Post. I’ve read most of your books and have really liked them. I’d love to win a copy of this. 🙂 Have a great weekend.

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